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Anyone have an Induction Range?

YevKasimYevKasim Advanced Members Posts: 247 ✭✭
We currently have a smooth top electric range and my wife has found two possible replacements at JC Penny's as they shut down their appliance department. One is a Samsung Induction unit and the other is a nice GE Profile gas.She doesn't care which one. We have the wiring for the induction but would need to extend our gas piping somewhat and add a 120v outlet if we went the gas route. I can do both the electrical and gas line work so this ancillary stuff does not play into the decision much. We have the necessary pots and pans. My question actually is "does anyone regret having an induction range".


  • Ripper212Ripper212 Advanced Members Posts: 473 ✭✭
    We have one by Miele and it is terrific and extremely fast. No regrets at all. As you noted, just have to use the right cookware.
  • ohioglfrohioglfr Municipal Junkie Advanced Members Posts: 693 ✭✭
    We have an LG electric with induction oven. It bakes in less time, but what I like most is it eliminates hot spots (uniform heating).

    My only disappointment is that I’m an old [email protected] that likes dials instead of modern touch screens.
  • highergr0undhighergr0und Advanced Members Posts: 10,131 ✭✭
    Induction is really nice. Read the manual though to see pot sizes for burners. They have a bunch of safety mechanisms in induction ranges so the bottom of each pan needs to be in a certain range on each burner. I went with gas as to not have that. When the induction tech that senses the pan size and shape and only heats that gets into cheaper models I will switch
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