Where do you lefties find your golf equipment

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I just returned to this sport after 25 years after back surgery and now since retired, I need something to fill my free time, so I choose to go back to golfing. The local golf shop in my town had closed years ago and the only big box golf store only had two sets of left handed golf clubs, Titleists and Mizuano, on display. I wound up buying used clubs on ebay or another online dealer which offers new but older clubs for fantastic prices. The problem is there is no way to test these items, so I buy on blind faith and hope for the best. I went with used equipment because I want to make sure that my back can take the movement and then look at buying new irons later on.
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    Me? Buy....sell....buy....sell.....buy.....sell.....buy......

    All OEM's make great equipment these days and a few of them even make great claims. For me it was more a matter of finding what 'type' of clubs and shafts I like and/or suite me.
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    The BST. It is like a brotherhood. But I don't do many transactions.

    I do hate that some companies don't/didn't make left handed versions of some clubs.

    Ebay too
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    Me? Buy....sell....buy....sell.....buy.....sell.....buy......

    Pretty much this. As a fellow lefty, trying to demo clubs live is tough but the great thing is that there are a bunch of great deals on here(BST) and ebay for the equivalent righty model.
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    Certainly can be tough for us. Try to find a demo day or two in your area. It is actually easier now than 10 years ago but we are still a definite golf minority.
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    eBay, GolfTown and Kijiji are where I get most of my stuff, until you figure out what suits you best it’s pretty much just trial and error. Good luck and Welcome back to the game image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />
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    I'm from Quebec where 40% of the golfers are lefty, or something close to that.....so basically anywhere.
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    I live in southern Indiana so I have the same problem as you but got lucky and discovered 3balls.com and globalgolf.com both offer a 30 day return policy so more than enougn time to test something and if it don’t suit you just return it!
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    Being a lefty, this is definitely one of the disasvantages. I’ll usually scour eBay, GlobalGolf, and CPO. It sucks not being able to test much at golf stores, so I try and watcha and read as many reviews as possible before pulling the trigger on something.
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    As MTLJeff said, Canada.
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    we don't...

    image/sad.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':(' />

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    Yeah 3balls, globalgolf mainly for me. Global golf used to have a 25% off lefty clubs and they have a great return program if you don't like send back just pay for shipping. Taylormade Preowned had some great discounts for lefties.

    PM me.

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    The lefty bst and my local golf store, the guys know me pretty well there so they give me a heads up when they get lefty stuff traded in.
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    Being a Lefty in the golf market sucks, but I’ve noticed righties think we get “all the good deals”. I got my current set of irons off the Lefty swap shop here and got a great deal, mizuno mp54s. Other than that I’ve found good deals on eBay.

    I think the downside being left handed you won’t find much to hit in stores, so just buy and try pretty much.
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    The BST forum here can be your best friend...and you wife's worst nightmare. There are great deals on here and it's nice to support fellow lefties that buy and try.
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    slim pickings compared with righty selection m8

    tis a cold golfing world, and us leftys are alone in it :[
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    Lefty Golf Buy/Sell/Trade group on facebook usually has some good deals
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    In Canada, eh.

    The land of lefties.

    Thank hockey for that!

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    I buy the new clubs that I tell myself that I just have to have from DD's. Used stuff I pick up from ebay or Global golf.

    Hard to demo clubs as a lefty. So many times I've looked forward to demoing a club only to be told they don't have it in left hand.

    Case in point was just at a Callaway demo day at a small local golf shop. Asked to hit Rogue SZ in 10.5 head. Callaway rep didn't have it. Asked to hit Rogue SZ 5 wood. Nope didn't have it. Asked to hit Rogue X hybrid. Sorry. Don't got it. He handed me a 9.5 Rogue SZ with a shaft pulled from a right handed club with right handed adapter set to minus 1 on loft which I guess is +1 for left hand. Gee thanks for all your help Callaway rep. Needless to say I bought nothing.
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    I stick to mainly Titleist equipment that doesn't change much from generation to generation. DD's will get the specs right, but until you know what you want it's an expensive game of trial and error.
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