Travel Cases: Hard Case vs Soft Case



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    Softcase with stiff arm, take off all my wood heads, put them in towels and stuff them in my actual golf bag. Cover my iron heads with another towel and rubber band that around my golf bag.

    I like the idea of a hard case but I imagine they are a bit heavier and take up more room in my house. I like I can kind of condense a soft bag down a bit. So far no issues.
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    grochol17 wrote:

    bellsy13 wrote:

    With those club glove travel bags, how much "other stuff" such as clothes can you fit in it? I've read there isn't much room and I'm wondering if I can take a carry-on and this for a 3 wk getaway back home to Ontario.

    I've got a hoofer with the club glove that is sized for that bag. You could probably fit a few days worth of clothes, but I doubt three weeks unless you do some creative packing.

    See my post above about being asked to remove everything that wasn't golf clubs from my travel case last time I flew. If you want to try to get all your clothes for your trip into your travel case pack an empty duffel bag in there as well, just in case.
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    I've used Club Glove for 20+ years. Found that hard cases don't fit in a lot of rental cars and taxis
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    I use a hard case for air travel purely because the airlines will cover equipment damage ONLY if you're using a hard case. I've had an SKB that was either dropped on the side or had something else dropped on it to the point that it bend the aluminum ring/frame and bend the legs of my stand bag. Since it was a hard case they (Delta) replaced the case (directly through contract with SKB, even though SKB would have replaced it themselves if I'd needed them to) and reimbursed me for replacing the bag (up to $250 even though it was an old $90 stand bag). If I'd been using a soft case they would have done nothing and I probably would have had extensive club damage as well. It was also a fairly painless process for both the SKB replacement and the stand bag reimbursement.

    While SKB cases are great, I probably would never pay their prices for a new one. I was lucky enough to have found an older one at Goodwill for ~$7 and I'm glad I had it when the incident above occurred. Knowing what I know now, if I didn't have the SKB, I'd buy SOME sort of hard cases, even an inexpensive one (like this Plano model) purely so the airline would cover any damage.
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    Samsonite with a stiff arm: not expensive, has held up well, a bit hard to pack because of the single zipper (put the driver in after the bag is already in, then extend the stiff arm). Rolls well with 2 skate wheels. Not too heavy to pull IMHO. I don't use the outside pockets. Comes with a small duffel and a shoe bag. I use the shoe bag.

    Ping with stiff arm: Had a store credit and didn't need anything else at the time. Loads easily and rolls well upright on 4 wheels. Haven't traveled with it yet.
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    Club Glove Last Bag user with a stiff arm. I've never had a problem, I can take two pairs of size 14 shoes in there as well and still have room for souvenirs and some clothing. If they're good enough for the guys that play this game for a living and travel for 30+ weeks of the year, they're good enough for us.
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    I've had the same hardcase for over a decade now. I've flown with it MANY times. Never had a problem. It's somewhat heavy and a little cumbersome but I have yet to encounter a taxi it was impossible to fit in.

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