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I have been through many different putters in my two years of golfing, and I still have not found one where I really like the alignment and the feel. I have been putting a Rife Abaco Island Series, but I am not a huge fan of the feel of the putter. I have been interested in buying a seemore putter, but I do not know where I could test one out. Any input on putters that have worked for any of you? Thanks


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    Any odyssey that's lightly used or Yes! Putter. Really wanna find something that works great for you. I love see more putters, and any golfsmith or big box store would have them. Also do not look past s ping Kirsten 1959 putter!
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    Go get fit first of all and then look at Black Dog putters. Great putters for $200-$300 or something of the sort.
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    If you're not sure what alignment or feel you're even looking for, then visiting a retail store is a must.

    Hit as many different putters as you can, and after awhile certain ones will stand out, feel better, or perform better. Buy that one, or depending on your budget, look for a used version of it online.
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    Depends on what your meaning of "budget" is. I know guys that an otr Scotty for $350 is budget compared to a circle t or hand made. I'd say an odyssey works at 79 like new is a great budget putter. A used metal x milled or black ody for 100 is another. Used Cameron's for 200 also good. And some used seemores etc around 100. Ping anser milled for 100. I could go on.
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    robrey85 wrote:

    Go get fit first of all and then look at Black Dog putters. Great putters for $200-$300 or something of the sort.

    #blacklab putters. ..

    Also...I'm not sure he means budget as $300...

    Any idea how much you'd like to spend OP?
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    Yeah, that's the one. In the custom world of putters, $200-300 is a deal.
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    Wilson Elite putters. $100 Can. $ Great putter for the money! image/wink.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=';)' />
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    everyone has a different budget for putters. you never told us what your budget was. or what style. put alittle effort in and it will be easy to find a putter you like within budget. everyone babbling names makes no sense with little info
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    Cleveland Classics. Nicely milled and excellent feel.
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    Bellum Winmore! Just bought my putter for $199.
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    The problem is the OP doesn't know what he likes or what fits him. Hence him "having many different putters in the last two years". Stop wasting your time and money, go get a Sam LAB putter fitting and be done with it.

    I did an Edel fitting at the end of last year and if I screw up a putt, I now know and believe that it was my stroke and not my putter. I feel I can line up my putter all day consistently and start the ball where I want it to start. I'm not saying you need to drop $300 on a brand new custom putter, but I am saying, just squeeze out $50 for a fitting and be done with it.

    EDIT: Then once you get the fitting done and know what putter fits your stroke and eye, you can search the Bay or BST for a great putter at a discounted price.
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    I bought a 1970s era Ping Anser on ebay for like $30. Cut it to preferred length and put a new grip on. No alignment aids. It has sidelined all my more expensive putters.
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    I'm a fan of Camerons, but you can't beat Odyssey putters for their cost, and as with other golf equipment companies, if you wait about a year after a new putter comes out, you can get them for a steal, brand new. Check out the milled putters from Cleveland too. I have putters from all of them and they work.
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    I think Odyssey is the best, Cleveland classics 2nd best and Ping Anser are probably your best bets...
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    Best budget putter? If you like to try a whole bunch of putters at low prices, check our your closest Play-it-again sports store (or similar gently used sporting good shop) and just mess around with any and all putters they have there.

    Getting fit for a putter is important - but if you're going to drop coin to get fit - make sure you find someone who not only looks at the static measurements of length, loft, lie, but also at your set-up and posture, dynamic stroke pattern, and how you rotate the putter through impact.
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    Best deal out there for a new milled putter is Daito Putters. They are clearing out their stock and have 100% milled putters starting at $89 dollars. I have the copper one and love it. As mentioned above, hard to give specific advice without more info but I dare you to find a better price on a brand new milled putter!
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    The Wilson Staff infinite putters are great, only $100, and come in a lot of styles you could try out. I would definitely give them a look.
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    Kingston is a ton of putter for the money.
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    OP you need to give an idea on what your wanting to spend because the term "budget" is getting tossed around pretty loosely in this thread.
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    I got a Seemore Corona del Mar X2 to help me with set up because more often than not, with other putters I would think I was align good only to find out after the stroke that I'd be all over. So, yes, to me, set up & alignment went hand in hand with the Seemore and now I'm much closer or better line to the hole thanks to the X2.
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    Gotta be the old Ping Ansers.... I bought an Anser 2 off eBay for $11. Cost more to ship than that, but all in all was less than $30! It is very light, but it's a solid putter that I intend to keep when I want to go back to a blade style.... some really good deals on those Ansers!!!!
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    I picked up a brand new Yes!! center shafted blade putter (can't remember the girl name) about a month ago for about 35 shipped and all off of Ebay. Like what everybody has said what is "budget" for you?
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    obrientf wrote:

    Bellum Winmore! Just bought my putter for $199.

    I just took advantage of this deal as well. Too good to pass up IMO. Got it murdered out with white paintfill. Might change the paintfill when I see how it turns out. Excited
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    While the new Cleveland TFI copper faced putters retail near $200, street prices are considerably lower, and used prices are down in the 75 dollar range. My wife is rolling one, and I've putted a few with it, and for the money it's really a great putter. Looks cool as heck too with the black/white/copper coloring.
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    Yes! putters all day.. The C groove face really works and I had to have a Scotty Newport custom built just to meet the same specs as my Yes Callie.
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    robrey85 wrote:

    Go get fit first of all and then look at Black Dog putters. Great putters for $200-$300 or something of the sort.

    **COUGH** Black Lab **COUGH** excuse me! image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />
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    If your budget is around $100, you can find used Ping Anser Milled in this price range. You can't beat them!
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    Cleveland Huntington Beach series maybe?
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    odyssey versa works 1w

    Usually under 100 on callaway pre owned, love mine don't see any reason to change
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    Cleveland Huntington Beach.

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    TEE CBX (16.5*)

    Callaway Apex (20*)

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    Cleveland RTX-4 (50*/56*/60*)

    Taylormade Spider X


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