Mixing vintage into a modern bag

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Been ratching around for ages to find a good gap wedge. Stumbled across a 1989 Wilson Staff for £3 in local charity store. Re-gripped it and it is now staying in the bag. Next to 2016 TM 54/60.


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    Callaway Hyper X 9* what's the point?

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    I do that all the time.

    Golf clubs is supposed to be a tool to get things done, not a fashion statement that needs to be matched . I can careless how my golf clubs looks or if they are not a matched set.

    I do, keep them clean and functional. Hate those kept dried up bits of grass and dirt in the grooves and the grips smell like kitchen towel.
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    Exactly. A 200 Series Vokey will do nothing worse than an SM7. I have a mixed bag with various shafts. The only constant is tour velvet grips. We have a nuclear plant about 60 miles from us. Their wages are much higher than the rest of our area. We play their local course teams in matches....never have you seen so many tour bags full of matching sets....and then the matching outfits...as I have always said a 5 year old Mercedes is still a great car and the Les Paul and Stratocaster were launched in the1950s.
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    I don't know what constitutes vintage v. classic. But not the purpose of the discussion. This much I've realized:

    A Hogan Special 51 K Grind gap wedge >>>>> than the Ping i20 U wedge. Have struggled with the finesse game. Pitching and chipping. Decided to throw in the bag the K Grind recently. Immediately began to execute those shots with aplomb. Quite remarkable.

    Struggling with iron play so far this season. Playing the i20's. Last round, not really caring and with nothing to loose, replaced them with the '99 Hogan Apex MB's. Proceeded to shoot my best round so far. With irons that, given my skill set, have no business playing.

    Use an old Ping Anser putter. Seems to make just as many putts as any other.

    Bought a new (used) SW this year. Wanted to try one with fresh grooves. Doesn't seem to be all that much different, nor spin any more of less, than the old Hogan SI that has been in the bag for several years. If anything, prefer the balance of the Hogan over the Cleveland.

    Can hit the snot out of a Ping Eye 2 4 wood. Perfect trajectory, good distance, can find the ball after the shot. Don't know why I don't play it more routinely.

    Like to think that having a mixed bag of implements, old and new, this and that, is a function of playing what works reasonably well for our individual purposes. That, in and of itself, is making something of a statement. That being, I'm saying 'NO' to all the marketing hyperbole surrounding the equipment side of golf.
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    'All the gear and no idea' still applies.

    Have never liked Vokey wedges,vastly over-priced,WS JPII 55 as good as anything made today and similarly with putters,am 100% with previous poster on Ping Anser although have just returned to an old,gun-blue Scotty,the one that looks like a...err...Ping Anser.

    The first tee on Seniors morning always reminds me of 'Wagon Train',a long line of electric trolleys mounted with enormous tour bags stuffed with the obligatory fourteen clubs,half of which either cannot or will not be used.
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    Mixing vintage into a modern bag

    I've been doing this for 17 years. My drivers and fairway woods have tended to more modern, but the irons and wedges considerably less so. A lot of Golden Rams, Tom Watson and Troon Grind wedges, and so on. Was pretty good out of sand with the Troon Grinds until I learned how tough they're supposed to be in sand. LOL

    Struggling with iron play so far this season. Playing the i20's. Last round, not really caring and with nothing to loose, replaced them with the '99 Hogan Apex MB's. Proceeded to shoot my best round so far. With irons that, given my skill set, have no business playing.

    I'm starting to wonder if some folks are just destined to hit such clubs better. I switched to Golden Rams from Tour Edge CBs as an 18-20 hdcp and played better with the Rams. I was told I had no business making such a switch, but every time I grabbed a blade, I hit it better than my own irons.

    In my case, I turned out to be a better long iron player than short iron player. In those early years of Ram use, it's not an exaggeration to say I had a better chance of hitting a green with a 4 iron in my hand than with an 8 iron. Could be part of the puzzle? <shrug>
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    As Lee Trevino once said, "It ain't the Arrows. It's the Indian" As amateurs, we must find the right clubs bu trial and error.Most times we do not have the benefit of having three or four experts watching us hit balls on launch monitors and changing out shafts and clubheads after every couple swings.

    Even if we belong to a facility that has companies come in and do demo/fitting days, they are going to try to fit you into THEIR latest and greatest clubs.
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