Get Fit or Wait?

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Late last season, a friend gave me the option of buying a basically brand new set (3 irons has plastic still) of 718 mb/Cb. I love the look of a smaller head so I jumped at the set ( also a self admitted Titleist Fan boy). I paid $800 for the set, which after checking EBay may have been a bit high.

Last season I worked my way from a 21 to a 12 handicap (15-12 with new set). My real question is should I continue to play this set even though I wasn’t fit or would a fitting be worth the potential expense of new irons net of any resale from my current set? This is my 3rd season taking golf seriously, and I’ve committed to lessons (1 every 2 weeks) this winter.



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    That is an impressive HI drop. :-)

    For your peace of mind, you could take your current irons, see a fitter, and compare them with other irons out there. The fitter would tell you whether or not you would be better off with new irons. For example, I once went for a driver fitting, and when we were done, the fitter said my current driver was just fine and I didn't need a new driver.


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    The main thing is the shafts. If your flights are high enough and spin enough upon landing, the shafts are likely good.

    The condition of the clubs is virtually new according to your description, stuff from eBay is not going to be as nice. You probably got your moneys worth.

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    Always get fit!! The clubs will fit your swing, vs. your swing fitting the clubs?!

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    What's to say these current irons don't already fit you? I would agree with said above, if you like the heads, maybe just get fit for a shaft. What is it that you are looking for to change out of the set you currently have? That index drop is pretty significant, well done... but are you looking for something more forgiving? Not sure what changes specifically you are looking for here...

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    If you're dropping the handicap that far so quickly don't change a thing if you're wanting to minimize score.


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    I agree with this. With the rate at which you are improving I would say wait until you hit a wall with improvement. Then maybe some tweaks at that point could help you improve a bit more.


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    I appreciate the feedback, I’ll probably hold off then on doing anything different. I just started to get the itch here in the east coast.

    Driver / Short game practice led to the handicap drop the most, my iron play can be hit or miss, which is where I thought maybe moving to a new iron set might help. The good days are good, the bad days I find myself struggling with the MBs, that may just be a swing flaw

    Thanks again everyone, I appreciate the feedback.

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    I'd suggest sticking with your current set, yet still get them fit. This means checking and adjusting lie angles, lengths, and checking distance gaps to see if lofts need to be tweaked. Maybe even go so far (gasp!) to see if the swingweights are reasonably consistent. All of this can be done without buying any new equipment at all and gives you great peace of mind that your gear is doing its best to serve you and not hinder you. If you decide to go this route, make sure you're clear to the fitter this is your intention and that you're not really in the market for new gear. You're paying him or her for their time and skill to make your current set as good as it can be for you.

    Given how far you've already progressed, it doesn't seem likely that the gear you have is that far out from a good fit. Maybe if you have a particular problem club or two, you could look at something different in terms of a headweight adjustment or a shaft change.

    In short, make sure your current clubs are as good and "neutral" as can be for your swing and your body, then go play golf!

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    Get fit please. Too much hit and miss resulting in bad purchases, selling at a loss, etc. I made several mistakes going off what I thought would work only to find out I was in the wrong club after being professionally fit

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    A few years ago I took my beloved Adams mb2s in to get 'fit' to them. I bought them off the self with standard length and lie in stiff flex KBS tour shafts. I was noticing a slightly deeper toe side of my divots.

    I was told the shafts and lengths were fine for me. But the fitter bent them upright 2-3 degrees and the lofts were adjusted (mostly weakened 1-2 degrees) to help with gaping and slightly reduce offset. I also had much thicker grips put on (midsize with 3 layers of tape).

    I'm glad I did it. Didn't cost me much and was a good learning experience. I believe it has helped me strike my irons better as well.


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