I500 vs. P790

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Looking for some insight or reviews if you have hit either of these clubs. Was all ready to purchase a new set of irons, but now with the shelter in place everything will be closed to April.

These are the two irons I’m interested in. If you have hit either one or both, let me know your thoughts. Thanks!



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    I just had with a fitting at Modern Golf here in Calgary. I was looking for more help with my irons, so we looked at the P790's, i500's, Forged Tec's and Apex's.

    I can't hit the P790's for the life of me, and can't figure out why. The Apex's weren't much better.

    It came down to the Cobra's and the Ping's with the Aldila NV 95 and Accra 100i shafts.

    For me, I consistently hit the i500's better. 91-93 mph swing speed, 125-127 mph ball speed, 105-115 ft height, and 45º+ descent angle on the 6 iron. To me, they felt similar but I had overall better numbers with the i500's using the Accra shaft. I'm still working on bad sequencing and a nasty over the top move, so there's still room for improvement. Even in the booth, neither club had a sound that offended me. Like any any club if you hit the sweet spot the feeling is great, but I could tell where I missed on the i500's more accurately than with the Cobra's.

    From an aesthetic standpoint, the Cobra's have a thicker topline and a little more offset (to my eye). But honestly, I could play either from their visual appearance.

    Once this isolation thing calms a little I'm going to try and source a few test irons with the Accra 100i, MMT 105 and KBS TGI 100 shafts before commiting. I've even considered the new Sub70 699 Pro as an iron similar to the i500. Not sure yet


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    I play the P790 with the stock DG105 shaft. My handicap is also around 6. For me, there were two significant differences between the P790 and i500, feel and ball flight.

    With my ball, the TP5, the i500 felt hollow and clicky on good impacts and borderline harsh on marginal ones. The P790 was significantly different. If you play a softer ball, or graphite shaft, your response may be different.

    My ball flight and numbers were very similar in nature, if not absolute distance, to the Michael Newton video. Particularly with the PW-7, the P790’s fly very high. If you’re already a borderline too high hitter, or play in windy conditions where trajectory control is critical, the P790’s may not be the optimal choice. The i500 was lower and spun less.

    The P790 also has a design choice that can punish certain players players, perhaps including the other poster. CG. As Taylor Made graphically shows, the tungsten weight location is at the 4th groove. Flippers and thinners beware.

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    p790 and i500 both not so good on thin shots, I did a post on this ,,, it's a hollow head thing

    I have a set of 790's and I tested an i500 six iron. I LOVED THE LOOK of the i500, sad they didn't work for my swing

    T-mb were the same for me as well, atrocious on slightly thin misses .. they got worse in shorter clubs.


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    I own both, I play one set in the summer in the north and the other set in Arizona in winter. I play 5i on up with the i500 and 4i on up with the P790. Both are excellent, long and high, the i500 maybe a touch longer and higher but I’m not totally sure of that. I am almost 76 years old, 5-6 handicap, good ball striker, regaining lost distance. I hit these clubs over one club longer than the iBlades that I played previously. VERY easy to hit for any good ball striker, and very forgiving for what they are. I don’t know what people are talking about when I read things like inconsistent ball flight and loud noise and harsh feel; hit them where you are supposed to and they are totally consistent, and they feel great to me, very soft, part of which may be in the graphite shafts I play in both - I would say that the P790 is slightly softer and quieter. What appeals to me, other than the fact that I now hit my irons almost as far as ever, is the look. I have never liked the the look of game improvement clubs at address. I prefer minimal offset, compact head, thin top line, narrower sole - what I grew up with. Either of these clubs has much of the look of a traditional muscle-back, but waaayy easier to play for somebody of my skill level.

    Very little to choose from, performance-wise. Throw a dart or buy the best deal.

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    I switched to i500 from PXG Gen 2. After reshafting with C Taper Tour 120S, these are my irons of choice. I do not find the feel harsh at all. Consistent distances, attractive look and can work the ball both ways. I am a big fan. They look better that the 790 IMHO.

    In either club, ball flight will be a matter of shaft and loft combinations as it relates to your swing. I do not believe that you will be disappointed with either club -- just make sure you get fit with the right shaft.

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    I like ping stuff - but I'd still have to give the edge to the P790. I think they feel/sound better. Personally I think the i500 is a good "first try" for ping in this category but I think they need to improve the feel/sound of the i500


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    I own the first gen P790's & the i500's. i500's win on looks for me but both are actually decent looking. Feel goes to the P790's. The i500's just don't feel as soft. I switch to a lower compression ball when I have the i500's in the bag. Not much in it as far as distance goes. If I got 150 yards to green I hit an 8 iron with either set. Can't speak to much about workability. I don't try to really work the ball to much intentionally.

    You'll find on this site that the i500's are very polarizing. Folks either lover them or hate them. I do hope the next generation of the i500's have better feel though. They have probably heard often that some people aren't crazy about the feel, so I'm guessing that Ping will address that issue on the next gen.

    Don't pass on the Cobra Forged Tec 20's. They are similar to the 790's & i500's. Less expensive too. Feel slightly better than the 790's to me, but I guess that's subjective.

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    I hit both last spring at my local demo days. Ended up buying my I500’s with KBS Tour 120 shafts, and Cushion inserts (I’m 64 and like the cushion). Also bought the Power Spec to keep the height down a bit. It’s usually very windy here. I still hit them plenty high, but gained some distance and love the feel, but you do need to compress the ball with the I500’s.


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    Here is some more fodder to consume before pulling the trigger......both the 2019 P790 and i500 are included.


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    Wow, except for the Mizuno's, I tried every single one of those heads during my fitting

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    I think the biggest thing for me is i absolutely love the look of the i500 but I’m worried about the finish of the iron. Multiple forums on here state the finish is bad as you can see in pictures as well.

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    I have all of those irons in the video. Along with 0211. I’m playing hmb because they look and feel the best to me. I500 looks second best IMO. Yes, it sounds a little harsher than p790, but only if you miss it. When it’s centered it’s just as butter. Like someone said, all are awesome. Can’t go wrong. Pick the one with a shaft that fits, you like the look of, and maybe get a deal on. They are all fantastic.

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    Prefer the look, feel and performance of the i500s. But if you are looking for that genre of iron, HMB have a better feel to me. Look and perform great too! Others to test, Cobra King Tec. is a sleeper.

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    Had mine for about a month now. 4 rounds, 3 walking 1 cart. Tiny amount of bag chatter but still looking pretty brand new. I've heard about the finish issues too and I've been keeping an eye on them and haven't seen anything bad at all. Also, the longer term reviews mention the scratches come out strong but fade away as they get used more.

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    hey Cruisin1966,

    Just thought i'd ask.. how'd you find your fitting at Modern Golf Calgary? That was fast too, they just opened, right when this COVID isolation thing started. Considering places to get fit, and just noticed that you got to MG Calgary. Thanks!

  • Cruisin1966Cruisin1966 Calgary, ABClubWRX  1071WRX Points: 288Handicap: WIPPosts: 1,071 ClubWRX
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    Fitting was good. Craig Dale put me through the wringer, lol. They definitely have more shaft/head options than anything else around here, and adding more every day.

    You are correct, just opened, and still getting settled amidst the virus stuff. Currently they're only taking fitting sessions and staggering them far enough apart to give them time to clean between. At least, that's what they were doing last week.

    I'm a mental case, however, and can't seem to hit the ball well indoors (hitting bay, simulator, dome . . .), so he had a challenge. lol I had an initial assessment on my driver on the opening Saturday, too. I ended up with the magic combination of the KBS TD 'Category 3' 60g shaft in a Cobra Speedzone 9º driver.


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    Fairway: TBD
    Hybrid: Srixon H85 w/ ProjectX Hzrdus Black 85S
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  • torbilltorbill Members  397WRX Points: 265Posts: 397 Greens
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    I don’t think there is a lot to worry about. I’ve been playing the i500 for - guessing here - 80 rounds. As I indicated in my post above, I strongly disagree with comments I have read elsewhere about this club being noisy or harsh-feeling or inconsistent in distance. Hit them reasonably well and none of these things are a problem.

    Now I would add concerns about the finish to the list of non-problems. The only thing that I notice with the finish is, in spots where there is ongoing rubbing with other clubs in the bag, there is a burnishing effect on the finish, which makes the spot shiny. And there are chatter marks where there has been inconsistent bouncing from adjacent clubs. I used to collect old silver dollars (before they weren’t silver anymore). If you know about things like “mint state” old silver dollars with satin/frosted fields, you can visualize what I am saying. The pristine, frosted fields got chatter marks in them at the time they were dropping out of the presses, onto each other, at the mint, and when they would bounce along in $1000 bags and rub against each other, off to wherever they were headed. These clubs remind me of that look, which was entirely acceptable; overall, the appearance of the back of the club remains satin/frosted, but if you look closely there are shiny rubbings and chatter marks, like a normal, mint state silver dollar. This does not seriously detract, in my view. Compare this to forged and plated musclebacks, that look like s*** after a while because they are soft and full of little dents, and the shiny chrome plating amplifies every possible imperfection. No comparison. I would argue that any iron that has a highly polished finish is going to look no better and probably worse than these irons, given the same amount of service - IMHO.

  • Chappie11Chappie11 Northern CaliforniaMembers  124WRX Points: 50Handicap: 6.5Posts: 124 Fairways
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    I’ve decided that I’m going to bite the bullet and buy the i500 when ping opens back up. I just love the look of them.

    The next thing i need to worry about now is shafts. I was fitted into oban ct which are crazy expensive and hard to get, but they feel absolutely amazing and are unbelievably smooth.

  • blazman11blazman11 Members  483WRX Points: 104Posts: 483 Greens
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    I hit the Oban CT 100 and they are amazing for steel. I switched from KBS Tour / DG S300 to Steelfiber 95 years ago. If I really wanted to play steel and pay more than graphite, the Oban CT 100 would be my choice. Also not bad in feel department were the $taper lites.

    Not sure what weight Oban you hit but if you are considering spending that cash and aren’t opposed to graphite, Oban also makes a graphite iron shaft. I would also try the KBS offerings.

  • torbilltorbill Members  397WRX Points: 265Posts: 397 Greens
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    You can’t go wrong with either the i500 or the P790. Both are great hitting clubs. All else being equal, I would always go with Ping because I have confidence in them to build excellent clubs and to be there after the sale. I have played Ping irons for over 25 years and Ping would always be my first choice among equals. I live in Phoenix part of the year, and I get over to the factory for service when I have a problem or need an adjustment, and I can see with my own eyes how they operate - they are a class act in every way. No manufacturer is immune from problems, and Ping had an early problem with the i500 cracking at the face weld. I thought I saw something developing with a couple of mine, but I wasn’t sure. I took them in, they took one look and told me that they were replacing the entire set. That was on a Tuesday. I played my original i500s for my Wednesday game and picked up the replacements on Thursday morning. Problem gone. THAT is service! When it came time for me to get a second set of irons for when I am up north I wanted to try something different rather than just duplicate the i500, which is how I got the P790. For me, these players distance clubs with the hollow body and forged face and traditional look at address are the biggest advance in irons in a long time. As I always say, they go so high and far that they make me feel young again! Good luck.


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