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What do YOU do when the clods behind you hit into your group?

Big D McGee

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Dealing with knuckleheads on the course
As I said in a previous thread, I almost never use a cart when playing. I love to walk a course, it puts me "in synch" with the layout, and I just feel like I'm communing with nature.

Now, I mostly play muni's in the Philadelphia area, due to cost and time restrictions. Most of the Philly courses feature wonderfully rolling hills, the kind you'd pay millions of dollars to add to a layout. The only problem is, I often disappear from the tee box view. I would say 95% of all the guys who are playing use carts, and thus they totally disrespect the walkers, they think we slow down play (never mind the fact that I don't drive up and down the adjacent fairways looking for the ball I just sliced). Thus, these clods feel it's perfectly acceptable to tee off as soon as I'm out of view. I would say at least once a month some group hits very close to me.

So, what to do? Well, since I'm usually out of view anyway, I pocket the ball, and chuck it into the nearest creek or growth of trees. If the people teeing off can actually see me, I make no bones about it, I pick up the ball, wave to 'em, and throw it back in their direction as hard and as far as I can.

I just know there are some guys who spend five minutes looking for their balls. "Darn, I thought I crushed it!" :drinks:

What do you all do if that happens?
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Hah! Never tried that, I bet it pisses them off even more. The mentality of some of these guys in carts is like, "I'm in a cart, therefore I'm better than you, because I paid $10 extra". Nevermind the fact that these buffons line up a 3-foot putt to make an 8 like Tiger lining up a playoff putt at Augusta.

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IMO it is never cool to hit into anyone because they are playing slow, in a cart not in a cart. No excuse ever if done on purpose. I also never try to hit into anyone, however if you happen to do it accidently becuase someone is out of sight or you think they are out of range I always let them know to be careful. If they do it again that is another story.


BTW I think walkers tend to play faster. It may take longer to get to your ball from the tee but you can go straight to your own ball. With carts some guys get to their ball quickly then two people sit there waiting for the green to clear. Finally when it does the one guy takes 12 practice swings and then takes his shot. They proceed to the next guys ball then take the shot. Drives me crazy. I almost want to hit into them. How about one guy gets dropped off so when the green clears they can hit the ball and move. Sorry slow play like that drives me crazy. I realize people hit bad shots and have to look for a ball and I am ok with that. I do it often, but how about everyone else hit theirs then help the poor other guy.


sorry for rant.

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Depends on if they say anything or not. If they yell, then that's fine.


I try to let anyone who is behind me or my group through. Nothing worse, for me, to know somebody's behind me and that there is nobody in front.


Seems like it only happens on public courses to me. It doesn't happen on our private course, go figure.


I've actually been putting before and had a ball roll right behind me from one of the guys behind us. I let it slide, but then a couple of holes ahead they hit into us again on a short par 4 so we buried the ball in a sand trap. We didn't hear from those guys again.


I've seen people actually turn around and hit the ball back at people before which is simply uncalled for.


Let cooler heads prevail, always.

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If people do it to me, I usually put my club up in the air and signal that we are still in range, then I would usually confront them on the next tee, saying that they shouldn't push up so close to us, if they are rude about it I would report them.


As a junior golfer I usually deal with old ejjits on the golf course trying to get me into trouble but this has happended to me a few times and I am not afraid to confront them about it and I will give them a lecture about it, as they could be puting someone's live at risk.

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We had a group of three behind us ALL hit into our group once, even though we left our cart clearly visible (there was a slight hill we were behind). My wife proceeded to pick up the closest ball and walk right up the guys when they pulled up and said if they hit into us again she'd cram their ball you know where...and then handed the one ball back to its rather shocked owner. They had been pegging their shots close to us a couple times so this pushed her over the egde. As you can guess they gave us LOTS of room after that.

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Really, why start a fight if one is not needed. We have all accidentally hit into the group in front of us. I think it is important that if you do it you apologize and make damn sure you don't do it again. If someone does it to you be cool, accept the apology and move on with your life. If someone does it repeatedly then something needs to be done but really how often does that happen. I worked at a golf course where some guys beat up another guy for hitting into them. He pressed charges so forth and so on ridiculous! The best advice is to be nice and treat people the way you want to be treated. The rest will work itself out. :drinks: :crazy2:

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I'm a very calm, cool headed person by nature and even moreso on the golf course, but this is a pet peeve of mine. This is how I handle this situations.


1st time is a wave, notification that we're still in range..........no problem cause it happens to us all.


2nd time is a very dirty look and polite, calm verbal notification that they need to be careful. Sometimes will put the ball on a tee if we were outta sight so they know they hit into us.


3rd time the ball comes back at them. I'll never pick the ball up and pocket it, nor throw it into a hazard. The ball is sent flying back to them. I'm a longer hitter and a good player, so 98% of the time they're definitely still in my range. I've actually hit a person's cart from 260 out doing this once........they got the message pretty quickly. And since I almost always play as a single and get paired up with strangers, I always have 3 people who don't know me from Adam to validate my story if the morons decide to call the proshop on me.


Never had a need for a fourth time............

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My friend was telling me a story of how 2 college punks were hitting into him and his group, not just once, but numerous times. After they told them to stop and they didn't listen. My friends group did something which I think is pretty damn funny. Every hole after their confrontation, my friend took the flag out and left it on the ground somewhere away from the hole. So basically the other guys had no clue where the flag was or even the green in some cases and had to walk up to the green, put the flag in, walk back to their shot, hit it, and then walk back to the green. This really pissed them off, but they definately deserved it. :D

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Once I'll let go


Twice I'll politely inform them that they are hitting in to me and ask them to pay more attention


Three times - I'll have a more angry version of the conversation for #2


Any more - I'll report them and likely stomp their ball into the ground so it's buried. That way, as they dig it out, they can be reminded of our conversation. Sometimes I've hit the ball back at them.


By the way, it's not walkers that slow the course down, it's people who can't play (walking or riding) that don't just drop a ball and move on to the next shot. Or even better, you've watched someone hit 11 shots to the green on a par 4 but then they look at their putts from every angle for 10 minutes. that kills me.

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1st Time: Glare back, raise my arms up in the air as if to say, "What the F*ck?".


2nd Time: Raise Arms, yell, "What the F*ck?", pray they have to meet me on the next tee if there is a wait. They will get a peice of my mind. I am 6'3" 225, not too many guys will talk back.


3rd Time: Since I work at the course, if they do it again, they will have their ball flying back at them, the marshall will then remove them from the course.

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You can actually get some good added pratice hitting the balls back to them. Just put a tee in the ground, tee up their ball, pull out your driver hit the ball back in their direction. They will get the point!!!!!

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Perhaps I am not as patient as some, but 5 years ago I was hit in the head (face) with driver shots twice in one summer!! I wasn't hurt either time (which is further proof of how hard headed I am) but I can assure you that when someone hits into our group more than once, I have a sincere talk with them about golf etiquette. Being 6 foot, 235 and a former boxer I can get my point across pretty well. By the bye, we routinely play a fivesome in less than 3:45 so this isn't often a problem. JC

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i usually just pick up the golf ball...if they want it back, they can come talk to me about it...once these guys kept hitting into my group, on a sat at a muni...after the 3rd time, i called the marshall (via calling clubhouse), gave him the golf balls and told them where they were coming from...he kicked them off the course...and we got a free round from it...


and i'm not over 6 ft tall, but i usually have a golf club in my hand on the course...

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First time it happens I will turn around and give a wave. When the second time happens, I go up to the person and explain that I'm just playing within pace of the group in front. This resolves problem without any hard feelings.


I think it is wrong to intentionally play slow or hit the ball back to them. We shouldn't never touch or kick or pickup the ball.


And Big D McGee, if the course layout is rolling hills where people disappears from the tee box, and 95% use carts, my suggestion is, you should consider riding a cart.

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In the fairway:


First time, no biggie--it happens to all of us & we've probably all done it at least once, too.


Second time, they get a really bad lie, and if their ball is high-end, it gets traded for a crappy "water" ball.


Third time has never happened but if it did there'd be a conversation. Cordial and diplomatic--no need to raise my voice as I can get my point across just fine without yelling.




On the green:


Par 3-- I mark their ball and take it.


Par 4-- If they drove the green I'll usually let it be. If it's a 2nd shot I mark their ball and take it.


Par 5-- On in two, I let it be. If it's a 3rd/4th/5th/etc shot I'll mark their ball and take it.



If they holler FORE I'll give them an extra chance before getting mean. LOL

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I agree with the consensus, one time - hey it happens. More than that there's a problem. ESPECIALLY for people in carts. How long does it take to drive up and make sure the group in front of you has cleared the landing area?

I think people who routinely hit into other groups are spineless anyway, meaning they don't have the guts to come up and ask that you play faster or even to play through. So simply confronting them, since they're spineless, will stop it. I've done that numerous times and it has worked every time. Reporting it to a marshall is good, but they're like cops - you can never find one when you need one.

I'm not an advocate for hitting balls at people, I think it's irresponsible. I've been hit by a golf ball, and not only does it hurt like hell, it's just plain dangerous.

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Sounds like the general concesus is to let the fist one go.....maybe a wave, but really who hasn't done it.


I find that having a word or two on the next tee usually clears up the problem, especially since I have found that most players are very apologetic anyhow.


A word to people that hit the ball back - I used to be like this - Never wanted to hit the person, just give them a scare. A few years back I was in the fairway of a par 5 with a 3 wd in hand going for the green, when for the 3rd time in the round a ball came bouncing to my feet from a group of players who were playing a practice round for an upcoming tourney. I turned and hit a 3 wd flush....the ball one bounced and hit one them right on the back of the head.


What I am saying is this can be very dangerous - be careful and just like when playing a smart round of golf control your emotions!!

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My friends and I were playing and the group of us were playing awfully slow. There were newbies obviously so were really didn't trip about it. Everyone has to start somewhere, right? We were all novices at one time. Anyway the group behind us, four nasty foul-mouthed guys, thought we were the hold up and hit right into us. One zinger (which was a complete slice, btw) hit my friend right on hip/butt. When they got close enough, they didn't apologize or anything. Just asked where their ball went. I politely informed them that their ball hit my friend and that they should yell "FORE!" if they think the ball's going to hit someone. The bozo just looks at us and says, "You need to play faster, then you wouldn't get hit."


Well, that's when I got "ethnic" on his Word not allowed and told him that the group ahead of us was the hold up and that they should apologize for being a :D holes, oh but wait, they can't apologize, they just are what they are, full of sh :) t. That got my apology. :cheesy:

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^^^You know, I was always told that golf is a "Gentleman's game". I would never speak to someone on the course like that, and certainly not a lady!


Sometimes the F$ing "Tiger Woods" phenomenon annoys me, because people who have no business playing golf (people with more money than sense or class) clog up the courses.

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This is how I handle it.....When someone hits into me I become really angry because 2 years ago I had a 4some of drunk college guys break my noise by hitting into me. After that experience I really can't handle being hit into. If someone does do it....doesn't happen very often...I will wait for them to come up to their ball. You can tell right off the bat if they are an idiot or are sorry for doing it. If it was a true accident and they apologize for it then no big deal move on. If they are a moron you will be able to tell by how they handle the situation. If they are morons I will just go get into my cart and find the ranger. Let them deal with those idiots. I can't believe some of you guys/ladies have let people hit into you more then 2 times. If anyone...I mean anyone hit a second ball into me it would get ugly in a hurry. That is just wrong and someone could get seriously hurt. No sense in B/S like that!!! I think the best way to handle getting hit into is to confront the people the first time it happens.

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I think those of us that walk tend to have more of a problem with people hitting into us. I can understand people being impatient, but 99% of the time I'm waiting for the four guys in front of me to hit their 8 balls and traverse the fairways to the left and right of the current hole. If I or my group is having a particularly bad day I don't have any issue stepping aside and letting the faster group go by. With that said on the occasion when mother nature has decided to substitute rain drops with golf balls I move to the next level. :D


Here's some of the things I've done over the years (and I feel bad about every one....):


* Hit the ball back. I usually don't pull out my driver..I'll pull out a short iron and keep it close. Don't want to hurt anyone.


* Pull the pin and leave it on the green.


* Pull the pin and stick it upright in the bunker behind the green. :cheesy:


* Once I was putting on a short dog leg par 4 and had a ball land on the green. I made someones day by placing the ball in the cup. :)


* Run over (or step on it) the offending ball not once but at least a couple of times.


* Pick up the ball and leave a few words of wisdom with my Sharpie.


* Pick up the ball and add it to my collection.


* Throw the ball in the hazard or bunker


* Pick up the ball and leave it with the marshall.


* I don't use a glove so I tape up my fingers. I have taped up a ball before and left it for the soon to be delighted owner.

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This I found to be the only "UGLY" side of Golf.


I walk 95% of my rounds as a single and can play in 3 1/2 hours which is pretty quick on an open course.

So, I really try to play on the weekdays because I do not feel like standing around all day on a crowded track. I have been hit into rarely thanks in part to my speed of play.


Most people are curtious enough to let me play through if caught. I am typicaly well out of their range when I locate my tee shot, but when I am not, I always try to give them a wave that let's them know that all is clear after my second shot has been taken. I really try and keep a close watch on my yardage so I do not do a lot of walking around and the use of my Range Finder is EXTREMELY helpfull. My routine is about 18 seconds before I strike my ball and that gives my almost 10 minutes before the group behind me hits.


If I miss the fairway, I leave my bag in plain sight of the tee box(hard to miss a mizuno WT Staff Bag).

Never had anyone hit into me by doing this.


I have only been hit into twice and both times the player or foursome have apologized immediatly after.


If this ever did happen.


1. Walk back to the group and ask them to pay more attention.


2. Pick up there ball and walk it back to them ans ask if this will happen again.


3. Call the proshop and notify the front desk of the problem and demand the Course Manager make himself present.


4. Give lessons in dental reconstuction and plan activation!! Compliment of Frankie Goodman Boxing School and Jeff Chill Tomawazi, Jujitsu Elite Martial Arts Studio's.


Since becoming a "PARENT" patience and understanding have been my strong suite. I am not religious in any way but I do "pray" things never escalate this far!

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