The Cure Putter

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Currently popular on the Champions Tour - used by Steve Jones, Peter Senior, and Jerry Kelly (3 Wins with CX1 model)

I'm rolling the CX2 with great results.

It's big, but it works!

Anyone else?

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The Cure CX2 putter


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    I picked up a cx2 cheap on RBG a while back swapped the grip to a tour SNSR 140 straight, played with the weights a bit ended up leaving them all in very forgiving rolls nicely only problen is now everything else looks way to small.

    I actually liked it so much i just pre ordered a cure tour x3 cant wait to roll it
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    I got an RX5, and it works like a charm...

    ...I love the extremely high MOI and especially the adjustability!
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    I experimented with an RX4 for a bit but it didn't work any better than my gamer which is a murdered out TaylorMade Spider center shaft, which is a lot prettier. They're not pretty but if they work, they work.
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    CX2 here that I will be trying.
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    Love my RX5, but I've got to get my hands on one of these bad boys soon...

    They have come a long way in the looks dept.

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    I've been gaming the RX3 since 2016. I love it when people ask stupid questions like "Does that thing pick up satellite radio?"....blah blah blah. I'll reply, "No radio signals, just pars and birdies!"
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    I’m a large putter fan and tried a Cure. Just didn’t work for me but glad others are enjoying and because Jerry Kelly is my dopelganger, i always root for him!
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    Had a CX2 for a while, great putter, wonderful distance control and super hot MOI so you don't have to swing out of your shoes on long distance / slow greens putts. Sold it when a Sabertooth entered the scene and have regretted that sale ever since.
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    Decided to bite the bullet and and switched too a Cure CX1 this winter putting in the basement for a few months should have us feeling like old friends by spring. But first I had to tweak my Cure. My journey began on eBay picked up a clean black CX1 for $65 I’ve never liked the look of a double bend shaft so pulled the shaft and replaced it with a black 3.5 inch slant hosel adapter from Golf Works and a black step less shaft.
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    Those look like PXG putters a little.
  • ChristopherMcDonaldChristopherMcDonald Members Posts: 2,396 ✭✭
    gsrjc wrote:

    Those PXG putters look like this a bit

    Fixed that for you; Cure was out way before PXG
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  • gsrjcgsrjc TOC Members Posts: 1,438 ✭✭

    gsrjc wrote:

    Those PXG putters look like this a bit

    Fixed that for you; Cure was out way before PXG

    Okay. Thanks.
  • nova6868nova6868 Members Posts: 4,734 ✭✭
    Nebraska, you are on to something there with your PN modification. Looks much better. I like what Cure is doing but wish they would keep slimming down and making them look more traditional.
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    I just bought a cure CX1 with a flat cat grip on the Bay for $60 shipped and putting in the basement I have mixed results. My interest in buying it was that my current putter seemore original was feeling way too lite. The ball does come off the face nice but my stroke feels sloppy with it. I love the mod that Nebraska did but I will wait to see how it performs on a real course.
  • PingPonchoPingPoncho PingPoncho Members Posts: 1,398 ✭✭
    I have the Cure RX4 and was debating on buying the Cure CX2. Does the CX2 have a better feel than the RX4? Or could you describe any differences if you have played both?
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    nova6868 wrote:

    Nebraska, you are on to something there with your PN modification. Looks much better. I like what Cure is doing but wish they would keep slimming down and making them look more traditional.

    Thanks I thought it looked nicer too. Took me along time to decide to try the Cure been using the same Ping Karsten 5 for 7 or 8 years. I’ve got to confess I got the Cure all setup spent many nights alone in the basement and thought it was love. We (me and the wife) headed south for some winter golf. I could not get used to how it looked on the green. Just never felt comfortable over a putt it was weird cause I always feel good putting its the strength of my game. Tried a Red Odyssey Tank #1 but no. I’m now stroking a liking the results a RIFE Switchback XL.
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    I picked up a CX1 from 2ndSwing, gonna extend it to 36", have a SS Slim 3.0 grip I'll throw on, then add in the 75g counterbalance when I order it, the 50g should do for now. I'm also tinkering with the weights, I've found removing 2 weights (14g) from the toe give me a very slight toe up hang and a much better feel.

    It will be my backup after my Edel arrives.
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