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TaylorMade Burner 2.0


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Just bought them and only got to play one round so far, but they are a great iron. I had the burner plus and absolutely love them but these are head over heals better.

Srixon Z565, Miyazaki Kaula Kori 6x
Cobra F9 Aldila Tour Blue 75x
Cobra F7 19* and 23* hybrids
Cobra Amp Forged 5-PW KBS Tour S+
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Spider Tour Red

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these are nice irons, but I really didn't like how light they were. I've got a fast tempo, decently fast swing speed and these really threw my swing off. Hit a lot of "FAT" shots, which is not common for me.

Srixon Z565, Miyazaki Kaula Kori 6x
Cobra F9 Aldila Tour Blue 75x
Cobra F7 19* and 23* hybrids
Cobra Amp Forged 5-PW KBS Tour S+
Vokey SM6 50F, 54F, 58M
Spider Tour Red

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For the quick transition player, this combination of shaft and head are too light. However, for most of us normal speed players though, they're a great club.

I've played blades, and most recently came for the r9 b stamp irons. These new Burner 2.0 irons are SOOOOO easy to hit. It's easy to flight. THe fade is the only thing a little difficult I've found. You just need to really exaggerate the fade.

It's pretty awesome to just hit green after green after green....

Here's the big downside. If you use the irons around the greens, chipping is very difficult, as they're a little clunky.

Also, if you play in very tight lie areas, the sole is a little wider and can become an issue.

All is all, GREAT irons!

Ping G400 - Accra 162i
Tour Edge Exotics xcg7 4 wood
Ping Crossover 3i
PXG 0211 - 5-PW
Titleist Vokey SM7 - 48,54,60
Toulon Garage - Austin

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Top notch irons, a good balance between the overall size, the top line, the offset and the dark finish.

Plenty of game improvement features, really long, really high, really straight irons.

The stock shaft is really light and I re-shafted to a more normal weight and the balance felt much better.

Really fun to hit 4 irons that go 200+ off the tee !!!

[i][b][size="5"]Try them you will like them[/size][/b][/i]

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Reposting my review here:

After my whirlwind time at the Kingdom in Georgia and a very exhausting day hitting what seemed like an exhausting amount of golf balls, we got to play golf with TMaG staffers. Talk about talent! If becoming a staffer means that you need to be able to hit a golf ball in the fairway almost 100% of the time, I need to stay where I am! LOL

While sharing a cart with TheMoneyShot, he noticed something funny. He said, “You hit your irons much better than your hybrids.” I’m known as the “Guy with all the hybrids.” Hybrids are easier to hit. No argument there. BUT, I realized you can have too many.
After the round, in the SUV back to the hotel, we were chatting and one of the staffers overheard him repeating himself (for the 100th time! LOL) about my irons and hybrids. One staffer known as, “The Mad Scientist” pulled me aside and started asking about my irons and hybrids. He asked why I was using so many hybrids, and why they were so light. After I answered, “easier to hit, help my game, blah, blah, blah,” he gave me a lesson in irons:

“Irons are for accuracy and dispersion, not distance. If you want to hit it far, use a driver, fairway wood, or hybrid.” Irons job are to hit a spot. Hybrids aren’t totally designed to do that. They’ll get you to an area. Irons are what you need.”

He recommended that I might try the Burner 2.0 irons because they’ll give enough help to maximize distance if I still wanted to hit it far, but he said strongly, that I needed to go up in weight and possibly flex. I’m a big guy (over 6 feet and over 200 pounds). He said using 60g graphite shafts isn’t ideal for a guy my size. But after a career in the military, my back couldn’t hold up to the jarring of steel striking the ground anymore. He recommended heavier graphite shafts that will do that job.

After returning home, I began to search for some Burner 2.0’s. I hit them for the first time that weekend and they were actually pretty nice. They got up in the air very quickly and it had the distance I was looking for in an iron. Because, let’s be honest, we all want to hit it far so we have that easier next shot. But we don’t want to sacrifice accuracy and I needed the shafts changed out to something heavier. My own fitter was unavailable, so I put a call back out to “The Mad Scientist” and he recommended the clubfitter that taught him, Brad Hardan out in California. After working through “The Scientist” and Brad, they determined what would work out best. All they knew was what I was currently using and what I wanted it to do. As with any clubfitter, you have to trust them to do what they are trained to do. They had my specs and I let them work it without any additional input.

After about a week, the irons showed up at the door. After working through talking through after Momma’s questions on what else I bought (LOL!) I had to take them out. Remembering that I had already hit the Burner 2.0’s and seeing how high they launched and flew, I was expecting the same. I could feel they were a little heavier, but I didn’t think they would make that much difference. I was very wrong. They definitely flew lower and the launch was knocked down to a mid flight and I actually gained distance and roll over what I remembered. He used Fujikura 90g graphite shafts, stiff flex (I think they are Rombax shafts). At first, I had to adjust to the feel because being stiff flex, I was not used to playing that, but I quickly became accustomed to it and started dialing in my new distances. I could hit them high. I could hit them low. It was almost effortless because the heft of the club made short work of the shot. A happy boy!

I started liking my Burner 2.0’s more and more. I’ve seen this question on the Wrx: Can you get GI or SGI clubs to fly lower? Yes, you can, but it seems like you really have to have a clubfitter who knows what they are doing. He frequency matched each shaft and weighted them to promote an anti-left flight. These things are stout! I’m not sure how he did what he did, but these are outstanding. I can’t recommend this guy highly enough. If anyone is interested, please contact him @ [email protected]. I was very impressed!

EDIT: I asked Brad what he did and he described it in an email to me:

[i]The ball flight tendency that you are enjoying is a result of many years of trial and retrial building sets for players of all ballspeed ranges, both professional and amateur alike. The "HARDANIZING" method that I have developed is a way of programming a set of irons to have consistent ball flight tendencies throughout by assembling them with careful regard to the design properties of each shaft/head combination, and tailoring those to each player's individual and unique specifications. While it is best performed in person, allowing me the opportunity to scrutinize ball flight and player together, it is not impossible to achieve without the benefit of a personal fitting session. I have come to refer to the whole process as "Microfitting" the set to the player, and, I have found through many experiences, that the maunfacturers do not have the luxury of the time that it is necessary with each individual to accomplish this.[/i]

Brad made a great iron even better! Look him up!

DRIVER:  Callaway Rogue ST 10.5

FAIRWAYS:  Callaway Rogue ST 3, 9, 11 Fairway Woods

HYBRIDS:  Callaway Big Bertha 3 Hybrid, Rogue ST 4 Hybrid

IRONS:  Callaway Rogue ST 4-AW

WEDGES:  Callaway Jaws Raw 50 S Grind, 54 S Grind, 58 Z Grind 

PUTTER:  Odyssey Toulon Las Vegas

BACKUPS:  Odyssey Toulon Garage Le Mans Tri-Hot 5K Double Wide, MannKrafted Custom, Slighter Custom

BALL:  Testing

A man has to have options!


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Just got these clubs and I've been thoroughly impressed by the result. I would rate these clubs about a 9/10

About me:
6'4" (got the 1/2in long, 2 degrees up set)
5.5 Index
More of a sweeper swing than a digger.
Prefer a cut shot rather than a draw shot but I can work the ball both ways.

For years I've been playing RAC TP Forged combo set, which is a great forged iron set. The problem is with the RAC combo set is that slight mishits are very unforgiving, and I found the clubs to be very heavy. For years my iron game has been by far the weakest part of my game - I would hit less than half of the greens in regulation a round. After rededicating myself to the game this year, I decided it was time to upgrade my iron set to something more forgiving and lighter than my old iron set.

I decided to look at Game Improvement irons first rather than another set of player irons. Specifically I was looking for a larger club face, lighter weight than my old set, slightly more offset, and overall something that instantly appealed to my eye. I decided (after testing out many clubs) to go with the Burner 2.0 irons. The reasons that I decided on these irons are: How easy it is to hit a solid shot with these clubs, overall look (love the black and grey at address), the offset not being as pronounced as some other game improvement irons, fairly thin top line compared to other GI irons, and the overall feel when I hit the sweet spot.

For my game - someone who can work the ball both ways but mostly hits fades, these irons tend to produce very straight shots or a slight draw. I've found you can intentionally hit fades with these clubs, but it does take a little bit more work (slightly open club face at address, or hanging on to the angle at impact a little more than normal). Its easy to hit draw shots with these clubs but it can be really easy to over cook some shots and hook the ball. [i]I wouldn't recommend these clubs for people who hit natural draws - odds are you'll just hit hooks these irons the majority of the time.
[b]Ball Flight[/b]
The ball flight can get pretty high on 90-100% swings, which can be a disadvantage for players who play in winding conditions all the time. However I did find it surprising easy to hit punch shots and keep the ball flight to a low/medium trajectory (which does require a player to club up 1 club). The ball can be worked both ways on punch shots. The irons do provide feedback on mishits and I can pretty much tell where on the face I actually made contact with the ball.

The biggest adjustment with this set is jacked up lofts on the irons. The burner 2.0 4 iron goes about the same distance as my old 3 iron - essentially these clubs will go about one club more than your previous set (10-15 yards further). The PW is 45* and the Approach wedge is 50* - I'll probably need to switch out my 53*SW for a 54* or 56* wedge. I found the distance on these irons to be extremely consistent for solid shots, which I was very pleased with. Mishits do lose some distance but definitely not as much as forged irons.

[b]Club Design[/b]
Im not going to lie - these clubs do come with some offset. The amount of offset reduces down from the long irons to the short irons. I can't really notice as much offset from the 7iron to the AW. The thinner top line compared to some other GI irons are great to look at when addressing the shot. The 4 iron design on this club is awesome. Its slightly larger than the other irons in the set to giving it a larger sweet spot, which make it is incredibly easy to hit nice high shots. These clubs are pretty light and I find its really easy to get around a shot through impact and follow through compared to my old set. Players with quick hands or quick turns through impact may have trouble with the weight of these clubs by over drawing shots.

The #1 thing with these clubs is how easy it is to hit a solid shot, which was the biggest reason I decided to go with these clubs. I don't believe that low handicappers should have to play with forged MB or forged CB style irons. Forged MB or CB clubs are great if you are solid ball striker with your irons shot. If you aren't a consistent ball striker with your irons, forged irons can be very penalizing both on distance and direction. These clubs are perfect for low to mid handicappers who are looking to hit solid iron shots more consistently. I would say these irons are NOT for players who dig their iron shots, or have a natural draw.

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  • 3 months later...

After reading many posts on here and all over the internet, as well as hitting them only a couple times lower irons along with the other types i was sampling I decided to buy these (ignoring the warning about the fast tempo incompatibility) I received the set 4-pw and began to play a few rounds and a range bucket or two, I began to get extremely frustrated with the clubs as it seemed like 1 out of every 5-6 shots was actually a well struck ball going where i was aiming.

I believe that my problems with the clubs were a few things, the first was the differential in shaft length compared to my old irons (standard lengths) TM did this I believe to make an easier long iron ect to hit but the lengths threw me, also how flat the clubhead sits on the ground compared to other irons, and finally the extreme weight difference between these clubs and others. This is just a personal opinion but they were absolutely not the iron for me which was kind of disappointing to me because everyone seemed to say that they were perfect for what i believe my game type is. I recommend trying these if you can get used to the light clubs and the changed lofts and lengths to simulate further distances on shots.

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[quote name='G.Review' timestamp='1296610795' post='2944375']
What do you think?

[attachment=722529:TaylorMade Burner 2.jpg]

These irons made for a pretty miserable summer for me. I had them custom fit in April 2011 - one degree flat and one quarter inch short. Standard swingweight for this model is D3.5 and I hoped mine would come in lighter since they are under standard length. But I guess the builder selected heavier heads in an attempt to get back to D3.5 because mine were all D4 and up, two being D5. Though I have a moderate tempo the overall heavy feeling of the irons played with my mind, as shots started out a little right and drifted about ten yards right. This occurred with even the gap wedge on 100 yard approach shots. At the range I tried a variety of swing fixes but to no avail. Hitting them side by side with my old irons, and my son's TM RAC O/S, the 2.0's drifted right and the comparison irons were dead straight.

When I realized I couldn't go on playing the irons the way they were constructed, I went back to where I bought them and had them return the lie to standard. At the range I learned that this adjustment didn't eliminate the slight right, then fade action. With little support from TM I decided to get the swingweights down on my own. I shopped graphite shafts and found a couple (two different flex points) that were 20gr lighter than the original steel shafts and bought one of each to insert into the four iron and the five iron. After some course play and some more range time I selected the shaft with the somewhat lower flex point and changed out the whole set. The result was lower static weight and about a two SW reduction on all irons.

On the first course outing I began getting the feel for the new shafts and on the second outing began to really trust the clubs. The result was shots that started out on the intended line and remained there. Distances remained the same as when the steel shafts were in the irons.

FINALLY, I am happy with these irons.

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[quote name='Green Valley' timestamp='1320028427' post='3740503']
Just wanted to know what the loft on these irons are from 4 irons thru pitching wedge? thanks. is the 4 iron a 21 degree or 22 degree?

check it out: [url="http://www.taylormadegolf.com/products/irons/Burner-2.0-irons/product-detail-specifications"]http://www.taylormadegolf.com/products/irons/Burner-2.0-irons/product-detail-specifications[/url]

But yes i really like mine, they're long!

Taylormade M1 8.5 Rogue 70X
TEE E8 Tour 15* Diamana S+ 70X
Titleist 909 19* ProForce V2 90X
Taylormade Burner 2.0 4-P
Vokey 52, 56, 60
Scotty Cameron X5

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[quote name='FlopShotFred' timestamp='1320805217' post='3777409']
[quote name='Green Valley' timestamp='1320028427' post='3740503']
Just wanted to know what the loft on these irons are from 4 irons thru pitching wedge? thanks. is the 4 iron a 21 degree or 22 degree?

check it out: [url="http://www.taylormadegolf.com/products/irons/Burner-2.0-irons/product-detail-specifications"]http://www.taylormadegolf.com/products/irons/Burner-2.0-irons/product-detail-specifications[/url]

But yes i really like mine, they're long!

Thanks, yeah they're long for sure! What hybrid do you play?

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Yeah, they're long. But are they rocketballz long? :cheesy:

I just got a set of these and will hit them tomorrow!

Callaway Rogue ST Max - Tensei AV White - 8*
Taylormade M3 HL - MFS5 White Tie 60S -0.75" (42.5")

Mizuno JPX 923 HMP - 4-G - Recoil 95 S - 2* upright

Callaway X-JAWS - 52/58*

Odyssey OWorks 2ball  -  34" - 1* loft - 71* lie
Slighter Proto 1 #9/Del Mar design - High Toe - Long neck - Deep Milled face - 33", 370gr, lie 71*, loft 4*


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