2020 WGC Mexico



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    It was a role for the "sponsor" but easily "solved" by PGA Tour. The Tour made no qualms about it. Cadillac didn't think it worth $14M when there was not a Tiger bump, and they were right! It's worth $18M to Grupo Salinas. Cadillac wanted a renewal, but not at the Tour's asking price.

    “It is fundamentally a sponsorship issue,” Finchem said. “We are a conservative organization. We value dollars for our players. We have a strong sense of fiduciary responsibility.”

    The irony is, the PGA Latinoamerica "tour championship" is played at Doral; just not the Blue Monster. Money all around...everyone wins...well, almost everyone.

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    If this was an isolated incident, then yes, I would suspect that something political was cooking. However, considering the WGC history of taking over events and doing as the highest bidding sponsor pleases as far as venues go...this is just a business decision. See Firestone & the World Cup. The WGCs were intended to roam the globe and even announced an event in South Africa. Never happened. The tour goes where the $ flows. It just bugs me that the tour can "take over" a long existing event with a "new and improved one", use up the sponsor's money and then leave. I'm sure there were a lot of longstanding volunteers and charities that benefited immensely from the old Doral Open. Unfortunately, all that "infrastructure" is probably long gone and impossible rekindle.

    Furthermore, as CasualLie mentioned, the PGA Tour Latinoamerica took their season ending championship to Doral in 2018 and it looks like though it continues there. There is no conspiracy here. Just business.

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    You're like Reed and the PGA if you think winning shuts people up. It only inflames the situation. It's an endorsement of cheating by him and the PGA. PCA. Professional Cheaters Association.

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    JT is a very talented player with a poor action. He will always rely on timing and so will often go missing.

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    He's on record forever as a golf cheat.

    It's sad for the game that he won.

    Can't take away his great talent for the game and his handling of pressure, but his achievements will never mean that much to anyone but himself and those that can turn a blind eye to the cheating.


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