Ideas Wanted: January - Single - Stay+Play - Good Value



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    That actually is a really great deal for Pechanga if you can find a second. Couple other decent tracks not too far away in or around Temecula. about an hour-ish to get there from the San Diego airport, maybe 30-40 from Ontario, probably about an hour and a half or 2 from LAX.

    I think a week with 5 rounds for a grand is going to be tough anywhere even with points. Maybe try few less days and splurge a bit more?
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    games wrote:

    Kind of a "want to get away" trip. Just need to swing a club in warm weather.

    Course conditions can be mediocre, but not goat ranch.

    Lodging can be older, as long as it's clean.

    I really want to stay onsite and just work on my game in some warm weather.

    Been looking at a few places in Phoenix area. Other ideas welcome.

    I've had the same thoughts for January. Tricky to do under $1000 but its all a balancing act $ on some things, spend a bit more in other areas. I did San Diego last year on a 4 nights, 5 day itinerary. Fit in 7 rounds (some 36 hole days) and some practice. This trip was more of a 'bucket list' trip to play Torrey Pines in PGA tour conditions right after the Farmers Insurance Open so as you can imagine some expensive rounds. Avoiding the daily car rental thing is great if you can work that in. For me, If I were avoiding a car rental I'd make sure I was really going to enjoy the golf course, practice facilities and hotel area amenities so I wouldn't get bored : ) Curious to hear where you end up and who knows maybe if I'm in that area I'd join you for a round if your looking for a game!
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    For now, I booked the Legacy Golf Resort in Phoenix for first week of January. I’m still open to other options, including the Port Charlotte area where I could stay free but would have to rent a car.
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    That's a great choice because you have Raven next door as well and you're close to the airport.
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    Thanks! I’ve never been to Phoenix. Heard good things, though.
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    Legacy has really, really good practice areas. Course is good, not great, and usually in very good shape. You are close enough to Tempe (ASU - college nightlife) to Uber inexpensively, close to airport, Scottsdale Quarter a bit farther but still Uberable. Great choice.
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    Texas is seldom mentioned as a golf destination, but has very good affordable golf, great restaurants, good weather this time of year, and good hotels at a low price. Prices not driven up by snowbirds.

    Houston, San Antonio, and Austin all have good affordable public golf, tons of restaurants, and good hotel prices. Austin is a bit more expensive. Hotels near the airports are lowest price and also near golf. January is one of the best weather months.
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    Congrats: When you get back home, and after you have shoveled the snow off your driveway, please be sure to tell us how it was at Legacy and give us your assessment of the golf.

    I like the idea of a quick week away without necessarily having to rent a car: please let me know how that worked out for you!
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    it has rained for **** near a month here in b'ham, alabama ... the courses are playable when it's not raining, but you will have mud all over every single piece of clothing and shoes ... haven't seen this much rain in quite some time ... so if you're coming to b'ham or central alabama to play golf, better not bring anything other than black or brown clothing ...
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    Post-Mortem: I ended up at the Legacy Golf Resort in PHX. Stayed onsite. Flew Allegiant in/out of Mesa Gateway. Round trip shuttle (local company) was $70 including tip.

    Resort itself was very nice. Typical Wyndham timeshare / resort which is a little dated, but clean and well maintained. Ate all meals at the clubhouse pub, except for a couple of delivery pizzas and one dinner at a local pub about a mile away. Food at the resort was good, with one or two items on the menu that stood out.

    The golf course was very good. The Legacy is a well-maintained resort course that appears to get a lot of play. You have to try pretty hard to lose balls here. Most of the fairways are wide open. The narrower fairways are lined with waste bunkers. If I had one minor complaint it's the greens get a lot of play, and while most repair their ball marks, it it a resort course and there are guests not always used to the etiquette of fixing them.

    Finally, because I scheduled some lessons with Jeremy Anderson, the head pro at the Golf Channel Academy there, I got access to all academy facilities included in my fees. They have a really nice grass tees, a large practice putting green, and a larger chipping, pitching green with practice bunkers. When available, I was allowed to use an open bay in the covered indoor part of the academy building. Jeremy and his team were really nice, and by the end of my stay, I was on a first name basis with all of them.

    The only downside was the weather. When I touched down on New Year's Eve, it was actually warmer in Wisconsin than it was in PHX. It warmed up later in the week, and afternoons were bearable. Overall, this resort fit the bill perfectly, and I think I would like to make this an annual trip.
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    Glad you had a good time, thanks for sharing
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    games: thanks for the excellent post-mortem.
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