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    Not that it would help me do what he does, but are his irons protos or something? The Adams Black MB's I've seen have the little weight screw and a solid topline. His irons have no weight screw and a beveled topline.

    Just wanted a "best of" video of some of this shots. A true machine!
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    Any information on shafts? It looked like a tour ad di in the taylormade fairway.
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    I've seen what looks like a black Tour AD-DI in his woods. I read somewhere that the shafts in his Adams irons are from his Hogan set. I'm not sure what shafts those would be though.
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    Hogan Apex shafts, which are quite similar in design, weight, and flex profile to Dynalite Golds.
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    Langer said (about his iron shafts ) “they are apex shafts , I don’t even know how old they are “
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    freddiec wrote:

    Langer doesn't change clubs often your right , but he is often testing and trying things. I had a chance 2 years ago at the constellation to tell him that I owned the driver he gamed in 1988 thru 1991, a Wood Bros 10 def Texan persimmon. At first I barely caught his attention then I described in detail and he turned his head around and looked directly at me at all how did you get that .. he was really cool to talk to especially about how much he liked the Wood Bros clubs. Eventually became the last player to win a major championship using a wooden driver a wood Bros at the 93 Masters. He tried the driver that I owned at the Los Angeles open and early 1988 he was on the driving range testing drivers and Dave wood had his toward demo which Bernhard tried ; his caddy was out in that range field and he and his caddie were exchanging sophisticated hand signals after each shot. Bernhard like the club so much he told Dave that he wanted to keep it what he did . In the late 1990s Langer caddy gave Dave the club back . Dave said it's the best block he ever made.

    I absolutely LOVE this driver! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! Fred knows this all too well! image/biggrin.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':D' />
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    I can't believe he is still using the Adams Idea pro hybrids. They were good but the newer versions seemed better to me
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    iBanesto wrote:

    Langer has loved his Ben Hogan Apex Forged for decades.

    i peeked at his bag when he was here in 1995 for the Johnnie Walker Classic and he already those in his bag..

    it was during a practice round and iirc he also had a set of wilson staff 1200 cavity backs in his bag then so essentially 2 sets of irons..
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    He’s the man. I wonder if he’s ever had a hangover. Probably

  • PKennedy13PKennedy13 Members Posts: 105
    I don’t need see how he uses so many different kinds of irons at all
  • BIG STUBIG STU Members Posts: 11,396 ✭✭
    PKennedy13 wrote:

    I don't need see how he uses so many different kinds of irons at all
    Basically because they fit his eye and feel.
  • KTEXAS1316KTEXAS1316 Members Posts: 127 ✭✭
    Craziest top player WITB ever! That driver is garbage lol
  • Kenny Lee PuckettKenny Lee Puckett Members Posts: 3,460 ✭✭
    just an FYI he actually played the PING G400 with GD Tour AD-DI through the entire Schwab Cup Playoffs.

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    So in one of the Father/Son Challenge threads, there are a few great pictures of his gear. There's a little of everything in his bag now...old Adams MBs, Adams Idea CMB, Taylor Made, and Hogan from what I can see. He's definitley gaming a Ping driver. The thread pictures are worth a look.
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    Right click on the pic in the other thread to steal its link to use elsewhere. Also it looks to me like he might finally have gotten rid of the Apexes. Looks like his longest iron is a TM 750 or 770. Then his next longest looks to be an Adams black CB. The it looks like he's onto the black MBs for mid irons, then the CMBs for short irons. As crazy as a bag as ever. I'd love to sit him and Lehman down and pick their brains about each and every club they play and why.




  • willmillarwillmillar Members Posts: 99 ✭✭
    Yeah I thought the older iron next to the TM long iron may be one of the Hogans, but I think you're right he may have finally gotten rid of them. He probably had to go to the CMBs as the black MB irons are hard to come by these days. What a bag though....he's definitely playing what works for him.
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  • Fresh GreensFresh Greens Members Posts: 109 ✭✭
    Thats crazy he goes straight from PW to SW. No gap.
  • tgoodspe1991tgoodspe1991 New EnglandMembers Posts: 818 ✭✭

    Thats crazy he goes straight from PW to SW. No gap.

    He’s an old school player, I wouldn’t be surprised if he has his PW weakened to the 48-50* range and his SW around 55-56*.
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