Max Homa - WITB April 2019

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  • Shanks2424Shanks2424 Members Posts: 239 ✭✭

    I want that TS4

    Brad's Bag 2019
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    3 Wood- Titleist 909 F3 15* Matrix HD9 Stiff
    Hybrid- Adams A12 Pro 18* Project X PXI 6.0
    3-PW- Mizuno MP57 3-PW TT Dynamic Gold S300
    Wedges-Cleveland 588 Forged Raw 54/58 TT Dynamic Gold S300
    Putter- Odyssey Tank 1 34 Inches Super Stroke Flatso 1.0
    Ball- Titleist Pro V1
    Bag Ogio Woode Stand Bag
     Grips Lamkin Crossline 58 Round 2 Wraps of Tape

    Gavin's Bad 9 Year old son
    Driver- Cobra Fly Z 12.5 Junior Cobra Shaft
    4Wood- Cobra Amp 16.5 Cobra Junior Shaft[/background]
    Hybrid- ???????
    6-PW Cobra Max Apollo Junior Steel Shaft
    Wedges- Cobra Max 50*  Cobra Pur 56* Apollo Junior Steel Shaft
    Putter- Odyssey Metal X Rossie Super Stroke Ultra Slim 1.0
    Ball- Titleist DTtru Soft.
    Bag- Maxfli Black and Blue Junior Bag
    Winn Dritec on Driver and 3 Wood
    Golf Pride Junior Tour Velvet On Irons and Wedges.
  • taylormade4lifetaylormade4life Members Posts: 1,259 ✭✭

    135X wedge shafts..

  • jonn443jonn443 Jonnystx Members Posts: 4,596 ✭✭

    The JT Special.

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    AB TP 3HL / 757
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    DWS 24*/ VS Proto
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    X-Forged MD (50*, 56* 60*)
    Spider Si/ SS Mid SLim 2.0
  • WdwfreakWdwfreak Golf Pro - Wisconsin Members Posts: 1,029 ✭✭

    Max rips at the ball, serious stuff, serious win, super excited for him!

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    Titleist 718 MBs 7-9 DG X100
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    SIK Pro-C Arm Lock 40"
  • gvogelgvogel Members Posts: 7,316 ✭✭

    @Shanks2424 said:
    I want that TS4

    TS4 getting a lot of love after helping Max to gain some distance with his fairway finder fade.

    On Sundays, I used to play hickory
  • TK3309TK3309 Members Posts: 191 ✭✭

    Awesome fairway headcover.

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    TaylorMade P770 4-PW Dynamic Gold X100
    TaylorMade Milled Grind Raw 52 and Hi-Toe 58.10
    TaylorMade Spider X Copper
    Taylormade TP5X
  • MakersMarsh3MakersMarsh3 Members Posts: 1,197 ✭✭

    Rogue 125 still holding up as an elite fairway shaft

    lead tape & Taylormade TP5X's
  • tomjohn10tomjohn10 Members Posts: 84 ✭✭

    why not release this putter!

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    Nike Forged Blades (Original) 3-PW TT DG S300
    Titleist Vokey 54 58 DG S400
    Scotty Cameron Del Mar 3.5
  • No_Catchy_NicknameNo_Catchy_Nickname Kyushu,_JapanMembers Posts: 5,187 ✭✭

    @taylormade4life said:
    135X wedge shafts..

    Yes, interesting shaft variation in his wedges. His 47* wedge has a similar shaft as his irons, a black S-taper 130 (although irons are HT, whereas his wedge doesn't appear to be), then his 50* and 54* are 135X like you mentioned, then for his 60* he drops to a 125S. 4 wedges, three different shafts.

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    Irons (4i-PW): Wilson fg-62 S300 4/5-PW or MP4 Yoro Modus 125X 5-PW
    Wedges: Callaway MD2 T-grind combination of 52*, 56*, 58*, 60*
    Putter: Mac Jack Nicklaus Muirfield

    Old stuff: Tons of persimmon and older irons. 
  • PixlPutterman PixlPutterman Look At My Lefty J33R(hey I can wish) Members Posts: 8,243 ✭✭

    Really hope that TS4 drops in lefty........

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    Mizuno TP Mills TP7 
    RZN Platinum
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