XMAS Cards with Glitter

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I hate very few things in this world, but Xmas cards with glitter is one of them. Who is the genius that invented this type of card? Perhaps it was a 1st grader that started to put glitter on home made cards and art projects (I enjoy these). But then some designer at a greeting card company decided that the store bought cards should be adorned with tiny peices of glitter. And the card companies use weak glue so once in your house the stuff flakes off. Glitter gets everywhere; on the floor, it covers your hands and eventually makes it to the face, and worst of all I recently found it in my food. I should ask if it is toxic, but somethings are better left unknown.

Mail opening time of year is dangerous so I have developed a technique. Take peices that appear to be Xmas cards, open trash can drawer, stand over top trash can, and slowly open card searching for the first sign of glitter. If there is no glitter that card gets passed on to the wife. If I find even the smallest amount of glitter, it goes right into the trash. I refuse to finish opening it. However, I must tell the wife what I did so she can look at who sent the card. Of course she understands and keeps the card in the trash. It will never make it out.

I have never confronted the guilty senders. Perhaps I should. Yesterday was particulary bad two out of three cards.

Who is sending these? I hope not fellow WRXers.


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    Strippers and Fairy vomit.

    Norhing else should have glitter.
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    Glitter is the herpes of the craft world.
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    I've never minded getting some glitter on my face as a night cap...
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    I just shred my Christmas cards.

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    I agree on the cards and I'll add bows on presents too.
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    I guess this is one of those times I'm happy that nobody likes me enough to send a Christmas card.
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    Oh man I just sent you a million dollar check inside a glitter card...
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    Whats your address? I will send a non glitter card...........................and dump an ounce of glitter inside. But seriously, I can going to do that to a few friends. Get some of that sticky gel stuff so they have to pull wiht a little effort to open the card. It releases and POW! Glitter bath!
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    jlt73 wrote:

    Oh man I just sent you a million dollar check inside a glitter card...

    Great, now he tossed it, his wife checked to see who it was from, and now she's leaving him and taking the money.

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