Which 3 balls under $20



  • HoulsHouls Members Posts: 121
    I love the PD Soft. It's my main ball. I also play the NXT Tour. The NXT Tour is longer but the PD Soft feels great on the irons and especially the putter. The PDS seems to stick the greens pretty well for me on full wedge shots and releases a bit on regular iron / hybrid shots into a green. Great value for $15 per dozen.
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    Finding the right ball is kind of like dating. You might have to put a lot of different girls into play to find the right one but once you do, you know it! At least I hope so.

    I am still looking for miss right myself.

    Off your list tho, I found a couple srixon soft feels and although they felt kind of meh to me, the results were not bad. Several offline shots were much closer to the green or fairway than I expected them to be, same for distance. Looking forward to wining andndining some gamer v2's though
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    I am a huge fan of the Nike Pd Soft balls. Especially for the price. With over 100 mph swing idk if they would be too soft for you or not. But the performance on those balls are second to none that Ive played with in that price range
  • craniac24craniac24 Members Posts: 1,666
    Interesting (to me) that no one has mentioned Pinnacles. $15 and it seems like a solid overall ball to me!
  • Par ForePar Fore Members Posts: 1,294
    Local shop here had gamers for 9 bucks a dozen, can't go wrong there
  • Cia2aCia2a Members Posts: 6
    Bridgestone Treo Soft

    Titleist NXT

  • cart7cart7 Members Posts: 32
    Pinnacle Gold Precision

    Srixon AD333

    Top Flite Gamer V2
  • SanzabarSanzabar Members Posts: 1,259 ✭✭
    TheShaun wrote:

    Wilson Zip.

    End thread/

    Agree with this... ball is insanely soft too.
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  • AndersonGTAndersonGT Weekend Warrior Members Posts: 86
    Nike Ignite however now Nike Tour Vapor Speed is under $20/dozen. Both 3 peice!
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  • john0713john0713 Members Posts: 10
    my pro had a sample sleeve of the Wilson DUO coming next year

    said it was going to be $19.99

    if true-awesome
  • Vinny NguyenVinny Nguyen Members Posts: 765 ✭✭
    I for some reason HATE the Nike PD soft. Got a free dozen and ended up just giving 9 of them to my buddy since I thought they felt terrible.
  • iCollectoriCollector Collector Members Posts: 757
    OK.... Here it is... Wilson Smart Core (I like the yellow).... 18 for less than a buck a ball.... Seriously, try them.
  • suwdawgsuwdawg Members Posts: 1,089
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    MrEd wrote:

    For those who have played many different balls, which one of these 3 would you play if you was me. I have a club speed over 100. I shoot in the 90's. And Im looking for a ball under $20. Ive recently been playing TP straight ($9.97) for 15. THese things are rough around the green and seem to loose speed when hit off the tee... My goals for a ball are to be moderately long off the tee and moderately soft around the greens.. I talked with a golf pro today at the shop, and I told him i was looking at the srixon ad333 and he said it was a hard ball, and that he suggested the srixon soft.. I know what Im asking fits the 3 piece balls more, but the way I lose balls this isnt an option...

    Callaway HX Diablo

    Srixon Soft and Feel

    Nike PD soft

    Of that group the diablo tour is hard to beat for your cap. Its long mid high flight and holds greens pretty well. Around the green not as good as urethane but pretty good.
  • whatsthecourserecordwhatsthecourserecord Members Posts: 394 ✭✭
    Another vote for the Gamer V2. I feel it is the best ball at its pricepoint. Good spin on shortish pitch shots and good feel off the other clubs. Good distance to boot off the driver.
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  • Colby327Colby327 Members Posts: 1,963 ✭✭
    Another vote to for the Gamer V2.

    Based soley on all the reviews from this site, I switched to it when it got cold and have been very happy with the performance. Great distance, decent spin, and felt good off the putter. The only adjustment I made was allowing more run out on your chips & pitches, though that was expected.

    The hardest step is actually purchasing a Top-flite ball. Even my regular clerk at Golfsmith went "Top Flite?", and gave me a strange one-eyed look when I checked out. Ok, maybe imagined I the look, but it still felt like a weird transcation.
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  • EnglishBobEnglishBob Captain Hack and Slash! Members Posts: 803
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    Top-Flight Gamer V2 and Srixon Softfeel play about the same for me. Tried more expensive balls but don't gain anything.

    If you go the top-flite route they will usually put them in a plain brown paper bag for you.
  • Pert1862Pert1862 JerseyMembers Posts: 2,829 ✭✭
    Srixon AD333. There is nothing better at the price point!!!
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  • Colby327Colby327 Members Posts: 1,963 ✭✭
    EnglishBob wrote:

    If you go the top-flite route they will usually put them in a plain brown paper bag for you.

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  • SanzabarSanzabar Members Posts: 1,259 ✭✭
    Gamer 2

    Srixon AD333

    Wilson Zip (if you like a soft ball)
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  • pappaf2pappaf2 Members Posts: 3,471 ✭✭
    I am playing the Pinnacle Exceptions that come in a 20 pack. I think they were around $18 or so at Walmart. I must say I like these balls quite a bit.
  • lafayette7lafayette7 Members Posts: 328 ✭✭
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    Pert1862 wrote:

    Srixon AD333. There is nothing better at the price point!!!

    +1............just bought 7 dozen (pre-owned) of these for about 50 bucks (with shipping) from lostgolfballs.com 90% of them were like new, found 2 logos and 4 with sharpie dots................can't go wrong with these balls at that price......................
  • B5G4BB5G4B Members Posts: 928 ✭✭
    Gamer v2. I'm convinced if you painted titleist on these you could get $30 a dozen. They are unbelievable at their current price.
  • IsleOfManIsleOfMan Members Posts: 2,309 ClubWRX
    If/when the stream of $10/dozen Gamer V2s runs out (and I blow through the company logo Mojos and PD Longs from my last job over the winter), I'll probably go with either the MG 380E or recycled low-end Bridgestones (e6, Fixx, etc). I just got back into the game this summer and started out with a dozen Noodle+ Easy Distance and they were great for the first few rounds, but as my swing speed came back they started to baloon noticably.... but I would surely check them out for anyone in the reccomended <85mph swing speed range.

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  • cb24cb24 Members Posts: 1,692 ✭✭
    I picked up a dozen e5's because of the relatively good reviews and the urethane cover. Well the cover is barely softer than surlyn, imo, and I dont like the ball. If you have a golfsmith around they might still have Penta Practice for $19.99/dozen. Now that is a great deal, I love these balls!
  • I_HATE_SNOWI_HATE_SNOW Members Posts: 3,279 ✭✭
    Watch for Penta's on sale, 3 dozen for the price of 2 and a sale gets you down close to $20.
  • Pweb44Pweb44 Members Posts: 1,151
    I'm a big fan on the Srixon Trispeed line, for me they has been long of the tee and since most times I prefer a bump and run short game around the greens this has been great for me and the putting is soft and true with Trispeeds. Next up I would suggest the Cally Diablo Tours' or Srixon AD333. I also use to like the TM Burner TP (the ones in the silver box) but I'm not sure what the latest Burner line is for performance.
  • stikman33stikman33 Members Posts: 120
    I recently bought a 2 boxes of the gamer v2 off the link posted on here to ebay. $20 shipped for 2 boxes of new balls. If I like them I'm sticking with them for a bit! Although lgb has a great deal on the trispeeds used.
  • spartanglfrspartanglfr Members Posts: 372 ✭✭
    Wilson has a new ball --"Duo"--that is on its website and I think will be available in the middle of this month. Looks interesting, and Wilson has been making some good balls. I think it will be in the $20 category.
  • RW_ShankarRW_Shankar Members Posts: 166
    I've posted this link in a few threads when I see someone likes the Trispeeds. Golfballnut has them NEW for under $15. I bought some of the non-Tours before they lowered the price on the Tours to $14.84. No problem with the order. Reasonable shipping too. They currently show 7 dozen New Trispeed Tours remaining. Go get 'em.

  • asugrad1988asugrad1988 asugrad1988 Members Posts: 23 ✭✭
    This ball has not been mentioned but I really like the NIKE Vapor Speed. It's a 3 piece ball with great distance and excellent spin. You can get these for less than $20. I read about 3 months ago that a woman golfer who plays the Japan LPGA or (whatever they call it) actually won a tournament using this ball.
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