2017 Srixon xv vs TP5X vs Chrome soft X

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This is the most important part for me

Feel off the Driver-

Srixon feels great, responsive and solid feel

TPX- I feel like ball sticking to the driver face little longer maybe its the 5 layer construction. It feels very good but different solid feel than other four piece balls

Chrome Soft X - Much more responsive feel than regular Chrome soft.

Off the irons

SXV- solid feel, lovely sound

TP5X-Feels perfect solid but soft thud on flushed shots

CSX- Has lively springy feel, makes me feel like its a softer verson on chrome + in feel which was to clicky for my taste

Putter feel

SVX - solid feel, not harsh but grea solid feed back

TP5x - Best ball to roll in regards to feel. perfect sound and feel for me.

CSX - Clicky but but not Nike clicky - it just reminds me of old chome +

Performance off the driver

XV- great high flight low spin bombs high trajectory very stable neck and neck with TPx in distance

TP5x- It is high and the ball doesn't move, I think best ball for driving purposes highest ball flight for me with this ball

CSx- High ball flight little shorter than others spins little more, I can definitely shape this one much easier than other two. Good but now something noticeable in driver performance, good performance off the driver nothing to say negative here in this regard


SXV - I hit my usual yardage my previous ball was B330s, good flight and spin, holds the line well, love this balls performance with the irondc

TP5x - half a club longer for me very highest trajectory- straight ball flight checks nicely

Chrome SX - high flight . most spinny out of the three just didn't know the purpose of this ball


Srixon xv- good spinn and check,very predictable with hop stop, but you can create some more spin with open face shots, high lobs on tight situations

Tp5x - Love the check this ball gives on pitches and chips, controling the flight on this ball was a breeze, just wonderful ball aroung the greens

Chrome SX - good spin and plenty stopping power, but I had one concern around 50 yards shots ball feels like it had extra juice and went much further than expected happened three times in a round and I am pretty handy around the greens, so that was the only concern that I had with this ball.


Top spot - Srixon XV performance wise there was nothing between TP5X and XV but the price difference and the predictable distance that I am use to with the irons plus the hitting the longest drive with this ball topped all the balls that I have tested so far this year as in total performance and price.

TP5X- I would have chosen this ball if the price was the same as XV because I love its performance aroond the greens but can't justify $15 more on price

Chrome soft X- it just doesn't do anything better than other balls on the market, I don't know why but I just feel like its a old chome plus with softer compression trying to ride the wave of success that was created by Chrome soft but it is nothing like it and doesn't appeal to the market that seeks softer tour performing ball.


  • wk77wk77 Members Posts: 9
    I absolutely loved the Chrome + and can no longer find this ball. I guess I need to try The Chrome Soft X.
  • MorryMorry Members Posts: 829 ✭✭
    100% concur with this review and conclusions

    Srixon has nailed this XV in '17

    I hope it gets the recognition it deserves this year

    it is perfection on my mind
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    wk77 wrote:

    I absolutely loved the Chrome + and can no longer find this ball. I guess I need to try The Chrome Soft X.

    if you like the chome + than you will like the chrome soft x for sure
  • tarmactrrtarmactrr Members Posts: 180
    Avid 2016 tpx user. Compared the 17 xv vs tp5x yesterday. Xv is the better ball imo. Same distance better spin and slightly lower flight.
  • Clarkey9Clarkey9 Members Posts: 76
    Tpx 16 player here tried the tp5x when I was in St. Andrews and Carnoustie this weekend


    Similar off the driver but boy does this ball perform with the mid and long irons! It seams to jump off he face but with soft feel!

    I was seeing a slightly lower hotter launch from wedges with a touch more spin!

    For me the back feels a little heavier/solid feeling if that makes sense!

    I will get more time with this ball at the weekend in my home course!

    I also have the xv 17 to test and make my ball choices for the season
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    Been playing the chrome soft since they came out. Love them feel wise, however I think I could benefit from a different ball with my driver. I seem to get more spin with the chrome soft off the driver and have lost about 10 yards. Interested in the new srixon. What have you guys experienced between these two balls if you have tested them side by side?
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    wk77 wrote:

    I absolutely loved the Chrome + and can no longer find this ball. I guess I need to try The Chrome Soft X.

    Ive seen a ton of them still at a couple of local academy stores
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    XV > TP5x for me. Something just felt a tad off with the TP5x. Hard to explain. And I really liked last years ball.
  • Golfer from MOGolfer from MO Members Posts: 986 ✭✭
    Great review! Agree on all counts, xv is fantastic and the tp5 is as well.

    Problem with the tp5 tho is that if you establish distance from it you can't switch to another ball easily. You'd be shorter and guessing, not bad if you never play another rock but many of us do
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    Have to admit I was a bit underwhelmed by the 2017 XV. That said, it's still 10x better than the Chrome Soft X, which I think is a terrible ball. The TP5X is the best of the bunch reviewed here, but still not as good as the 2016 Nike RZN Tour Black.
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    I think the 17' Srixon XV is the perfect ball, I'm in love.

    Haven't tried the TP5 or TP5x but I don't need distance off the irons or more height.

    The Srixon is everything the B330 is for me but better and it will be my ball for the foreseeable future. Been playing the B330 since 2010 fwiw.
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    Curious, have you tried the regular '17 Z Star? I am a lover of the previous generations of the XV but decided to give the Z Star a spin and found that it is a REALLY great ball! I never liked the previous iterations of the Z Star but this '17 model was great for me. More so than the XV. Balls are subjective, but I'm telling you all to try the Z Star in case you haven't. You can still get trial packs if you look.
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  • jdw928jdw928 Members Posts: 90
    Nice to hear some good feedback on the Srixon ball. I've never played the other two. I've always been a Titleist guy I guess.
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  • Golf4liferGolf4lifer Members Posts: 527 ✭✭
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    I just got done playing with these balls. After the round this is how I ranked them:

    1. TP5X

    2. Chrome Soft X ( a big surprise!!)

    3. The XV

    I loved everything about the TP5X for my game. All around great ball. The CSX really surprised me. Only thing I was not in love with was the way it felt off the putter. Nothing that wouldn't keep me from playing it, but something I'd have to get used to. The XV just disappointed me in all areas. Loved last years model but this years seemed off to me. I can't put my finger on what I didn't like, but this ball left a foul taste in mouth.

    I'm playing again tomorrow weather permitting and will try the XV again.
  • FrakesFrakes Members Posts: 159 ✭✭
    I have been a regular TM x player. Was given a sleeve of the Chrome Soft x balls and played 9 holes with one. Wind was approx 15 mph. The chrome soft x was at least 1 club shorter off of the irons, even more into the wind. Drives into the wind went nowhere as well. I will be giving the other 2 to someone else as I won't be playing them.
  • Go_Blue!Go_Blue! HAIL! Members Posts: 1,512 ✭✭
    I've only played the XV and TP5X, but between those two the clear winner for me was the XV. I wanted to like the 5X but from about 150 and in I just don't mesh with it at all. The XV performance through the entire bag is pretty incredible. Been a Srixon guy for the last couple of years, was a B330 b4 that, and will continue to be.
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  • socalkid86socalkid86 Members Posts: 150
    thejuice wrote:

    Curious, have you tried the regular '17 Z Star? I am a lover of the previous generations of the XV but decided to give the Z Star a spin and found that it is a REALLY great ball! I never liked the previous iterations of the Z Star but this '17 model was great for me. More so than the XV. Balls are subjective, but I'm telling you all to try the Z Star in case you haven't. You can still get trial packs if you look.

    i agree here. I've been a XV guy for the past 4 years, love the ball and it keeps getting better. This year's Zstar though is a great ball, longer than Z stars of the past but the greenside spin is next level.

    also for some fun....Have a friend who works at Cleveland and he told me last year to give the Zstar (NON-Xv) a shot in a color....said rumor around the company is that the paint creates a slight firmness in the cover that gives it a bit more juice. Almost like a Tweener of the Zstar/XV. And I think he is right. used it in some windy conditions on a golf trip to Hawai'i and was amazed with the performance. Strong in the wind for a non-XV but still lands on a dime.
  • mikec3672mikec3672 Mavericks Members Posts: 723 ✭✭
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    Sorry not for me (and I used to be an XV player).

    Bottom line is that the TourSoft and AVX are measurable longer than the XV for me (both off the driver ~10yards, and irons ~5-7 yards).

    That's a big deal for me, and not to mention, clicky off the putter compared to the AVX and TourSoft.

    Ultimately, playing the TourSoft, as longer than the B330RX, not as long as the AVX, but they spin more.

    Think to get the most out of the XV, your SS needs to consistently at and above 105MPH, which I am not (98-102).
  • Fairways_and_GreensFairways_and_Greens Members Posts: 760 ✭✭
    The biggest drives of my life with the XV and TP5X last weekend. Both are capable of distance.
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