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Another Driving iron shaft thread

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X100 iron player. Moderate tempo, miss is a pull hook. 7 iron carry is 172, 4 iron is 205.

Recently grabbed a u65 from srixon in 20 degree. I’m all over the map with the stock graphite.

I want to have a little higher launch .Do I got lighter steel 105 range in a x100 or go with a soft stepped dg X100.

Heavy graphite is an option as well but I have no idea where to start with that. I play a D+ in stiff for both driver and 3w.



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    It makes sense you'd be all over the map with what I assume is stock Miyazaki 70g shaft, that is almost half the weight of the X100s you are used to. Plus, a pull hook can be made even worse by lack of weight. I'd keep it simple and go with a DG 120 X100. It will be a profile that you're used to and a weight that makes sense. A regular X100 can work as well. If you go with graphite then I would suggest something like the Recoil 125 shafts. Bottom line though, lack of weight is what is likely messing with you so I wouldn't make small steps here, get yourself up to at least 110-125g to start with.

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    WITB Thread
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    Never mind

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    AMT X100 @ 112 grams or so, or the DG 105 X100 @ 105 grams. I like both in driving iron application, they seem to play very similar. The 105 may be a hair softer and higher launching, not a ton in it. Both will give you the X100 feel, maybe more so with the AMT, but be a bit more manageable in the driving iron for a little extra launch/distance. There's also the DG 120 which would be more of a fine tuning change from regular X100 where the other two would be more noticeable. They also make the D+ White hybrid shaft in 100 and 90 gram weights.

    Having hit all of these except the DG 120, my preference is the DG105 X100. It swings noticeably easier than the regular X100 but retains a similar feel and a little more launch (easier to load) without adding too much spin. I have one I pulled from a P790 UDI I plan on using in a 3-iron.


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    Steelfiber 110? I just put it in my 20* Adams Super 9031 hybrid, and the ball flight is very similar to my s400 shafts.

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    I have the Tensei Pro white 90tx hyb in my 790 udi. I was on the fence about it before but after hitting it off grass I love it. Can flight it low or high. And goes like crazy. Really liking it

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    On -, @Kale_m said:

    I have the Tensei Pro white 90tx hyb in my 790 udi. I was on the fence about it before but after hitting it off grass I love it. Can flight it low or high. And goes like crazy. Really liking it

    I have the same shaft in my TMB 2 iron- I agree with you 100%, it won't be leaving the bag anytime soon

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    Thanks for all the input , I settled on the x100 DG. Ordered a 40.5 to softstep it in hopes of rising the launch a hair. Hope it works out.

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    I have the X100 in my DI which is what I play in my irons and it works great for me. It is an iron so why not play the same shaft as your irons! Hope it works out for you

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    My approach (and what I've been advised by experienced fitters) is always start with your stock steel. If the flight or feel isn't well received from that, move to heavy(ish) graphite, using a similar profile as your irons. For an X100 player, the tried and true Tensei PW90TX is probably going to work based on your carries.

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    For those reading later on, I finally got this thing dialed in. Went with steel same flex as my irons. I soft stepped one time because I wanted a little extra launch. I trimmed it an inch longer than my 4 iron to start and it was terrible. Took it down to stock 3 iron length and it’s magical. Long and high. Not as much roll as when it had graphite but I wasn’t after roll.


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