So Phil Mickelson has a dinosaur head.....



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    Question: What's the difference between Phil Mickelson owning a dinosaur skull and Michael Jackson owning the skeleton of the Elephant Man?

    Answer: Vitiligo.
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    The average WRX'er drives it 342, and hits a 7-iron 220.*
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    Another wonderful 9+ year thread revival. Nice meme. I wonder if he still has both the dinosaur head and the 300 lbs meteorite?
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    Yeah, I've made a few Phil memes of late. It's too hard not to these days with his antics and him being in the news.
    The average WRX'er drives it 342, and hits a 7-iron 220.*
    *Distances measured in feet, not yards.
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    oregongolf wrote:

    When I first read the title, I thought to OP was going to make fun of his head size.

    What a let down. That would've been a great thread.

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    Heritage Auctions' website will answer your questions. They frequently have fossil and rare gem / earth objects auctions.
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    Wow. A 9 year old thread gets dug up. That may be a record.
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