Glad to be, I love this game

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Back in the 2008 turkey shoot on Wall Street, I was fat dumb and happy. My wife and I both played every weekend and my foursome from work played twice a week. Two beach trips a year to Myrtle Beach with family to golf 5-6 days.. I even had a little golf club business of selling used clubs, regripping/reshafting clubs and even giving instruction to a junior golfer. Clearly I was living the dream. Then the day came when my employer, Tyco Electronics gave me the pink slip after 16 years of service. Well me, my golfing buddies and 60 others. My wife worked at Goodyear Tire and Rubber for 28 years and they shut her plant down the following year and sold the business to a company in South Korea. Sadly. we stopped playing and I sold all of our golf gear. A few moves later, a new employer and a more financial footing, my wife wanted to start playing again. In November, I gave her the green light and we dove back in. Man I love this game! Every aspect. The technical stuff, the swing mechanics, the equipment, the courses...yeah, it has been a rough seven years but we're finally playing again!

I want to take a second to remind everyone, you are not promised tomorrow. When you are on the golf course, act as though it is your last round. Financially, physically and mentality the game can be ripped out of your hands in a second. So stop playing angry and start playing like you're are! Man, I love this game!



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    Welcome back, I don’t have any comment on your post except i am happy to see the love for the game.

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    Man I can relate...kind of went through the same thing with jobs, etc but my story also included a divorce...Ugh!

    Back then I was a 6hc and played in a few Amateur events. Loved the game and my life...the two seemed synced.

    Never got rid of my sticks but quit playing. Recently a co-worker got me to go out and after all that time I shot a 96. And I am hooked again. Probably won't work on it as hard as I did in the past but like the OP said in his post...just very happy to be playing again at any level.

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    i second the technical aspect and how much fun it is to explore. being an engineer i have done 100 pages of diagrams lol. I think i am nuts but always fantastic to read a note from someone who enjoys the game as much as I do. You actually have one up on me because your wife plays. Man i wish. It's a future requirement lol

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    Rex Kramer:

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    It's a dumb question... skip it.

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    Hate to hear of your tough times but happy to hear you are playing again. Life has such a knack for kicking us in the teeth at times. Blindsiding us without notice...kind of like this random duck hook I've developed from nowhere. LOL Use to have a sweet power fade back in the way to explain it in my mind but hey, it is just another challenge!

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    Welcome back.... man you've got the right attitude to playin! I took a 20 year hiatus and now appreciate the game like you do now.....So many get all upset and worked up on the golf course and I just look at them like their friggin aliens from another planet lol

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    I know what you mean. Welcome back to the game. :-)


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    Glad you're back at it. Enjoy it as much as you can. I had an off year and half due to a separated bicep. Only played once last year and maybe a dozen or so times in 2018. My job is also so very demanding as I only have 2 years left till retirement as I'm going to play more this year. Maybe not a much as I would like but I'm looking forward to getting out there and meeting new friends. My game will never be the same but it's all about having fun as it's the good shots that keep you coming back.


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