The No Ace Club - How close did you get this year?



  • Crazy_BikerdudeCrazy_Bikerdude Wisconsin 39WRX Points: 34Handicap: 10.1 and getting worseMembers Posts: 39 Bunkers
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    From 261 yards on a par 4. Not close enough to be bummed out, but did get my first Eagle ever. So I am pretty stoked on that!

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  • net_worthnet_worth  62WRX Points: 34Members Posts: 62 Bunkers
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    I haven't come close this year. Dad has never got one either. He's been golfing for 30 years, shoots high 70s, low 80s on <6500y tracks. I was playing with him last night and he stuck one 1' from the cup. He took closest to though, so I don't feel that bad.

  • James the Hogan FanJames the Hogan Fan  1021WRX Points: 675Handicap: 12Members Posts: 1,021 Platinum Tees
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    Well it’s been 15 years of playing golf in some form or another. The closest I have ever come is 3 feet. I have never holed out from more than 50 yards either. (And inside 5’ from outside 50 yards is probably a one- or two-handed counting operation; I’m a poor iron player)

    Yesterday I was playing our 170yd 2nd and hit a 6 iron a little thin that rolled up the tier and out of sight over the crest. It was close in any case and I walked up to the green thinking ”there’s a chance... but then again there’s nothing there to make the ball turn left down to the hole” and there wasn’t, and the ball was 3’ away.

    I am optimistic though, I’ve hit 3 good par-3 approaches in the last 2 weeks, so maybe I’m centering in!

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  • trileriantrilerian  420WRX Points: 83Handicap: 13.1Members Posts: 420 Greens
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    Had a close call yesterday. Pin was 172 yds out, hit a high draw 7i that landed about 7-10' short of the flag, the ball then preceded to roll out. As it did both my playing partner and I thought it was going in. We both saw the ball dip then roll on. When I got up to the flag, my ball was sitting 6" away from the cup.

  • Big A HGBig A HG  686WRX Points: 211Members Posts: 686 Golden Tee
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    I got to about a foot and a half this year (just last week), but one thought I just had was interesting. I'm playing as good as I ever have, especially my irons, yet I feel further away from a hole-in-one than ever. Outside of my shot last week, which was to the left of the hole anyways (so never really got possible "hole-in-one vibes" while watching it in the air), I feel like I have many fewer chances for an ace than when I was younger. I'd have two or three a year that had my heart pumping watching the ball, numerous stop 4 inches, 8 inches, or a foot away, etc. Those were days when I played and practiced much less. Now, when I hit one within 5-6 feet I'm pretty pumped.

  • dancarlsendancarlsen  20WRX Points: 40Members Posts: 20 Bunkers
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    This morning, 161 yards, almost jarred it on the fly. Had to do some repair work on the cup. Closest I’ve ever come.

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  • LefthookLefthook Golf nerd  3310WRX Points: 160Handicap: 6Members Posts: 3,310 Titanium Tees
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    Hang in there! I got mine after 28 years.

  • JedaigekiJedaigeki  328WRX Points: 81Members Posts: 328 Greens
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    Closet I've come in the past 12 months was at Woodhall Spa. This was the shot I hit.

  • jwhite86jwhite86  802WRX Points: 269Handicap: 12ClubWRX Posts: 802 ClubWRX
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    Hit the stick on the par 3 9th in my most recent quest for my first ace...

    Missed the birdie putt to top it off

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  • ddettsddetts Roy McAvoy Sioux Falls, SD 1910WRX Points: 453Handicap: 7.3ClubWRX Posts: 1,910 ClubWRX
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    It's about 15 years since I started playing the game again and actually playing seriously. I haven't had many close calls, and nothing really close recently. Playing our club championship this past Saturday I had 155 and drew a nice 8i in that looked like it had a great chance and from the tee loooked like it may have just missed. It ended up being about 2.5 feet short but that was the closest call I have had in probably 5+ years.

    In the same round, I hit a drive left in the trees and had to hit a towering cut (about 15 yards) to a 140 pin. Took 8i and a pretty open face and pulled off the towering cut and nearly jarred it, pitch mark was 2 inches right of the cup.

    I have had two hole outs for eagles on par 4s, but never a hole in one.


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  • spk7spk7  89WRX Points: 37Members Posts: 89 Fairways
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    I’m pretty sure I lipped out on one earlier this year but other than that no close encounters that I know of

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  • RichsgboxRichsgbox  225WRX Points: 49Members Posts: 225 Fairways
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    On -, @scagnetti said:

    this guy was on #4 at Clark Sun Valley Public Course. A 138 yard 7-iron for me... in February.

    That is a heartbreaker. Sorry.

  • RichsgboxRichsgbox  225WRX Points: 49Members Posts: 225 Fairways
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    On -, @Crazy_Bikerdude said:

    From 261 yards on a par 4. Not close enough to be bummed out, but did get my first Eagle ever. So I am pretty stoked on that!

    Congrats. Green looks immaculate.

  • RichsgboxRichsgbox  225WRX Points: 49Members Posts: 225 Fairways
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    On -, @dancarlsen said:

    This morning, 161 yards, almost jarred it on the fly. Had to do some repair work on the cup. Closest I’ve ever come.

    This is one of the craziest things I've seen.

  • DiscoDinerDiscoDiner  136WRX Points: 30Handicap: 12Members Posts: 136 Fairways
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    On -, @bazinky said:

    Since I'm pretty much shutting down my golf this year to weather and a nagging shoulder injury, it looks like I'll end my 25th year of playing golf without a hole in one. Thought it might be fun to hear stories about how close you got from others who are still waiting on that elusive ace.

    I came really close this year. Our 18th hole is 210 yard par 3 over a ravine, with the green next to the bar patio. It's a tough hole, as most of the members jokingly refer to it as the easiest par 5 on the course. During one of my match-play rounds, I ended up about a foot from the hole. When we got to the green, several of the guys at the bar informed that my ball had actually hit the hole and lipped out. Would have been a cool hole to finally get mine on!

    At least I made birdie on my close call, though. One of the guys I play with flew a ball into the hole on a par 3 but hit the liner, and the ball shot out and ended up in a fried egg lie in a bunker 25 yards away.

    Shutting down due to weather!? What a short season! We are in a lull as it’s so fawking hot that unless you get one of the first few tee times you’re going to melt but we have at least 2 more months.

    As far as aces go... none but I did win 2 closest to the pins at scrambles this year. Both were about a foot and a half away so nothing close enough to think might go in.

  • ldandrealdandrea dearborn 47WRX Points: 64Handicap: 18Members Posts: 47 Bunkers
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    The closest I got to a hole in one was being in the cart when my wife got hers! Its been a rough couple of weeks!

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  • dayvei214dayvei214  130WRX Points: 42Members Posts: 130 Fairways
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    Side convo, I see those clips for hole in one challenge... But if they are taking 200 shots. Can you really consider it a hole in one?

  • Fellaheen51Fellaheen51 Michigan 4664WRX Points: 2,174Members Posts: 4,664 Titanium Tees
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    A week or so ago, 128 yard 8 iron. I never drop and stop. **** spiny K-Sig balls (pond right and didn't want to lose one of my primo balls).

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  • Under2hoursUnder2hours  1498WRX Points: 121Handicap: 13.2Members Posts: 1,498 Platinum Tees
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    A few Saturday's back was just a terrible round. Didn't play awful, but off for the most part. Play the tips, which are frankly too long for me, so usually a lot of work.
    14 holes and not even a GIR or par. On 15 another indifferent chip but made the 10' par putt.
    On 16 an uphill wedge that I almost dunked.
    Then 17, 140 yard par 3, struck perfectly and watch it curling to the hole..... Stops just short.
    Get to the hole and it is 1' away and was curling right into the cup. At least got my birdie......

    Such is golf.

  • DrewBallinDrewBallin  105WRX Points: 58Members Posts: 105 Fairways
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    my closest was on a par 3 137, dropped within 7 feet. Got lucky and made the bird.

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  • sprcoopsprcoop Tucson, AZ 983WRX Points: 223Handicap: 16.7Members Posts: 983 Golden Tee
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    Last Saturday, 160yd PAR 3 with good stiff headwind probably playing 175. Nineteen degree hybrid hit poorly off the toe never left the pin. Good miss.

    Ended up 2.5 feet past. Line from ball mark to ball with break meant it missed by about 4". Made the putt. Closest to HIO this year so far.


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  • St JimmySt Jimmy  528WRX Points: 168Handicap: 8Members Posts: 528 Golden Tee
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    175 yard 6 iron. I knew it was pretty good when it flew right at it and spun back a bit, but didn't realize it was THAT good from the tee box.

    Closest I've been in a couple years.

    btw, made the putt.

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  • JustsomeguyJustsomeguy  1199WRX Points: 215Handicap: 15Members Posts: 1,199 Platinum Tees
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    3 feet. 180 yard par 3. Hit 3h tracked very straight with a 1* fade. Bounced on the green and came up just short on the exact line. Missed the birdie putt, fml.

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  • 3GoodPutts3GoodPutts  64WRX Points: 44Members Posts: 64 Bunkers
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    Been playing for 40 years and no ace. I have come close over that time, but not close enough.

    I have hold shots out from the fairway on par 4 for eagles 3 times. But no ace.

  • MountainGoatMountainGoat Mid-Maryland 2489WRX Points: 1,097Members Posts: 2,489 Platinum Tees
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    I've jarred two PWs from the same yardage in the last two weeks, but I haven't come within a mile of a hole-in-one in as long as I can remember.

  • Edward_MajorwinEdward_Majorwin British Columbia 258WRX Points: 267Handicap: 13Members Posts: 258 Greens
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    My buddy had his first Almost Ace yesterday, 2 inches from glory on #2 handicap par3
    Was no fluke either, nice draw tracking right to the pin, landed a couple yards short and rolled right up to the welcome mat...nobody home unfortunately.


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  • PulledabillPulledabill  440WRX Points: 70Handicap: 6Members Posts: 440 Greens
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    As usual another season goes by and another season of oh so close...Couple inche several time per the usual yesr.

  • DaveGoodrichDaveGoodrich SoCal 1102WRX Points: 178Members Posts: 1,102 Platinum Tees
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    This close:

    145 Par 3 6th hole at Oak Valley, Beaumont CA. I hit a flighted 7-iron into a bit of a breeze. From the tee, we heard the ball hit the flagstick and saw it bounce away to the right about 20 feet. We assumed it hit higher on the stick, but when we got to the green, we could see the ball actually hit the front edge of the cup, then bounced into the flagstick. Another 1/2" longer, and I think I would have had a slam dunk. Crazy. I missed the birdie putt.

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  • JedaigekiJedaigeki  328WRX Points: 81Members Posts: 328 Greens
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    16th Hole on the PGA Catalunya Stadium Course last week on vacation for the wifes 30th birthday.


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