How much does shaft flex affect ability to square the clubface?

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Hey guys,
Looking for a little help here.. I've been fighting a big push fade lately when my stock shot has always been a draw. Im playing some fairly aggressive x stiff shafts throughout the bag to combat an extremely high ball flight with too much spin due to the majority of my speed coming right at impact, a lot like Jason Day. I've been trying to dial back a bit lately to gain some control and help combat spin especially in the irons.

Since the change I'm hitting a lot of balls flush but with a slightly open club face (ball starting left and drifting left). Im wondering if going back to stout stiff shafts will help me get the club back to square a little easier or if its strictly a swing flaw.

I play to a 10hc, average ss around 108

Any insight would be helpful, thanks guys!

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    Directly, the stiffness has only a very small effect on the face closure BUT indirectly it has the potential be very pronounced. It has to do with how you and your swing respond to changes in feel of the shaft loading/unloading. Something that's very subjective and also something you'll only really figure out through trial and error - test different shafts with various profiles (and various 'feels' - and see what happens to the results. Some people will see no real changes at all, some other people might see some big changes - and there is no accurate way to really predict what those changes will be.

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    Agreed with the above. Some can adapt amazingly to different shafts/flexes, some cannot. Profile has a big influence as well. Switching from soft butt/very stiff tip to stiff butt/active tip profiles has dramatically reduced my left miss.

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    Huge. As stated above, different shafts have different results based on your swing. I went through 7 or 8 different head/shaft combos at the Callaway Performance Center before I found the right combo that produced the optimum results on Trackman outdoors. I was astounded as to the amount of variance each shaft exhibited. Best 75 dollars I ever spent on my game.

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