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I am in the market for a new set of Vokeys. Or at the very least a new 60. I have been playing SM4 since they came out. Truth be told, i probably should have refreshed 4-5 years ago, but here we are.


At one point, i replaced my SM4 60.07 with an SM5 60M Grind which has 8 degrees of bounce. It was terrible. I’m not sure if there is something specific in that grind that doesn’t work for me but i COULD NOT get it to go through the turf correctly. I went back to the 60.07 and everything was right in the world again. 

Now, I’m looking to upgrade but not sure which route to go. I would like to do a fitting with a local fitter here in Memphis, but if I’m unable or would just like to be a little more decisive going in, do y’all know what current grind most closely resembles the SM4 60.07?


i always read the wedge selector stuff about tendencies, turf conditions, etc.

i would say I’m pretty neutral and kinda strike it however the shot calls. Play the majority of shots with a square face unless it’s a bunker shot or flop. 

Turf conditions i never know how to answer. I live right outside of memphis so from January to April, everything is wet. The rest of the year, it could be soaking wet or bone dry depending on the weather.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I'm pretty much a center of stance, square-face guy  on wedges (maybe open a couple of degrees for extra bite). I got a rough Vokey fitting a couple of years back on a Titleist Thursday, and F-grind took the lead for GW and SW. When it came to LW, I was undecided between the 60.08 M-grind and the 60.14 K-grind. I was favoring M-grind for versatility; the F-grinds both had high-bounce of 14.


Belltower, you have given good thought to you LW situation. A fitter would be happy to have someone beyond the "here I am" stage in wedge selection. Don't know what courses in your area are doing because of COVID. Any chance you could find a Titleist Thursday? You could try out several LWs at such a fitting. 

What's In The Bag (Summary)


Driver:  Calla XR16 Pro set 11.5°  ||  Fairways:  Tour Edge XRail 4W + 7W or Calla Alpha 815s set 16° and 21°

Hybrid:  Cobra FlyZ 4H  ||  Irons:  Tour Edge CB Pro Tungsten 4i-9i

Wedges:  Calla MD3 / 48° and 54°... MD4 / 58° ||  Putter: Ping Sigma G Tyne (face-balanced)

Ball: Calla SuperHot (Orange preferred)

For details see: WITB_Long.docx

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Anyone have any other ideas on assessing grinds? My concern is that Edwin Watts et al will only have the 4-5 standard grinds (which may in fact work for me), but will not have T, A, Low Bounce K, etc.. I just want to ensure that I'm getting the grind that will maximize my ability without having to pay an astronomical amount for a "fitting."


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If you plan to keep your wedges for as long as you had your last ones i would not hesitate to work with Scott. Having had the chance to speak with him multiple times, and listen to his depth of experience - he is a panelist in for the golfWRX best of series, it would be well worth it.

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On 9/14/2020 at 4:40 PM, Belltower said:

Problem is, he is a high quality fitter who gets big $/ hour so I feel like I'm really gonna spend a lot of coin on what shouldn't be an overly complex fitting. 

I can promise you that your thinking is a large misjudgement of reality.
- If the man in question, knows what he is doing, he will be worth every dime of it, and i will explain why.
You will have the fitting experience of a life time, with eye openers you did not see coming. IT will tell you more about why something works for you, and why other solutions dont. Its educational both for future club buying, but just as much for your understanding of how to really take advantage of the club specs picked out for you. It will improve your game, and by that your mood and pleasure about playing in general, that alone is priceless, and when you DONT have to "question" if the clubs you play is right for you or not, its all about PLAYING (stay out of the tech forum of WRX....). The third is actual life span. Club that works good for us is treated good, they last longer for that reason alone, but we want change them unless we are forced to, so actual life span and numbers of rounds they will stay in your bag is longer than any other clubs you had.

Im back in Denmark for the summer and had some wedge heads left overs for sale, so i told about it in a forum i was part of starting up.....minutes later they was sold, i had way more buyers than heads, they ALL played the wedges i build them, and dont forget, i closed 5 years ago, and some of this players bought their clubs back in 2011...9 years playing the same wedges, and still be so happy for them you want change them?, and then question the value of TRUE Club fitting? ...do the numbers again, you must have misplaced the comma somewhere or mistaken minus to be plus...:-)

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