What do you keep in your pockets when playing?



  • smittysmitty Members  271WRX Points: 97Posts: 271 Greens
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    I carry one of two setups. Ball mark tool, ball, driver and iron tee, close thin marker and a bigger fatter far marker.

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  • MattyO1984MattyO1984 Members  6078WRX Points: 1,539Handicap: 3Posts: 6,078 Titanium Tees
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    Right pocket - two or three tees, ball marker, pitch repairer and a little brush thing.

    Left pocket - nothing.

    Back right pocket - glove.

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  • PworldPworld Members  404WRX Points: 98Handicap: 10.5Posts: 404 Greens
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    Bushnell gps (when I remember to charge it) left pocket.

    extra golf ball left pocket.

    3-4 tees, ball marker, divot tool on right pocket.

    nothing else in my pockets.

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  • SnapHooker_605SnapHooker_605 Rapid City, SDMembers  915WRX Points: 177Handicap: 15.5Posts: 915 Golden Tee
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    Usually a couple tees, ball mark and divot repair tool in the right pocket. Glove in my back right pocket if I have less than a full club shot coming up. Other than that, nothing, the last few years it has bugged me to even have my phone in my pocket.

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  • GhostwedgeGhostwedge Members  710WRX Points: 97Handicap: 8.0Posts: 710 Golden Tee
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    Right front ~ 1 long tee 1 short tee

    left front ~ ball marker divot tool

    right rear ~ scorecard holder

    left rear ~ glove when putting.

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  • Breezy-3-Breezy-3- Members  446WRX Points: 131Handicap: 6Posts: 446 Greens
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    I don’t like anything in my pockets but the essentials..

    One tee, a ball marker and a divot tool. When I putt, my glove hangs out of my back pocket. Everything else is in the cart if I’m riding or in my bag if using my push cart.

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  • CBadGolferCBadGolfer Carlsbad, CAMembers  9WRX Points: 10Handicap: 15ishPosts: 9 Bunkers
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    2 tees, 1 ball marker, in the right pocket, that's all


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  • Carpenter792Carpenter792 Members  15WRX Points: 17Handicap: 7Posts: 15 Bunkers
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    1 tee

    divot tool/ball marker combo

    nothing else.

    unless it’s hand warmers during the winter, they’re in every pant-pocket

  • dcm325dcm325 Members  24WRX Points: 24Handicap: ~1.2Posts: 24 Bunkers
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    Right side:

    -My Chief Petty Officer initiation challenge coin as a ball marker.

    -2 tees a 2 3/4” and 1 1/4”

    -pitch mark tool

    Left side:

    nothing .... ever.

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  • hooters714hooters714 Members  46WRX Points: 56Handicap: 7.6Posts: 46 Bunkers
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    Two Tee's, 1942 Quarter and aDivot Tool

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  • LondonerLondoner Members  1556WRX Points: 349Handicap: 10Posts: 1,556 Platinum Tees
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    2 long tees, 2 short tees, a pencil, a quarter and a pitch mark repairer.

    PS. I'm very wary of people who carry a spare ball in their pocket!

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  • dpb5031dpb5031 Jupiter, FLMembers  5877WRX Points: 1,443Posts: 5,877 Titanium Tees
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    Back left pocket: my glove

    Front right pocket: 1 plastic tee & 1 ball marker. That's it. Hate having a lot of junk in my pockets!

    (I use the tee to repair pitch marks)

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  • buckrogers71buckrogers71 Members  428WRX Points: 133Posts: 428 Greens
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    Front Right pocket 2 long tees 1 short tee, left front divot tool, ball marker. Back right sometimes a score card and/or yardage book.

  • MCP_2013MCP_2013 Members  80WRX Points: 83Posts: 80 Fairways
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    A couple tees, divot tool, any ball marker I can find in my bag.

  • xCochisexCochise Members  31WRX Points: 26Posts: 31 Bunkers
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    Left pocket - coin/ball marker and divot tool

    Right pocket - tees, sometimes an extra ball

    when not wearing my glove i put it in my right side back pocket

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  • dcm325dcm325 Members  24WRX Points: 24Handicap: ~1.2Posts: 24 Bunkers
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  • 7ironDave7ironDave Members  36WRX Points: 24Posts: 36 Bunkers
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    Right front has ball marker divot tool combo clipped to it.

    Left front has an extra ball or both after holing out.

    Back left gets my glove when putting/chipping.

    Back right empty.

    For tees I shove my driver tee into the hole in the grip and for non driver tee shots I always try to find a broken one or bum one from a partner if I can’t find one.

  • REJREJ Members  139WRX Points: 81Handicap: Too HighPosts: 139 Fairways
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    Are you looking for someone to rob? My pockets are stuffed with hundred dollar bills, gemstones, and Mickey Mantle rookie cards. J/K

  • iNeedMoreGolfiNeedMoreGolf RiMembers  344WRX Points: 155Handicap: 14Posts: 344 Greens
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    Right pocket a tee and ball marker. Eveything else in the cart. Cant stand bulk stuff inmy pockets specially when i play golf.

  • rumstoverumstove Members  17WRX Points: 21Posts: 17 Bunkers
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    Left front has a tee.

    Right front has my phone, only if I'm using the myRoundPro app during the round.

    Keep everything else in my bag...easy enough to grab stuff quick.


    Old school Ping fan

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  • RuleschampRuleschamp Members  728WRX Points: 95Posts: 728 Golden Tee
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    1 coin to mark my ball. 1 small divot repair tool. when putting, glove in the back pocket. nothing else. i hate the feeling of tees in my pockets.

  • shinobishinobi Members  41WRX Points: 26Posts: 41 Bunkers
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    2 balls, 2 tees, 1 ball marker and divot repair.

  • BigarchBigarch Herrin, ILMembers  639WRX Points: 221Handicap: 5.4Posts: 639 Golden Tee
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    Left rear is where the glove goes. Right rear has a handkerchief for checking wind and other obvious reasons. Right front has divot tool, 2 ball marker tokens (always use car wash tokens... never money) and chapstick. Left front has a half dozen or so tees (always white and wood).

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  • swizbeatzswizbeatz Members  5822WRX Points: 275Handicap: +.6Posts: 5,822 Titanium Tees
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    All you guys that carry things in both front pockets are psychos. Just kidding, I hate having anything in my left front pocket though.

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  • swizbeatzswizbeatz Members  5822WRX Points: 275Handicap: +.6Posts: 5,822 Titanium Tees
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  • 596596 Lakeland, FLMembers  3846WRX Points: 335Posts: 3,846 Titanium Tees
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    1 Callaway ChromeSoft yelllow/black ball

    1 Consistent Tee for the driver

    1 par 3 or short par 4 tee

    1 ball marker (either Wolf Creek logo or a Lamb Pop Top)

  • 3putt4thewin3putt4thewin Members  99WRX Points: 76Posts: 99 Fairways
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    2 large wooden tees, 1 small wooden tee in right front. Ball mark coin and repair tool in left. Scorecard holder in back left and glove goes in back right unless I'm hitting the ball.

  • aakerz24aakerz24 Members  6WRX Points: 30Posts: 6 Bunkers
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    1 tall tee, 1 short tee, divot repair tool and chambers bay ball marker all in front right pocket. Glove in back left pocket when chipping/putting

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  • dubbelbogeydubbelbogey Members  589WRX Points: 300Posts: 589 Golden Tee
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    Totally boring - A few tees, ball markers (sometimes two, a big one and a small one, depending on if it's near another player's line), a pitch mark tool and two balls.

    The two ball thing is so I can putt with a non-muddy ball if I forget to bring a cleaning towel onto the putting green. The balls are always the same type. Sure, technically not legal (and wouldn't do so in sanctioned competition), but OK in my book for regular play. Just a convenience.


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