Brand new PXG Gen1 0311T/0311 5-PW

Set has been played 1 round so they are brand new. Bought from PXG in December. Just prefer my other set.

5-6 0311

7-PW 0311T

Standard loft/length

Lie -1

Standard PXG grips

KBS Tour 120 Stiff shafts

Additional pictures if needed

Pricing to sell at $975 free shipping to CONUS


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    Used is brand new??
  • yellolabyellolab Members Posts: 461 ✭✭
    "Set has been played 1 round so they are brand new"

    umm one of these must not be true..
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    yellolab wrote:

    "Set has been played 1 round so they are brand new"

    umm one of these must not be true..

    Or both.
  • hhatch31hhatch31 Members Posts: 90 ✭✭
    Brand new with the paint coming out of the numbers
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    Bro, this ain't the "Bay".. tighten up your ship or set sail back in the "Bay".. those irons look good, but you're dealing with professional Hoes here! Just sayin'
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    If you have to use the word "so" in your description of them, then something is probably wrong.

    So you get my gist...

    Wording it as a "Like New set" would probably be better.
  • 1s1k1s1k A-Town, MAMembers Posts: 471 ✭✭
    Rookie mistake. Should have wrapped them in cellophane
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    I would probably try to get my money back from PXG if one round of play caused that much paint to come out of the numbers (esp. 8 & 9).
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    Now these are unicorns. !!!!!!

    Used set that is brand new - magic
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    hhatch31 wrote:

    Brand new with the paint coming out of the numbers

    I mean set condition aside I actually had this happen with my current Titleist A3 set but I did get some money back for it 🤷‍♂️
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