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Wife frequently tops shots

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I've been playing golf for 50 years, but after all of this time, my wife is just now taking up the game. The good news is that she plays with the ladies and has fun, but she really struggles with making good contact with the ball. She is tall and quite strong, so club head speed isn't an issue.  I have noticed that women sometimes struggle hitting down on the ball and she is in that category. She tops most of her shots. You can see her trying to lift the ball into the air. If she tees the ball really high, she is more likely to make solid contact. Any suggestions for getting her to not lift up or retain her spine angle that I could pass on to her? If she could just make solid contact more often, she would enjoy the game more. Thanks.



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    Start with 5 to 10 yard chips. Use your phone to take video. Show her that even on 5 to 10 yard chips, she is standing up during the downswing. It may be because she is tall and standing too close to the ball, or some other reason. But she will see if she is standing up even on those super short shots, and then she will have a much easier time practicing keeping her head Close to The ball, and maintaining her spine angle. Practice those shots until she can do them without lifting up throughout the shot. Increase it 5 yards at a time.New beginners trying to maintain spine angle throughout a full, typically off-balance swing, is an incredibly difficult task. My wife had great results with the method mentioned above

    also,I would make sure she is focused on starting the downswing with her hips/bottom half. It is incredibly difficult to get consistent ball contact if the arms are starting the downswing imo,And practicing those short little chip shots is a nightmare if you do not have proper sequencing, chunky chili dip city

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    If you want something simple, and non-technical that she doesn't have to "overthink" and can just have fun with, I would suggest looking into Harvey Penick's "clip the tee" drill.

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    I used to have this problem when I started playing. I just had to tell myself to stay down, as a beginner I found I was standing up too early before making contact which made me top the ball. As double_d said, keep it simple!


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