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I am trying to improve my game I’m a mid handicap. I always liked the fun of solving the game of golf. Figuring out distances and clubs but I decided it is time to get a little more accurate. I like the idea of a gps and stat tracking so I have a better idea of how far each club goes and where I need to improve. There are a lot of free and paid options out there and I’m not sure the best way go. Not thrilled about wearing my Apple Watch or having my phone in my pocket but maybe could get use to it if a product is better than others. Below is what I’m stuck between. Open to any suggestions!

18 birdies




garmin g80 and app



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    Golfshot would get my vote. Even the free version has the ability to track quite a few stats.

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    Do you have a budget in mind? I'm currently wearing an S62 from Garmin, and find it to combine a number of things I like, and you don't have to carry your phone on you for it to work... Granted you do have to wear a watch on the course, so that's not awesome.

    Honestly, all the tracking stuff has it's pros and cons... you want something that is minimally invasive to your game while giving you as much usable data as possible. Watches can track when you hit the ball, and where you hit the ball from, but you have to wear a watch. I'm not sure how well Arcos works for tracking, or how you register each club swing. I've been interested in it, but went the watch route.

    Honestly, the GHIN app is pretty handy for tracking stats during the round, even if it doesn't give you yardages.

    I "know" generically how far I hit different clubs just based on years of playing, but I"m hoping my watch will give me better data about when I'm making bad decisions... The S62 is the first and only real tracking I've tried outside of the GHIN app, but I"m happy to answer any questions if you are interested in it.


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    The s62 is definitely an interesting device. Isn’t it bulky? The Arccos has sensors that go in the back on each club and you have to have the phone on your pocket

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    Golf Pad - app gets good reviews and is free. You can get TAGS that use NFC that you screw into the butt of your clubs so you have to have your phone in your pocket to "tap" with each club you hit. Reasonably priced at $99 for the TAGS and another annual $20 (first year free) for premium features. No batteries required.

    Shot Scope V2 - is a watch and sensors also utilizing NFC that go on the butt of the club. The watch can apparently register the sensor if it is within 3" so just holding the club in your hand it can register. Stats seem pretty broad. You do have to wear the watch which might be better than carrying your phone around in your pocket. A little more expensive. I considered but my course isn't mapped.

    Arccos uses Bluetooth so the sensors have batteries that eventually need replacement. They are 5 year batteries but that is based on 50 rounds per year. If you play a lot of golf like I do (approx 180 rounds/year) it may not be for you. Also requires you to carry your phone until they come out with a belt worn device called LINK.

    Lots of apps out there that can do shot tracking and stats but you have to manually input the club you are using. I prefer a system where, even if I have to carry my phone in my pocket, I can put it there, tag as I go and basically leave it in the pocket the whole round.

    Game Golf - I used their "Classic" version for years without problem until recently. Not sure that even the "Live" version, much less "Classic" version is even still available. Last item pushed was their "Pro" version. Can't tell you much about it as I never looked into it. No subscription fees or anything but their website/database has been up and down recently so I couldn't upload rounds or even see the data I had already accumulated. Stats were somewhat limited compared to others. Lots of rumors that without a continuing revenue stream (subscriptions) they may go out of business.

    With pre cautions being taken because of COVID-19, the course I belong to hasn't even been supplying scorecards or pencils so I needed something I could depend on so I went with Golf Pad. There have been some issues I've uncovered but they have great customer service that is very responsive.

    That is the limit of my knowledge when it comes to these types of apps/devices. Hope it helps.

    You're on the right track trying to use stats to analyze your game and identify your weaknesses. Stats really identified a glaring weakness in my game, shots from the 25-50 yard range. As a result, I changed my technique for playing those shots with great success and the stats now reflect a great improvement in that category!


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    I've been using the free Golfshot app for about 10 years now. Pretty happy with it, especially for the price....

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