Will Jordan pass Tiger ?



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    I don't think so. BUT I hope he does past everybody.
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    tiderider wrote:

    jgonz69 wrote:

    tiderider wrote:

    tiger was so far ahead of jordan at the same pt in their careers it's a wonder anyone even brings up the subject ...

    Wins before 24.

    Jordan has 11 total wins and 3 majors. Tiger had 15 total wins wins and 2 majors. Jack had 8 and 3.

    You must be talking waffle house waitresses.

    lol ... learn how to analyze something rationally ...
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    At a comparable age Tiger won a much higher percentage of starts but at the same time it is unlikely that Spieth will be done at 32. Spieth's strengths work well in all of the majors.

    Unlikely but certainly possible.
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    Speith is not gonna get his putter in the the wrong hole and his chances will go up in smokes as did Tigers. Although Tiger was self inflicted with a facination to get super fit. Speith has a chance but like many said prior, he has to get to double digits first
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    The pool of players is so much better now than when Tiger dominated. And is only getting better.

    Here's a few of slouches that Tiger played against:

    Phil, VJ, Els, Garcia, LoveIII, Toms, Cink, Leonard, G. Ogilvy, Harrington, DiMarco, Lehman, Couples, Funk, Duval, Janzen, Elkington, O'Meara, Olazabal, Furyk, K. Perry, Calcavecchia, Z. Johnson, Kuchar and you get the picture. Just your average bunch of no talent hacks. That's 327 Tour Wins and 35 Majors in that group of talent-less guys.

    Not to mention that most of the wins Tiger threw up there are Majors, or Top 50 WR events where everyone in the field is playing at the top of their game. There aren't any John Deere's or "Milwaukee Open's" on that list.
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    Yes, Jordan can pass Tiger. I say that with this caveat: If Tiger loses driving privileges because of his DUI, then, no.
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    I think Jordan will have a much longer career ...he won't put his body through torture like other golfers. Keep that short game and he will be just fine

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    I agree that this thread should be restarted only if he hits 10 majors by the time he's 33 or so.

    So much can happen between now and then.

    One thing Jordan does have, is competing in the final group of 3-4 majors that he did not win...

    Which means he just plain has the "it" factor for major tournaments.

    Think about how many majors Jack could have won had he not placed 2nd and just holed a couple more putts.

    How many of those T2's for Jack was he within 1/2 strokes? I've never seen that number. I think that would be a better determination of what he could've won. 3 or more strokes off the winner and I would say the T2 is purely symbolic. I'm not trying to be argumentative. I truly am curios what that breakout would look like and am way too lazy to look it up myself

    Agree, not sure how many he was actually in contention for, but just looking at the amount of top5s every year...

    If that's what it takes to get 18 major wins, then I find that **** near impossible. YJS would basically have to put his 2015 season on repeat for a while to be as competitive as Jack.
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    Too many variables in life to predict. When Tiger set upon his outstanding play, people said he would pass JN. Tiger even made it public he sought that goal. Well, sh** happened and he didn't and won't.

    I can only hope for Jordan and his team that he can maintain needed focus and priorities. The more pertinent question is, does Jordan see Tigers record as one to pass. I don't believe he sets goals like that.
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