More Bounce on irons or Less Bounce for a sweeper/picker?

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Title says it all .... as a sweeper/picker with my irons ... very shallow swing ....almost no divots ... would I benefit from an iron with more bounce or less bounce? For example Taylor Made Tour Preferred MC 2014 7 iron has 5 degrees of bounce. Mizuno MP-25 7 iron has 3 degrees of bounce. Shirley that is a substantial difference and one club should perform better for a picker, yes? Just wondering.


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    I think the general rule of thumb is less bounce is needed or desired for pickers, but get fit etc etc blah blah
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    Less bounce (what he said ^^^^^ )
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    One would think that bounce would not be relevant, if you pick / sweep the ball. Now going down and taking divots, should be where bounce plays a factor.
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    I don't think more bounce will necessary hurt you, but more bounce is generally regarded as beneficial to "diggers." So the extra bounce likely won't help your game much if you are a "sweeper" or "picker," but it may not hurt either--it could help distribute weight lower or to the perimeter, for instance. So less bounce may be more associated with "sweepers" or "pickers," but it could just be that less bounce on an iron looks better, and (at least on WRX) looks trump all.

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    As a life long picker, I feel as if the sole grind is more important. Irons with rounded or pre worn leading edges I never felt I hit that well. High bounce irons just meant no divot for me. I always liked low bounce with sharp leading edges so I would dig more of a divot.
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    If your not hitting the ground bounce is irrelevant i would think.....or matter very little

    I am kind of digger but prefer less bounce.....seem to hit it better and come into ball a bit shallower than high bounce irons.....idk why but i have owned many many sets and this seems to be case

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    I’m a sweeper and I don’t like sharpnleading edges. I am finding my TM P770s are making me dig more. More due to sharper leading edges as opposed to a lot of bounce.

    I prefer more camber from to back and toe to heel as it seems to aid in sweeping my irons. I.E. my 2016 Apex irons. Flat soled irons are harder for me to make solid contact with. I have learned that I need wedges with at least 8-10* of bounce to make solid contact
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    Bounce needs separate consideration when selecting wedges.

    Some players "play the bounce" on partial wedges and wedge chip shots. If you engage the bounce rather than the leading edge, the bounce gives you a bigger margin of error on your close-in shots.

    Edel wedges are built around the idea of fairly high to very high bounce on club grind.

    Other players opt for medium bounce, depending on their wedge play style.
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    Less bounce. 100%. Don’t over-complicate a cheeseburger.
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    I think this is a matter of personal preference. I'm a sweeper, and like more bounce instead of less; low bounce clubs tend to dig for me, which always catches me by surprise. But I'm obviously in the minority on this thread with that feeling, so I'll say it again; personal preference.
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    generally low bounce and sharp leading edge...but if you play on soft courses, then you'll benefit from rounded soles...
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    I’m more of a picker, and I thought less bounce and sharper edge would be better for me.

    I bought a set of Maltby MMB blade irons, and never hit so many fat shots.

    I have also played Callaway X14 irons when they first came out. My first set of SGI irons, and I always felt as if they bounced into the ball.

    Personal preference is right!

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