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How many?


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do you rotate?
Alright. I'm looking for another new putter. I have been playing golf for 3 yrs and have gone through a never compromise, an old nameless, a ping, and finally a scotty. I was looking at a YES! sophia, but I am encountering heavy resistance on the parental front. How many putters do you own/have bought compared to the time you have been playing. The ho'age above is 150, a hand-me-down (free), 200, and 400 totaling 750 over 3 yrs. :)
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Well ive been playing golf for 12 yrs. (im 17) and the really good putters that ive had included:


Ping Prototype Isoforce w/ Titanium and Nickel Pixels (still have) (no price but retail model sold for $500)

Bettinardi Big Ben (got it when it first came out) (sold) ($200)

Odyssey 2 ball (still have) ($169)

Scotty Cameron Newport Oil Can with AOP cover with flag (sold) ($250)

Scotty Cameron Studio Stainless Newport 2 (sold) ($229)

Scotty Cameron Studio Stainless Proto (still have) ($500)

Scotty Cameron Futura custom weighted (still have) ($239 plus custom weighting)

Scotty Cameron Red X2 custom weighted (still have) ($239 plus custom weighting)


assuming i had payed retail total: ($2326 assuming proto ping went for what retail did)


and thats about all i remember, i know ive had more but honestly cant count em those were just the really good putters that ive liked and bought over the past 4 or 5 yrs. I really only use the futura and the red x2. havent used the futura in a while bc the red x2 is absolutely perfect setup right now at 420g head etc. gonna get one in a custom finish soon and play that. Cant honestly say prices bc of the fact that i have connections to get most of these but if i had payed retail the prices would be as listed above.

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Been playing golf 20 years....


First putter was a no name 8802 copy that my grandpa cut down for me. (free) :)


Next was a Dynacraft Anser copy (~$25)


Then a used Bullseye ($20)


Then a Ping B60 in stainless steel ($50)


Then a Ping Anser 3 in manganese bronze ($30 used)


Then a Snake Eyes 'EV' milled, kind of a 8802 copy ($30 used)



That's it, still own the last three on the list.


I'm lame......LOL

Callaway Epic Flash SZ 9° HZRDUS Smoke Black 70g
Callaway Epic Flash SZ 15° HZRDUS Smoke Black 70g
Callaway Apex '19 3H HZRDUS Handcrafted HYB 85g
PXG 0211 4-G Modus 105  ...or...  Miura Baby Blades 3-P Steelfiber 110cw
Callaway MD5 54/10-60/10 (bent to 59/9)
PING Anser 2 Jim Wells 36"
Outlaw Golf Association #21
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Been playing for so many years (20+) that is is impossible for me to guess how many putters have been in my possession for that time. I currently own 11, sold a few last season, only 3 in the rotation at this time.

Callaway Big Bertha 10.5º
Callaway X Hot 25º hybrid
Titleist AP1 714 5-W1 XP95 S300
Cleveland 588 RTX CB 54º/58º
Odyssey Tank Cruiser #7

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This will be my fifth season and I have 5 putters (bought 3 last year). Took me forever to discover a center shafted, face balanced putter, my most recent, works best for me. Since switching, I'm very satisfied but wouldn't hesitate to rotate back for a while if this one gets stale, just to refresh the feel. Would like to try one of those awful looking Ping flying saucers for a couple of rounds some day.

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I'm a Scotty Cameron HO, and here's my story......................I started golfing in 1996, with a Ping Anser 5KS. I used this putter from 1996 to 2002 (roughly).


Then, I bought my first Scotty Cameron in 2002. Here's my sad saga of putter HO/ing and trading:


* Bought a slightly used Studio Stainless Newport 2 (2002 non-paintfill version) at a terrific price on eBay.


* Bought another virtually Brand New Studio Stainless Newport 2 (2003 white paintfill version) from a friend of mine, who let me have it at a good price. I couldn't resist such a perfect putter, and I kept it in my closet for archive purposes (in case my gamer gets lost, stolen, etc.)


* Bought a ProPlatinum Newport 2 that I found at a great price. I used this one for traveling, practicing, loaner/demos, etc.


* Joined Club Cameron to learn more about the putters, and I also wanted the Duffel Bag that came with the Club Cameron welcome kit.


* Sold the ProPlatinum Newport 2 on eBay for a good profit. However - I regretted the decision to sell it, as I loved the ProPlatinum finish, and it did putt very well for me.


* The friend who sole me his SSN2 wanted another Cameron, but shorter in length. I found a used Mil-Spec Newport for him at a good deal. He later sold it.


* Missing the beautiful ProPlatinum finish, I found a TERRIFIC deal on a very nice condition ProPlatinum Midslant Newport for only $89. I couldn't resist the deal, and now this became my practice, travel, loaner putter. I loved it, but I always liked the Newport 2 headstyle better..............


* Attended a Putter Fitting session with high speed cameras and analysis software. They determined that I was putting MUCH better with my Studio Stainless Newport 2 vs. the ProPlatinum MidSlant Newport. We couldn't figure out why, since the specs (length, lie, loft, weight) were almost precisely the same for both putters.


* To satisfy my thirst for the "Newport 2" headstyle, I bought a MidSlant Newport 2 for a decent price, but when I received it, the condition wasn't very good, and the finish was worn. Even though it felt somewhat "odd" to me on the putting green, I elected to send it to Cameron for a full refinishing job.


* Sold the ProPlatinum MidSlant Newport to a co-worker in my building. I intended to sell it on eBay for more $$$$, but he got it at a good price, and he seems thrilled with it. I was happy to help out a pretty nice guy. And secretly - I figured if he ever falls out of favor with that putter, I can buy it back from him!


* Received the refinished ProPlatinum MidSlant Newport 2 from Cameron. They did an incredible job, and the finish looks wonderful. I had asked them to customize the putter with blue paintfill (instead of white), but they elected to do only certain parts of the hosel, and soleplate lettering in blue, and the rest in standard white paintfill. The refinishing process includes a new shaft, grip, and headcover. I chose the Studio Design grip, and a red Studio Stainless headcover with a new pivot tool. The shaft includes a "Scotty's Custom shop" shaftband, which is a nice touch!


* Traded one of my Studio Stainless Newport 2's for a Studio Stainless Newport Beach, 34"/340g, to fit my putter setup better. The 34"/340g model is very hard to find, and I'm told it was intended for sale in the Japanese market only. The Newport Beach is a wonderful putter, and the "sound slot" gives you tremendous audible and tactile feedback on your putts. I use this putter on the practice greens, as I find the more sensitive feedback is valuable to grooving your putting stroke.


* Couldn't resist a wonderful deal on a Studio Stainless Newport 2, 34"/340g. This has turned into my gamer putter, as it putts wonderfully. Sold the refurbished Pro Platinum.


So now, I have a two Studio Stainless Newport 2's, and a Studio Stainless Newport Beach. I love all my Camerons, but something in my mind tells me I shouldn't have sold that first ProPlatinum Newport 2 I had.



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i've been playing 2-1/2 years. i've owned 6 putters in that time, but the first one, a wilson mallet, was passed along to my father with the rest of my "beginner set".


In order of purchase:


1. nike oz mallet - was in the bag alone for over a year. great putter and still ocasionally use. wanted something with more feel (i.e. sound and weight) - new $135


2. ping anser 2 becu - really like the becu finish/color and the sound of the putter. putter was a little too tall and is too light now that i've cut the shaft. haven't yet gone out to and weight to shaft to help this. doesn't get played much - used for $25


3. scotty cameron newport beach - this was a 35" cut to 33" with the shaft sugar filled for extra weight. this is my gamer. has a satin finish and sight line on the flange. it doesn't blind me in the sun and love the sound. went also tricked out the paint job on it my self painting all the cameron logos yellow and titleist logos black - used for $180


4. yes callie 33" - really like the weight of this and has a great roll, but wish it had a better sound. it gets out when the scotty isn't working well. - new $ 110


5. scotty cameron newport beach 34"/340 gram - got this because i was looking for more weight in the head. was considering cutting it to 33" and sugar to the shaft, but that would take away from its price. also has a polished finish that can be blinding in the bright sun. occasionally use but really a collector putter - used for $180


mainly i use the 33" scotty probably 80% of the time and the nike oz and yes callie split rest of the time.

[color=#B22222][font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif][size=3]nike covert tour 2.0 w/ diamana blueboard 83[/size][/font][/color]
[color=#B22222][font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif][size=3]nike sq 2 tour 15* w/ ust v2 95 tour[/size][/font][/color]
[color=#B22222][font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif][size=3]adams idea pro tour 18* w/ fujikura 904hb[/size][/font][/color]
[color=#B22222][font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif][size=3]adams idea pro tour 22* w/ fujikura 904hb[/size][/font][/color]
[color=#B22222][font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif][size=3]nike pro combo tour 4-pw[/size][/font][/color]
[color=#B22222][font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif][size=3]titliest vokey sm5 52*[/size][/font][/color]
[color=#B22222][font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif][size=3]titliest vokey sm5 58*[/size][/font][/color]
[color=#B22222][font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif][size=3]scotty cameron newport beach[/size][/font][/color]

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Since I started about 15 years ago, I've had:


a Ping Zing 2

a Wilson TPA XVIII

a Scotty Cameron Newport 2 midslant

a Yes Callie


I also have a couple of studio stainless (one Newport and one Newport Two), but they've never made it to my bag. I don't rotate at all, a putter is in or it's out.

Ping G400 LST 9° Diamana white 63x
Ping G410 LST 3 wood Diamana Thump
Taylor Made UDI 2 iron Diamana Tensei white 90TX
Titleist 714CB 3, 4
Titleist 714MB 5-PW
Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth 52 and 56 WS
Scotty Cameron Newport 2

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I've used the same Scotty Cameron Pro Platinum Newport II since the day i bought it. This will be the 6th year it has been my putter. It is currently getting some work done at the cameron shop, but as soon as it gets back it will return to its spot in the bag. I don't see it changing for quite some time.

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Six Years...Wilson 8802, two Oddesey dual forces, Scotty Newport2 Oil Can, 2-ball, Scotty Bulls Eye, old Ping Anser, Ping Anser F isoforce (same as DiMarco), Mizuno T.P. Mills workshop, P2 solution(Jesper), Ping G2 c67, Ping Isopur B90i(48"), Voo Doo, Monza I may have forgotten some, but for the most part I am by no means a traditionalist. I have given some out on loan, but the rotation is B90i, VooDoo, and Anser F isoforce

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Been PLaying for three years.The putters I've owned are as follows


1. No-name anser style (came with my first set)

2. 2-Ball Knock Off ($20)

3. Futura KNock off ($30)

4. 2-Ball Blade ($160 worth of birthday money. It had just come out)

5. Old Scotty Black Pearl Catalina ($150 used. still have)

6. Rossa Lambeau 7 w/ AGSI ($120)

7. Scotty SS Newport 2 ($170 used)-My Gamer

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I'm heading into my fourth year of playing golf seriously (meaning I spend more time on it), and I've had 4 putters.


1. Nike Blue Chip Oz Mid Mallet - was my putter for the first 2 years, but a trip to a "real" course last summer was the final nail in the coffin. Way to many 3 and 4 putts with this one. Traded in for putter number 2.


2. Odyssey White Steel #2 - was the successor to the Nike. Had better feel than the Nike, and was fairly cheap. You get what you pay for with this one.... Traded in on a driver. This one lasted about a month, before I cut my losses.


3. Scotty Cameron Studio Style Newport 1.5 - I know the Newport and Newport 2 are the more popular models, but I liked this one from the moment I putted with it. Got it in early July of last summer, and it's my primary putter. The feel of this putter is great, and I can count the number of 3 putts I've had with it on one hand. Even if I buy another Scotty, this one will still see plenty of PT.


4. Never Compromise Grey Zone 1 - picked this one up to be my bad weather putter as they were going out late last summer. I just discovered the alignment on it is slightly off. I think they installed the grip wrong. I'll probably try to fix it. It's a descent back up putter. In my opinion, it's better than the Nike or the Odyssey putters that I had.


Future putters that are on my watch list:


SC Newport 2 - 34 inch - would buy it without testing it out.

Yes! Callie - tried out some of the Yes putters, but couldn't find this model in stock. I'll need to put with this one before I make my final decision.

Ping G5 Anser - another one I would have to test out before I would buy.


I'll probably play this year with my Newport 1.5, and the NC GZ1, and keep my money for now.

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I've been rotating putters for so long that I have lost count. I don't think there is enough band width to list all of my past and present putters. I have bought and sold two dozen of my cast offs over the last couple of years. This of course is a confession, Yes I have a problem, I'm a HO !!!!! :) I hope my condition is in remission, because I took the plung and bought a SC 009...........I can't afford another set back, lol..

Callaway TD 9* w/Autoflex 505f
TM....Sim Ti 3 wood W/Hzrdus Smoke ts70-S

Callaway Super Hybrid #3 / Steelfiber-S

Mizuno 223 4-PW w/Steelfiber-i95s

Callaway 57*PM Grind, Vokey 51* sm8

Scotty Cameron Big Sur 46”
Ping Hoofer
Titleist AVX

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I'm 19 playing golf since I was 6.


1st- Mini putt style (free) had till I was 10

2nd- Anser Knock off that came with my first set ($10 maybe?)

3rd- White Hot #2 (age 13) $140

4th- White Hot #5 (age 15-18) $150

5th- Taylor Made Rossa Montana Sport-7 Center Shaft ($90)



Thats it I really like this putter i have now so i dont see myself changing anytime soon

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I've avoided this thread for a while--some people have a hard time accepting a problem that they will not admit they have. :)


The Lineup (all lefty)

The Gamer: Tour Bettinardi BB18

The Contender: TP Mills Stainless Klassic (en route)

Primary Backup: Gauge Japan M3+

The Obligatory MOI: Mezza Monza


The only putter that I need right now is a BG GTmini.


Now that I've gotten all that off my chest I feel much better. Turns out I don't have a problem afterall. :cheesy:



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