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Old School: Checking lie angle and bending without a high-price bending machine?

 Scooper5 ·  
Scooper5Scooper5 Elko, MinnesotaMembers  25WRX Points: 31Handicap: 14.9Posts: 25 Bunkers
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Just a player here who needs to check his lie angles on his iron and wedges. A little disappointed today as I went to my golf shop to have my irons checked to find out it was a 24-48 hour wait. This golf shop is 40-minutes away from my house. And yes I called before I left and while I was in-route to have no one answer the phone. So a wasted trip. I was a little peeved.

Gripe aside, I get that COVID is packing golf stores and their clubfitters/makers. With the increased volume in mind, here is my question: is there a DIY way of checking and adjusting your lies at home without the cost of a high-price bending machine? I found a moderately priced machine and clubmaking gauge at GolfWorks (links below), but I'm curious to know how fitters made adjustments before the digital benders and if it is still a decent way to do so today. If a good golf shop was 10 minutes from me, I could handle the COVID delay. But I'm a father with 2-year-old twins and don't have the time to make multiple trips for drop-off and pick-up. I can't justify that.

Share your thoughts.

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  • bpink21901bpink21901 MDMembers  124WRX Points: 91Posts: 124 Fairways
    Joined:  edited Aug 1, 2020 11:59am #2

    I use an older Golfsmith loft / lie bending machine very similar the one in your first link. It works fine for the few clubs I tinker with. For a gauge I use a clinometer app on my cell phone along with a loft / lie protractor gauge.

    eta...i combine the face impact HJ mentions below with a lie angle board and ball flight pattern to dial in the optimal lie angle for my irons.

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  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • mgoblue83mgoblue83 Members  409WRX Points: 207Handicap: 2Posts: 409 Greens
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    Best Option: High quality loft and lie machine

    Medium Option: High quality club gauge + Value Line Bending Machine

    Budget Option: Value Line Bending Machine and bend lies based on a vertical line test and lofts based on distance gaping. You don't actually have to measure either to fit yourself properly.

    Alternative: Ask around your golf league, club, or local amateur association as I'm sure there are quite a few hobbyist who have the machine and would do your clubs quickly and cheaply or even let you use the machine yourself.

  • Howard_JonesHoward_Jones Members  11645WRX Points: 2,300Posts: 11,645 Titanium Tees
    Joined:  #4

    Checking lie angles can be done without any tools, since its not specs themselves that matters (numbers) but if lie angles is neutral at impact or not.

    Combining the ball marker test with this label will tell you the need for adjustment if needed. (Just take a photo of the label, you dont need it on the face, we just compare the angles)



    Unless you are a former Customer or someone i already have a PM dialog with, i want reply to tech questions on PMs.

  • Stuart_GStuart_G New HampshireMembers  25593WRX Points: 1,961Posts: 25,593 Titanium Tees
    Joined:  edited Aug 1, 2020 8:33am #5

    I have that value line club gauge. It's not very good. It's ok for loft and face angle but IMO it's terrible for measuring lie angles. If I were to do it again, I would have spent more on a better gauge. I might anyways.

    @Howard_Jones The only problem with that approach is that with the bending machine the OP shared a link to doesn't have a built in gauge to measure how much the specs changed during the attempt to bend. Sure it's possible to iterate back and forth between the range and the bending machine (that's likely at the home workshop). Someone experienced in bending might be able to get away with that approach but that's going to be very tedious (and likely frustrating) for someone that doesn't have any experience bending. So I think a good gauge would be still be very helpful.

  • Howard_JonesHoward_Jones Members  11645WRX Points: 2,300Posts: 11,645 Titanium Tees
    Joined:  #6

    I agree with you, we need a gauge to measure our bending, but the way the OP opened the tread, it sounds like someone who wanted to have the set checked or adjusted to a specific value, and thats useless unless we know that value is right for us. Since most have a lie angle based on either a static fitting or a lie board, they are very often wrong. IF the OP for "corona reasons" did not have access to a bending machine, he could still check his lie angles vs what they should be for him without a bending machine. If he was lucky they was just fine, and no reasons to worries, and if a few was off, he would know what clubs and how much, so when the access to a bending machine came, the job would be faster and simpler.



    Unless you are a former Customer or someone i already have a PM dialog with, i want reply to tech questions on PMs.

  • Awainer1Awainer1 Members  942WRX Points: 114Posts: 942 Golden Tee
    Joined:  #7

    Yup that will work just great 👍 👍👍👍. A digital loft lie machine is pointless since measuring the loft and lie is best accomplished with a dedicated gauge anyways.

  • GolfWRXGolfWRX Warning Points: 0  11 Members Posts: 11 #ad
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  • K48K48 Members  16WRX Points: 31Posts: 16 Bunkers
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    👍Howard for the ball marker lie test as it has proved the Mixuno shaft optimizer lie recommendation was correct with the shafts for my new MMC’s.

  • Hammer22Hammer22 Members  696WRX Points: 205Handicap: 6Posts: 696 Golden Tee
    Joined:  edited Aug 1, 2020 7:47pm #9

    It's amazing how spot-on the new Optimizer is. I thought the thing was goofy with a +0.5° recommendation, but it sure has made quite the difference.

    That being said, even with a custom order, it's worth have the lofts/lies checked (friend has a Mitchell machine) and tweaking them if necessary.


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