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Ideally, I would love to do a driver fitting outdoors on a trackman. As a "feel" player, when warming up, I can see my ball flight and adjust my swing based on what the ball is doing. Indoors, I seem to lack the ability to correct my swing visually. Unfortunately, I don't have access to outdoor trackman fitting, so wondering is it still valuable to get fit even if my swing isn't in great shape in an indoor fitting studio?

Thanks in advance.



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    It's certainly better than not getting fit.

    If you get fit indoors they should have the LM in driving range mode where you can "see" the simulated ball flight. The modern LMs are actually pretty good at this.


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    Yes unless your swing is drastically different. Sometimes indoors with all the visual "distractions" around me, my path and stuff can get weird but usually good enough players can still adjust. Plus, you'll hit enough shots where a good fitter should be able to improve your numbers with just 5 or 6 really good hits. Ideally, you'd probably have 15-20 really good hits to look at, but sometimes that's just not realistic for some guys. It's still worth going IMO.

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    What are you looking for ..more fairways

    Less of a hook.. more

    Rollout..lower spin..what shot do you want to minimize

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    Having done both, and personally preferring to see my actual flight outdoors...I would highly recommend finding a place that can do an outdoor fitting.

    I also think that f you spend alot of time hitting in indoor bays - you will eventually become more comfortable with them - narrowing the gap in results between outdoor/indoor fittings.

    You are going to spend probably $150 on a fitting and $300-$600 for a new driver, that's a good amount of money to really be sure you are not wasting it.

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    I'd agree that, if hitting outside is important to you, find a place that will offer an outdoor fitting. Are you sure there is not anywhere near you that you can do an outdoor fitting on a good launch monitor? Keep in mind that demo days (especially ones where you sign up for fitting times) may offer this opportunity.

    I did my last driver fitting indoors at Club Champion, and I doubt I will do another indoor fitting. I'd put myself in the "feel player" group, as well, and I tee the ball quite high and strike with a negative AoA for the driver. I struggled to get a tee height on mats that was correct, which was exacerbated by the flex in the impact zone of the mat. Basically, what looked like the right tee height was actually too high, but the "correct" height for impact position on the face didn't look right to me, either, and I flattened out my swing to compensate. I have been much more satisfied with subsequent fittings where I have had an opportunity to either hit outside or do a combination of outside and in.

    For many golfers, I think an indoor fitting can work really well, and @jvincent is right that modern LM's (certainly Trackman) do a really good job of representing actual ballflight. So, it probably depends a bit on your exact concern and your next best option. Any fitting is going to be quite eye-opening if you have never done one or if it has been a while.

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    Thanks everyone. This seems to be particular to the driver for me. Fingers crossed for now.

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    I think it depends on the place. I took lesson indoors at a place that had very high ceilings and had excellent lighting. I felt very comfortable there and was able to get a lot out of the lessons. He did offer driver fittings but did not carry any other shafts besides the stock shafts. I decided I wanted to at least test some different shafts so I made an appointment at another place in town. I showed up and after a few swings knew I was in trouble. The ceilings felt very low and it was dark. I felt claustrophobic and my swing was all over the place. It was a complete disaster. I was swinging well under 100 MPH and longest carry was 220. I typically see 103-109 with carry close to 255-270. Got fitted outdoors in Florida while visiting my parents.

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    I participated in a driver fitting at CC about a year ago. They actually fitted me into my driver that I brought in, but changed the weight setup and a different shaft. The fitter lowered my loft sub 8* because he wanted to lower my spin rate and on trackman my numbers looked "ideal". However, like @eagle2838 said, I could not get a tee height that I actually play, but I had to "settle" for what they had.

    I returned to the outdoor range for a lesson from a coach who uses a trackman as well and my numbers were "off". I wasn't getting the carry distance from my fitting and ball flight was low. The swing coach absolutely hated my driver and he never comments on equipment because he's understands they are $$$ and everyone's preferance is different. Worst was my spin numbers were so low and the ball would just fall out of the sky. And I noticed the ball falling out of the sky at previous range sessions after the fitting, but I thought it was "me" since the driver was just fit for me.

    Once the swing coach found out my loft was sub 8*, we cranked it back to 9* and my outdoor trackman numbers immediately improved and the ball flight/launch were dramatically better. In fact, I am hitting the driver better than I have ever before.

    So long story short, try to get fit outdoors. While trackman (or other LM) numbers are essential (I believe) to optimize your swing/equipment, the true test is playing a round and the "eye test". If you have no other choice but to have an indoor fitting, make sure the fitter or company has a return policy (if you purchase the club from them)so you can get dialed in and feel comfortable. CC wanted $$$ for the new shaft and luckily I already owned the club head.

    I was able to find the same shaft I was fitted for on ebay for a lot less than from CC. I was willing to take the risk of spending less on a shaft than what CC charged with their fitting guarantee they provide for 90 days. Besides, I'm a golfwrx club ho now, so what's one extra shaft added to the bunch.

    Good luck with your fitting!

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    I had a similar experience and it was also at CC. If I got fit again, it would be outdoors. I really struggled with the driver in the fitting (didn't end up buying one), and there were some shots that were read as being way different than what I felt. One I thought I hit dead straight, just pure, and the monitor read it way different. From then on, my swing and trying to manipulate everything was never the same.

    I guess it just depends on how comfortable you are in those hitting bays or not.

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    Been fit both ways. I would be more concerned with the fitter than inside versus outside. Big difference between experienced fitters and a pro who does fittings on the side.


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