9 holes of golf



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    I enjoy playing 9 in the evenings, I don’t feel rushed to get 18 in before sunset and can just enjoy the game. I tend to keep the score card away during a fun 9 round.
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    I don’t PREFER playing 9. But it affords me an opportunity to play more frequently.

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    chal0072 wrote:
    I play a lot of 9 by myself then hit the range or range then 9 hole, but with friends always 18.

    Same routine for myself
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    I really like the “twilight 9” which usually turns into 12 and really most of the time it does leave me wanting more. Might be why when i play 18 i can really f-up holes 13-15....
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    9 makes sense for club members. But for us pay as you go people I would feel I was getting ripped off if it wasn’t half price.
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    I would rather walk 9 than ride 18.
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    And I like playing 9 holes so much that virtually every day that I play, I play 9 holes twice.

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    Now that fall has come around. 9 holes is perfect when it gets dark on weekdays at 8pm
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    srooch2 wrote:

    Twism86 wrote:

    What annoys me about playing 9 at some courses near me is they dont have a 9 hole price, just a twilight price, which if you get there at 4pm or 6pm its the same. Only thing is you can finish 18 holes at 4pm in the summer.

    Agreed, when the USGA adopted the "play 9" promotion there should have been a nation wide campaign to lower 9 hole pricing. Maybe there was but I have never seen a course with a equivalent per hole price as 18 holes. It didn't make sense to me.

    This is why the play 9 promotion never took hold. At some local courses it's $50 for 18 or $35 for 9. That's not enough discount and lots of courses don't even have a 9 hole rate.
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    He feels usually happy just to play anytime.
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    I would love to play 9 holes as long as they were holes 4-12. On 1-3 I'm still getting warmed up and by 13 I've usually lost focus.

    totally agree. for me, i'm best on the middle 9 of an 18 hole round. i never have time to warm up and hit balls before round. takes a few to get going, then the last 4-5 holes are a total grind. whatever mess i've made earlier in the round just weigh very heavily in my mind by the end...and with it, all the tinkering to try and make it stop. which makes it worse...i'm sure you all know the drill.
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    I have access to two 9-hole courses, one with and one without a driving range. I enjoy playing both (just don't have time for 18 most days), but much prefer playing the former -- if I don't get to hit at least some balls before teeing off, I'm on hole 7 before my driver starts clicking.
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    Courses near me don't offer 9 holes as a true option. You pay for 18 and if you decide to leave after 9 then that's on you.

    Some discount would be nice though.
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    Ferguson wrote:

    9 just doesn't feel good.

    9 holes is just Fore play.
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    I prefer to play 18, but given length of time, it's not always possible. Fortunately, I have two nine hole tracks near me. One is a par 27 and one is a par 33. The first is $20 on the weekend (no cart option given the length). The second is $25 without cart and $36 with cart. Second moves at faster pace than the first. Regardless, both are faster than committing to a full 18.
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    I've never felt worse on a golf course than shooting lights out on 9, having a chance to break my 18 scoring record, and having to leave. The what ifs haunt me for a long time.
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    I play a lot of 9 hole rounds. I really like it. A quick 9 before work or at dusk is sublime.
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    Our front 9 has been closed for 2 months.

    Been playing the back 9 twice to get in 18.

    I play at 6:30AM by my self and usually don't see anyone until I'm finished.

    It was getting old so came up with something to amuse my simple mind.

    I played a match play game between A Titleist and a Bridgstone. Titleist won 1 up

    Next time Callaway played Taylormade. Callaway won 2 and 1.

    Nike got smoked by Volvik 3 and 2.

    Srixon got stuck playing against BigYard and won 1 up.

    Titleist won against Callaway 1 up

    Volvik beat Srixon 3and 2

    Been raining so no final yet.

    We have mandatory female caddies and she helps me keep the match straight.
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    At my old home course a large bucket of balls was $13 and the super twilight 9-hole rate was $20 w/ cart. It’s kind of a no-brainer at that price to play 9 if you have the time to hit a large bucket at the range, use the chipping area, and putt on the practice green
  • Knuckles52Knuckles52  15WRX Points: 0Handicap: 30+Members Posts: 15
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    Very rarely will I have the time to play 18 as it’s tedious to walk all that and time isn’t on my side with me still being a new player I spend most of the time looking for my balls
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    Went to work early and got off around 2:30, and headed to the golf course for nine holes. It started raining in the middle of the round, then stopped, and I was able to finish up. On the way home it really started up again. Nice to sneak nine in. I had a blast and was playing well for a change. I have things to do and 18 just takes up too much time. It is starting to get dark and after work golf is going to end soon. I played nine yesterday as well. I pay $13 to ride nine, a full course, during the week.

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  • DeeBee30DeeBee30 Chicago area 516WRX Points: 159Handicap: 10.0Members Posts: 516 Golden Tee
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    9 feels kind of incomplete for me. If I play 9, I’m usually practicing during off-hours and playing multiple balls to work on something (or a few somethings). It’s more about the on-course practice than it is about actually playing golf.

    Of course, I’m not posting a score.
  • bigcountry1219bigcountry1219  103WRX Points: 14Members Posts: 103 Fairways
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    I'm the complete opposite. I hate only playing 9 holes. Only time I really enjoy playing 9 is if I just played 18.
  • platgofplatgof platgof  1919WRX Points: 259Handicap: 17ClubWRX Posts: 1,919 ClubWRX
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    With the cold weather arriving , playing nine is great! From 11 to 3 is the perfect time.

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  • ArchitexArchitex  9WRX Points: 6Handicap: 7Members Posts: 9 Bunkers
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    I walk 9 holes 5 days a week and then ride 18 on Saturday. My home course is too hilly/long for me to walk 18. So this way I get some exercise and my golf fix.
  • Carl Spackler3Carl Spackler3  1180WRX Points: 356Members Posts: 1,180 Platinum Tees
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    I do not prefer it but I’m finding my game benefits more from 9 holes than just hitting balls
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  • platgofplatgof platgof  1919WRX Points: 259Handicap: 17ClubWRX Posts: 1,919 ClubWRX
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    I was barely able to squeeze in nine holes with my son and a friend. No time for practice. I wanted to play more, but it was still a blast. It was 64*F outside after Thanksgiving, a real thanksgiving playing this late in the year. When your starting to play well, who wants to stop?

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  • FourTopsFourTops  1676WRX Points: 12Handicap: 5.7Banned Posts: 1,676 Bunkers
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    Tanner25 wrote:

    Anyone prefer to play 9 holes of golf? I have found there are many benefits. Score does not become an obsession, less tired, less cost, less time, more social etc. Some courses make it a bit more expensive than it should be. But, I recently played one course, that just cut the green fee in half, which was nice. It's also a cool idea to drive/explore courses that are 1-2 hours away and play one you wouldn't normally play - in the same about amount of time of playing a local course for 18 holes.

    Most courses charge for 18 so it can be expensive. Join a private CC and it's no problem.
  • DeeBee30DeeBee30 Chicago area 516WRX Points: 159Handicap: 10.0Members Posts: 516 Golden Tee
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    “Join a private CC and it’s no problem”? Virtually every course I’ve seen has a nine hole rate. So...no problem. Plus, not everyone has ready access to reasonably priced private clubs to facilitate the whole ‘just play a few holes’ thing.

    I personally don’t like calling it quits after 9 holes. If I’m playing well after 9, I want to continue the mojo. If I’m playing poorly, I want to redeem myself on the back 9. That said, I will get in a few half-rounds - mainly to work on something specific on the course, like mid irons or half wedges for example.
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  • James the Hogan FanJames the Hogan Fan  999WRX Points: 660Handicap: 12Members Posts: 999 Golden Tee
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    Last summer I found a place on my drive home from work that was $20-$25 depending on online specials after 5 PM. I would get there at 6 and play until sundown, usually getting in 9-12 holes. (Once I played basically speedgolf and finished)

    Anyway 9 holes to me is a great way to get your fix while not being extremely late/away from home. That said, it is disappointing to have to pick up for darkness. It’s just hard to find a course with a 9 hole rate low enough to make it feel like paying the 18 hole rate is not a much better deal. (I know the 9 rate won’t be 50% of the 18, but the closer the better.)
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