Epic Flash 4W - Use the 3 or 5W?

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So there is no 4 wood in the new Callaway Epic Flash line, only a 3/5 with adjustable hosel.

Which makes more sense to use as a 4 wood? 5 wood tuned strong or 3 wood weak? The shaft will obviously be longer on the 3W as well...


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    Personal preference. I have my Epic Flash 7 wood at -1 or 20 degrees. My other fwy is a Taylormade RBZ 3hl at 17 degrees with a 3 fwy shaft.

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    Do you want the club face to be open (5 wood lofted down) or more closed (3 wood lofted up)? Are you planning on this being a dual purpose club or predominantly for approaching par 5s? I prefer the 5 wood lofted down as it sits a little more open, has a shorter shaft which I can control better, and I find the slightly smaller head to be more appealing behind the ball.

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    I found the Epic a bit hooky so I'd go 5 lofted down. Shorter shaft easier to make good contact as well. They're super long so you'll get all the distance you need.

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    Same here. I tend to fight hooks and opted for the standard EF 5W and play it at 17 degrees. It's as long as my Rogue 3W from last season. I also find the EF 5W is much easier to hit off the deck than any 3Ws I've played in the past. Note that I am pretty bad at hitting FWs off the deck to begin with so YMMV.

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    I play the SZ 5W down to 17, works great, can be a little hot at times... i find it does like to turn over, but that has a lot to do with me.

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  • ThinneditThinnedit Members Posts: 31 ✭✭

    I play an Epic Flash 3w at D,+1 on the optifit. Loft is 16 and by using the D setting the club plays at ~1/4" shorter, (upright lie) which will play at roughly 42.75" (same length as 4w in the rogue line)
    But with almost all golf clubs. It's personal.
    Why not try both and see what suits your eye.

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    If you're a better player you'll probably prefer the 5w opened up to 17* as opposed to 15* closed down.

    "You can talk to a fade but a hook won't listen."

    I'm actually considering this myself as a 4w because I mainly use my driving iron off the tee now unless the fairway is really wide open. Never really need to hit the 3w off the deck but it's also ridiculously low launching and not ideal for stopping on greens. Anything over 230 I'd probably be taking that 4w to it unless I have room to run the ball up then I'd potentially hit the DI (prob not though).

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    Do the fairways work the same as adjustable drivers? I.e. you have a 5-wood loft with face open or a 3 wood loft with face closed. But when you square the face to get the "4 wood loft" the face in either case is square?

    I've also wondered if fairway woods work better when lofted down. It seems like the leading edge would sit closer to the ground (when clubface is squared) with the back of the sole slightly raised up. In my head, this seems preferable to the other way around although maybe the difference is still so small it doesn't matter.

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    Find a 4 wood.

  • BubbtubbsBubbtubbs Members Posts: 476 ✭✭✭✭

    @balls_deep said:
    I found the Epic a bit hooky so I'd go 5 lofted down. Shorter shaft easier to make good contact as well. They're super long so you'll get all the distance you need.

    This was my experience as well. Flash always tried to go left more, at least in driver.

  • third-times-a-charmthird-times-a-charm Members Posts: 1,737 ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @Bubbtubbs said:

    @balls_deep said:
    I found the Epic a bit hooky so I'd go 5 lofted down. Shorter shaft easier to make good contact as well. They're super long so you'll get all the distance you need.

    This was my experience as well. Flash always tried to go left more, at least in driver.

    I dont lay my clubs flat - I square the face and/or open it open manually depending on my chosen swing/club. Doesnt that mean the degree on the hosel chosen will stick but the fade/draw bias gets erased?

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    The Flash 5 wood replaced my Titleist 917 4 wood. I started with it at 17 degrees & heavy weight in the back, but have gone back to stock 18 with the heavy weight forward. It's just as long as the Titleist 4 wood and launches better for me (stronger flight with slightly higher launch). Having said that, I'm also fighting a bit of a hook with it.

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    I actually did what you are asking, OP. I tried both options and much preferred the 5w tuned to -1 degree. Shaft is important as well. I went with a lower launching/spinning shaft to help aid in the effect of making more like a 4w...the loft still makes it easy to launch. I get much better performance into the wind this way as well with little to no ballooning. So far I've been very happy with this configuration and have a lot of confidence that the club is still easy to hit.

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