Sold a used Ping G5 Driver 4 weeks ago; tonight buyer gives me more money...

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Hey Everyone!

So my history here on WRX would show I don't start many topics because, honestly, you all do such a great job of covering all the bases so to speak. But I wanted to share my story of the sale of a used Ping G5 driver as I've not seen anything similar to this on the website.

Back on May 29 I subbed for a friend in our club's Early League. I played against an attorney I worked with in the past in our Court system. He's a bit over 80 years old, still practicing law and is sharp as a tack. On that day William was playing his usual driver that had been re-shafted from regular to extra stiff so his grandson could use it. His grandson is like age 15 or 16 and can legitimately hit the ball in the 275-yard range.

Well William, understandably, had issues leaving the ball out to the right with his drives that day. He tells me he was once a 5 handicap and I believe him as he still has a nice swing. But the shaft in that driver was too much for him. So we are sitting down after the round talking etc. and discussion turns to his driver. I told him I have way too much

equipment at home and that he was certainly welcome to try my old Ping G5 driver. The club features a regular graphite shaft that I always felt was too soft for me. Easy to launch high but also too easy for me to turn my draw into a wicked hook.

I told William I thought the club might be a good fit for him. He wanted to try it so I took it out to the club and gave it to him the next Tuesday. He couldn't play that day due to

a health issue but said he would try it over the next week or so. It is a 10.5 degree driver in very good to excellent shape. Original head cover included. William wanted to know how much I wanted for the club. I told him I had previously purchased it on Ebay for like $65 total. I said it would be $50 maximum.

The next time I talk to William, 4 weeks ago, he is smiling and said he wants to buy the driver for $100. I kind of chuckle and remind him that I only need like $50 at most. I also remind him that I've only got like $65 in the driver and am happy just to move it. William won't take no for an answer and hands me a $100 bill. We go back and forth a bit as I really don't want his $100 LOL. He keeps shoving the $100 bill at me, saying it's the best driver he's ever hit etc. and for me to just take the money. We joke that

perhaps we could do the deal at $50 for the driver and $50 for the head cover LOL.

I finally agreed to take his money. We shake hands and I think that's the end of story.

Until tonight. I arrive for Late League and enter the clubhouse to see who I am playing. Up comes William. As God is my witness he has ANOTHER $100 BILL in his hand and is just adamant I take it. I told William no way am I taking another $100 from him. He starts in again about how great this Ping G5 driver is, that he's hitting it long and straight and is outhitting some people he wasn't previously. I said, "Well I thought it might be a good fit, but no way do I need another $100" as we had previously completed the deal. He says he doesn't care how much I paid for the driver, that it was worth $200 to him. I again decline. William then urges me not to make him mad, explaining that he is over 80 years old and that this old Ping G5 is worth the money to him.

Not wishing to cause any more commotion in the club house I take the extra $100 and head out to play my match.

I still feel a bit guilty about the whole thing. But in the end, I guess, William is happy and I have an extra $100. I just hope he continues to hit it well this summer!

Thanks for reading.


  • Great story. Lol

    $50 for the driver and $150 for the fitting.
    Do you really want to know WITB? Oh ok (talk about peer pressure!)
    My favourite clubs I use sometimes (A$480 total):
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    Bridgestown 60 degree lob wedge $20
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    bigfatant wrote:

    Great story. Lol

    $50 for the driver and $150 for the fitting.

    LOL I actually mentioned "fitting" to William tonight.

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    That's where my long lost uncle ended up,silly old fool we've been searching forever for this guy. If you don't mind can you PayPal me that extra hunnid dollars
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    Tell him I have a car that would fit him perfectly image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />

    Just kidding.

    He's balancing the karmic universe to make up for the scammers.
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    Fun story. A Pygmalion effect golf club.
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    If you feel that guilty donate it. Maybe to the first tee in his name. Or some other worthy charity.
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    The G5 was, and apparently still is, a great driver. Neat story

    Your friend William sounds like a solid dude.
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    Ask him to play sometime and take care of the green fee plus lunch or something. Cool story
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    You'd made an 80 year old very happy, priceless !

    Can't take the money with him when he leaves so, every little happy moment will be precious enough. And you showed to him that you cared. Plus, William probably won a few Nassau from his usual playing buddies, I kid you not.
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    Those were great drivers.

    As an aside, is William built like a linebacker still and playing baby blades?
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    Sounds like William bought himself a great driver and a round of golf with you sometime at a course that costs around $100!
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    80 years old and still practicing law? He's probably got more money than he knows what to do with. If you really don't want the extra $100 I'll gladly take it off your hands.

    wybrh wrote:

    Ask him to play sometime and take care of the green fee plus lunch or something. Cool story

    This exactly. $150 more than you expected is a great excuse to splurge on a nice track with a friend.
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    cardoustie wrote:

    Those were great drivers.

    As an aside, is William built like a linebacker still and playing baby blades?

    Not sure what body type he had when he was a 5 back in the day. He's still in pretty good shape for his age. Not WRX linebacker type but pretty good shape!

    For the past couple of years he's been playing Ping G30 irons. Prior to that it was Mizuno Grad MPs, in steel. Coincidentally I still own a set in graphite.
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    Hope im 80 and still swinging!

    Great story. It wasnt the driver he was paying you for... it was your original thought that it could help his game that he appreciates and wanted to let you know.
    Get scratch or die trying
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    After the honeymoon...he might come for a refund...partial refund.

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    Awesome story and a welcome addition to this forum. Thanks OP!
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    Might be an early onset of Alzheimers.
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    When the honeymoon is over tell William I’ve got a g10 That will get him 5 yards! Jk. Good people,good story!
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    the G5 was one of the best Ping drivers ever, it will still hold its own.
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    Great story. Pay it forward.
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    That is a fantastic story!
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