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PLEASE HELP!! Full/Control Swing Yips (Iron/Wedge shank)

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TLDR: started shanking every type of shot with my iron and wedge all of sudden. now I have yips that every type of iron/wedge shot goes 45 degree right

about a month ago, my iron/wedge game was peaking out ever and my handicap was dropping significantly. shooting best round ever (84 @ par 72), decreasing driving distance was my only concern of game. 3 days later, I started shanking every iron/wedge shot ranging from 200 yard to 20 yard. Had to just pick up the ball several times because I cannot get the ball on the green no matter what.

Thought it would be one day thing. but since then, my game is totally collapsed shooting 100's. I dont know what to do but just quit the game. Tried to mend here and there at practice range but nothing seems working. looking for expert analysis on my swing video.

linked to my two videos: Before & After

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