Titleist Vokey Spin Milled



  • thehobbitthehobbit Members Posts: 178
    Played about 30 rounds with the SM, a 60* vokey 8 SM, and if I could afford eight balls a day and a new wedge after 30 or so rounds, I would always carry a vokey SM. I used this club just for rough and sand and trouble type shots and you can be as aggressive as you would like. Its like target practice out of the sand because the thing just darts at the whole and sticks, same out of rough and such. Club wore poorly, really couldn't be controlled (shortens full wedge into the green by an easy 15 feet), and chewed my golf balls, but its still the best wedge Ive ever played, and I might get another anyway, but I wouldn't carry more than one because the spin is alittle high.
  • macglockmacglock Members Posts: 1,517
    great wedges. DONT bend lower than 54*, 52* sm bent FLATTEN balls.
  • Rich71691Rich71691 Enough? Jr. Boomers Posts: 1,957
    Great wedge! I used to use a cleveland 588 and just switched to this beauty and I can tell a big differance already. I have not noticed the terrible scuffing that everyone else says happens but they do sratch the ball up a little. I have the SM tour chrome 54.10 and I love it.

  • macglockmacglock Members Posts: 1,517
    just bought mine, unbelievable. perfect wedge
  • bigpopper81bigpopper81 Members Posts: 532
    Great club! I got the 56.14 and it feels solid. I love the weighting on all my weighting and having a 56* with high bounce is great for pitches when there is a lot of air under the ball. I also always 3/4 this instead of full shots with my 60* 200 series and the results are great. I generally don't spin the ball to much anyways, even with a ProV, so getting too much spin is not a problem for me. This club just feels great.
  • DieselDiesel Members Posts: 2,063
    i have the 54, 58 and a 60 i tried... don't like any of them...

    i think i'm just hung up on the Mizuno's i've been playing, and just don't like the feel of the Vokey's...

    now i need to find a buyer for these...
  • Rich71691Rich71691 Enough? Jr. Boomers Posts: 1,957
    JHR wrote on Jul 14 2005, 04:01 PM:

    I like them as well, they are great. I just sent one out to Scratch to be Black Oxided, similar to the ones on the other thread. I have 4 different Vokey's being done, I will post pic's. when they return.

    how do they look? what finish spin milled did you get origanaly? and how much did it cost to get one done? I was thnking about getting an M grind and a darker finish(tour chrome just a little to bright)
  • cornbred19cornbred19 Members Posts: 239
    i've had the 54 and 60 for a few weeks now and still get great spin...can be real aggressive around the greens...have the 4 degree bounce in the 60 which makes shots out of the sand so easy...completely happy...
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  • Nichols74Nichols74 TrueJunkie Members Posts: 98

    I have the 56

    Soon all will be spin milled.
  • GrumGrum ★ Driven to Perfection ★ Members Posts: 3,152 ✭✭
    Got 3, a 54 bent to 52(I wouldn't recommend doing this really, massive amounts of spin and a bit of distance loss due to the this, greeeeeeeeeat fun though!), a 56 and a 60, all stripped oil cans. Just given the 60 a mild M grind, lovely wedges!
  • ireland_bhoyireland_bhoy Members Posts: 15
    i have the 54 and 58 with 10 degrees bounce...my bunker play us to be good but not with the 58 now i have had to include a 60 degree taylormade rac in the bag! they are great wedges tho i have just got the bounce all rong for the bunkers, im getting a new 60 degree spin milled! can anyone suggest wat bounce i should get in it to make it easy to play with around the greens and out of bunkers at the same time???
  • HDBHDB Members Posts: 22
    Made the mistake of bending my 54 to 52. Macglock is right. I used them most of the year and found they spin too much for me. Out of the bag for me,considering the new Kzg or going back to the cg-10.
  • SplooGeSplooGe Members Posts: 26
    ireland_bhoy wrote on Jan 9 2007, 10:20 AM:

    can anyone suggest wat bounce i should get in it to make it easy to play with around the greens and out of bunkers at the same time???

    The 60.08 has worked well for me out of the bunkers, however the majority of my chipping is done with my Pitching Wedge so I really can't comment on that. If it didn't take the cover off my ball after every 3/4 swing this club would be **** near perfect for my game.
  • js007js007 Members Posts: 9
    Spin milled is good if you don't care about your golf balls! I had a 60* and it just shredded the cover on contact!
  • xal951xal951 Jr. Boomers Posts: 463
    just got my SM 58* bent to 59* in today. Absolutely crazy! I couldnt spin the ball at all with my old vokey but with this thing, anything out of 40 yards is comming back. and like most say, with a full swing...youll rip the cover off a prov or other soft cover ball.
  • joelscott7joelscott7 Joelscott7 Members Posts: 91
    I was wondering if anyone found a ball that can hold up to a spin milled for a round. I find that with mine the balls are chewed up after only a few chips, or one full swing.
  • TitleistZachTitleistZach Members Posts: 16
    Might rip through balls, but they are well worth it.

    The extra spin is amazing.

    Once again Titleist comes though in the clutch. image/man_in_love.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':drinks:' />
  • rhysrhys Members Posts: 28
    just brought a new spin milled 56*with 14* bounce, the clubs amazing but just wondering wat it meant by bounce
  • zanna5910zanna5910 Members Posts: 337
    Just bought a 56-14 and a 60-8 oilcans with x100s and got them bent upright (dont hate on my dgs please image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':D' />). Here are a few thoughts...

    1. When people say, "It shreds the covers off the ball", this is not an understatement, it really will leave ball cover in your grooves. This happens when you hit down on the ball with anything over a 3/4 swing. Also, the greens I play on are really tight cut tiff bermuda (cant remember which one) and are playing pretty fast this summer. I think if you play on a muni course with backyard-length greens, then your ball will suck back alot.

    2. Also, I dont find that they spin TOO TOO much, but they have great bite and great feel chipping around the greens. Its really easy to hit short chips or over bunkers and not get that roll-past-the-cup action of other wedges but they tend to hit soft and roll soft. Bunkers - they stop pretty fast out of bunkers too, if you catch it too cleanly they can come out a little low.

    3. I seem to be able to control spin based on trajectory. Hitting it low can really cause that bounce, bounce, stop; a medium height will give you that suck back, and a higher shot will typically just stop where it lands. Anyone else notice this?

    Overall, I think these are great wedges and they have great playability. Hope this helps anyone.
  • SoerenSoeren Members Posts: 111
    Would anyone know if they are U or V or box grooves on the spin milled?


    Firstly, I think that box and U-grooves are two different names for the same thing. But as for the question at hand, both Titleist groove types are of the U kind, the only difference being the milling or "rough sanding" of the club surface on the SM models (which by the way does create additional spin.
  • DCheslerDChesler Lefty Boomers Posts: 180
    Vokey's Spin Milled wedges are the industry standard. I love the looks, feel, and quality construction of these wedges. An easy 5.
  • HathstauwkHathstauwk Members Posts: 984
    how do these compare to the cleveland wedges? I have an old 56 degree 588 (rustable) wedge but the grooves are wearing dopwn. Think it is time for a new one.

    Not sure what difference I will see as an 8 handicap that does not play that frequently. Not sure what to look for.

    Any thoughts?
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  • trek1500trek1500 Members Posts: 388
    Vokeys are by far the best wedges I have ever played…

    The touch factor is a big plus with these wedges…..

    The short game is my favorite part of the sport and these clubs make it all the more enjoyable!
  • sdf9235sdf9235 Members Posts: 135
    great wedges just got the 54* and the 58* oil can version. tons of spin and supersoft around the green. the oil can finish does seem like it will wear off after a while though
  • epicepic Will GOLF for FOOD! Members Posts: 64
    I just added one of these to my arsenal today and got a round in with it... They are superb wedges. While I didn't want to replace my Solus I decided to just add another loft and try another brand. I'm glad I went with this bad boy because it looks and feels SUPERB. I can really spin the ball and chips are like nothing anymore. Here I come scratch handicap!!!

    P.S- I'm playing the 60/04... I hate too much bounce so this works perfectly. image/man_in_love.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=';)' />
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  • marshmallowmarshmallow Members Posts: 2
    hi guy this is my first post

    i was wondering what kind of yardage you guys are getting out of the SM at full swing.

    I just got a 56 10 bounce at full swing I am getting around 100 yards carry, do they hit that long?


  • AnakinnAnakinn Members Posts: 374
    hey marshmallow,

    like you this is also my 1st post.

    I've been playing SM (56 08) for about a year now and it's between 100-110yds at full swing. But like zanna5910's post on July 7, "It shreds the covers off the ball", this is not an understatement, it really will "leave ball cover in your grooves". So, if you running on a tight budget like me and with the prices of new golf balls, don't. I don't take a full with my SM anymore, but they're still my favorite wedges.

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  • lukemacauleylukemacauley Luke Macauley Members Posts: 10
    Vokey Oil Can SM are great for the first couple of months image/man_in_love.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':russian_roulette:' />

    Then you hit the shot like you want to lands beside the pin. You expect it to stop dead. But oh no, it rolls on 10 feet.

    image/black eye.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':cheesy:' />

    Kinda disappointed.

    I'm going to stick with the 200 series Oil Can 52, ,56 ,60

    They consistantly spin.

    Had my 52 for 8 months and it's still spinning like it's brand new.

    200 Series are cheaper and last 100x longer.

  • trek1500trek1500 Members Posts: 388
    I love my Vokeys! My short game has improved so much with these great clubs! I just love the feel and look of these wedges...I've tried them all but always seem to find myslef coming back to these gems..
  • EzgolferEzgolfer Members Posts: 3,162 ✭✭
    Great wedges !!

    50* & 58* satin spin milled.

    Love the feel setup and spin. I wish i had tried these earlier.
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