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Brendan Steele WITB: shot at the 2014 Sanderson Farms Championship

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  • ram01002ram01002  1904Members Posts: 1,904
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    This is one of the weirdest tour pro's WITB I have ever seen, which makes it cool. image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />
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  • pappaf2pappaf2  3475Members Posts: 3,475
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    Dang those wilson clubs look good!
  • sherwin1987sherwin1987 2042 US Senior Amateur Champion  719Members Posts: 719
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    I don''t think he's going to be winning many tournaments with a 16 club bag.
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    what a unique bag...a driver, a minidriver, 2 different 4 irons...hybrid...

    love those blades tho. gorgeous.

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    Was never a fan on Wilson Staff products but these irons look awesome!
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  • Arizonalefty59Arizonalefty59  7426Members Posts: 7,426
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    Too bad he left Titleist.
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  • tbowles411tbowles411  25407ClubWRX Posts: 25,407
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    rjhowley wrote:

    Was never a fan on Wilson Staff products but these irons look awesome!

    These irons are outstanding. They're the truth!
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  • Judge SmailsJudge Smails  1170Members Posts: 1,170
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    The absence of anything between his 58* and the PW is unusual, otherwise I am sure he just takes out one of those Minis and or the hybrid/driving iron. Maybe he's had his gap/sand wedge in his hand when the pic was taken, that's possible too.

    Always interesting to see what a guy formally associated with a company keeps from that company when he moves to another sponsor with a more flexible contract. No Titleist woods, all TaylorMade. But he still has the Vokeys and the Cameron. Not saying that's the only reason he is bagging them, but I assume TM must be paying him too....
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  • dpgolfdpgolf  75Members Posts: 75
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    What's the exact make-up?
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  • Ed SettleEd Settle #InsideTMAG  6054ClubWRX Posts: 6,054
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    Wow, what a great looking iron. I am sure he switches clubs out as needed for courses.
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  • leerob3leerob3  601Members Posts: 601
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    Wow, was expecting a bag full of new Titliest gear. Those irons sure are purty!
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  • BCULAWBCULAW Orlando, FL 3730Members Posts: 3,730
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    I LOVE those irons. Some of the classiest sticks made. I can't tell from the pictures, but I am assuming he does not have the old school ringed ferrules that come stock on the set. Beautiful irons that look even better with the stock ferrules, IMO.
  • Rjb01camarossRjb01camaross  56Members Posts: 56
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    What ball is he playing? I figured being a former Titliest guy it would be hard for him to give up the PV1X for the Wilson tour ball.
  • ryant329ryant329  16Members Posts: 16
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    So the WITB is incorrect? I don't see any pics of the wilson wedges and the Apex UT is gone for the V4? And am I seeing it correctly that he's carrying the V4 UT four iron and the fg100 four iron as well? I've hit the fg100s and they are surprisingly easy to hit for blades.
  • ChoclabChoclab  389Members Posts: 389
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    What ball is he playing? I figured being a former Titliest guy it would be hard for him to give up the PV1X for the Wilson tour ball.
    On his website it says he's still using the Pro V1x...

    Love that he's using these irons, though. Hated that former Wilson players seemed to always use the cavity backs. And the throwback-type Wilson bag is awesome as well.

    Looks like I have a new player to root for!
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  • Joe85Joe85  3888Members Posts: 3,888
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    Those have to be some of the best looking irons out ATM.
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  • RATRAT RAT  197Members Posts: 197
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    All he needs are the new woods Wilson has in the backroom under development...

    THE BLADES ARE AWESOME. The feel great ..

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