MP-69 irons.... let's hear it, The good, the bad, the ugly?

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Good condition used set locally. Anyone have experience with MP-69’s?



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    Literally can't go wrong with a set of Mizuno blades


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    My clubs from college and mostly recently were MP14s.

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    Nice sticks! The 69s are well regarded in terms of the Mizuno lineage. Since you're used to the lower bounce Mizuno sole grind and have played blades for a while I could confidently say that you'll love them. The other sets to look for are MP4 and MP5. Both are fantastic as well but won't be much different from the 69. If they're in good shape and you like the shafts in them - go for it.


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    Thank you.

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    Those are sick 14’s. Where youd get them? Did you have someone apply the oxide finish? If so whom?..... asking for a “ friend”🤥. (Please dont let my wife see this)

    Just so happens I have a couple of sets to tinker with.

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    I loved the 69s. I played every set of Mizuno MPs from the 14s to the 18s. My favorites were the 14s (still have and play on occasion) and the 4s. That said, I hit the 69s and the 4s side by side and the performance and feel were identical. Literally nothing about them was different except the looks. Mizuno makes AMAZING blades. If the 69s suit your eye, you can’t go wrong.

    In comparison to the 14s, the 69s will have a little more refined look at address. On paper, the 69s should be slightly longer, but I think the 14s soon a little less and therefore keep the relative distance similar. The 69s feel a little bit softer. In all, the 69s should be a superior product, but their is something spiritual about the 14s.

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    69s are awesome, still gaming them. I have a split set with 59s, but the 69 long irons are very good, too. Just a classic blade look, for me extremely easy to flight. A touch bigger than some of the really compact offerings, which suits my eye nicely.

    Turf interaction on these (I take a fairly healthy divot) is a big part of why I fought them in the first place and lots of what is keeping them in my bag.


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    They replaced my MP-32's about 8 years or so ago and I haven't been tempted to get anything else. As stated above, you can't go wrong with Mizuno blades.

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    I got them off here. They were done by Tiger Nick Golf. Check out his Instagram.

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    I had MP-69 in the bag for nearly 5 seasons awhile back - they were very nice. I started with steel shaft in TT DG DL R300. Then, as elbow issues happened with all my irons play (I typically have 3 sets in rotation), I needed something with graphite to ease the elbow pain at least at the range, so I put in Recoils 110 into the Mizunos.

    What a fantastic feel set that was! But alas, my horrible luck found parking lot bag tipovers destroy the toes on three of the 69 series and could not look down at them anymore in play with those gouged out areas. So, I sold them highly discounted several years ago, and still am looking for their elixer of feel and performance...doing well with the current Honma and Callaway MB sets.😏

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    Prior to my current 718CB's, I used the 69's for six years-fantastic irons!

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    You just can't go wrong with mizuno, they're legendary at this point

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    This thread is making me miss my 69’s! Fantastic irons! Probably the longest a set of irons has ever been in my bag! Now off to eBay to look for another set!

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    Never tried them, kinda "stuck" on MP33s and MP15s.

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    Personally, I preferred the 68's better, but the 69's are great irons. But then everything Mizuno does is great.


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