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Olympia Fields Guest Policies

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I am playing Olympia Fields with a member and two other guests. I've played once before, and I never found any guest policies online. I referenced other private course policies and used my best judgement the last time I played there. Does anyone know of any guest policies at Olympia Fields? For those that are familiar with the club, any hints on dress code (shorts allowed?), locker room rules, tipping caddies/shoe polishers/etc., gate entrance, or anything else that might be useful for those not fortunate enough to belong to a private club like Olympia Fields?

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[quote name='TheBoomer ' timestamp='1372085433' post='7312712']
Pretty standard private club rules.
Shorts allowed
Shirts tucked in at all times
Hat on the right way
Cell phone on silent
Put your shoes on in the locker room
Hat off in the dining room
What about tipping? bag drop off/pick up. Shoe guy? Locker Room attendant?

As for caddies, the last time I was there, our host/member "paid" for the caddies. But I still felt obligated to tip the caddie anyway.

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I had the pleasure of playing there last fall and it was awesome. It was in the fall so they perhaps things had wound down and weren't in full swing but I'll give what info I can.

Gate - Just tell them who you're a guest of and perhaps when you're playing and they should let you without a problem.
Bag Drop - Up to you
IIRC, there was no shoe guy or locker room attendant. For some reason I remember bringing my shoes in to change into them.
Caddy - I wasn't sure of the policy as I've played at places that approach this differently, so asked the member I played with mid-round what their policy was. We had 1 forecaddie for our 4-some, and we each gave $20 I think on the 18th green. I'd ask your member what they recommend.
Dress Code - Don't remember, I'm sure you can call to ask. I would think it's standard atire rules, don't know about shorts, but I'd think they'd allow that. If you're unsure, err on the safe side. Do all you can to not make the member look bad.

Have a great time, it's a beautiful course with some great history. Are you playing the North or the South?

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Shorts are definitely allowed. The member will most likely have you housed in a members locker(who is not there that day) or an open locker.

There is a shoe guy there at most times, feel free to drop your shoes off after you change before grabbing a drink or food and they'll have them back on top of your locker when you get back - tip is appropriate.

If one of the bag guys is cleaning your clubs after the round - tip them

Ask the member if you could chip in for the tip for the caddies and let them deal with it. he/she will most likely be tipping them.

It's a pretty laid back place so just enjoy yourself and loosen up and you'll have a great time. Both courses are awesome

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Gate - just tell them who you're playing with.
Tipping - yes, it's a tipping club. A few bucks here and there, nothing over the top
Shoes - bring them into the locker room. A guest locker will be provided, or you'll use the member's locker....they're big. Give shoe guy $5 for a shine.
Dress code - shorts are fine, no cargos. Collared shirts, tucked in.
No hats inside dining areas, locker room is fine

Caddies - the member has the option to change the caddie tip back to his/her account. You can pay for your entire caddie fee in cash, it does NOT have to be charged back. Simply a convenience for the member. $70-$85 depending on what level looper you get if they carry, $20 per person if it's a forecaddie.

Other than that, our club is pretty laid back.

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All depends on which airport. If you're looking Lombard I'm assuming it's the Yorktown area you're flying out of O'Hare. The Lombard hotels would be a fine choice with plenty of food and stuff around, but you can certainly get closer to Olympia if you want, should be 30-45 minutes from there, perhaps more with traffic. There are TONS of options around elsewhere depending on what you want around you.

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OFCC is not as prosperous of an area as it was 30-40 years ago, but certainly not real south side of Chicago crime area. If you can fly into Midway which is significantly closer and you won't have to drive into the city. There are rooms above the clubhouse, which are 3 star rooms and nothing special, but nice to be on site IMO. Clubhouse is nice and I enjoy the food offerings. I'm sure you will have a great time.

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I would go for a different hotel each night if you truly want something low key the night before the round.

Go from ORD and drive to Tinley Park. There are a bunch of hotels at I-80 and Harlem Ave. There's a B-Dubs right there and there is brewery called Hailstorm within 5 minutes. Tinley leaves you 10-15 minutes from OFCC.

The next day, you can play and then drive further north. Go as far as you want.

Your stuff is safe in your car at Olympia Fields as there's a gate to get in.

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If you take this advice and end up at Hailstorm, I highly suggest walking or driving around the corner to Soundgrowler and grabbing some tacos from them first and then take them over to Hailstorm!

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Westin Lombard is a nice option. It's where a lot of the players stayed for the 2012 Ryder Cup at Medinah (rates are reasonable). Harry Caray's is on the bottom level, so you have a good sports bar in the same building. Also a handful of options less than 5min away- Brick House Tavers, Miller's Ale House, and Hooters. PGA Superstore and Golf Galaxy are also less than 5min away.

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