Hybrid with minimum offset

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Wondering about hybrids with least amount of offset or one that's not draw-biased. Any help is appreciated.
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  • bradskibradski Members Posts: 2,328 ✭✭
    I feel like my old rbz 2 tour turned down is not a hook machine.
  • beluga99beluga99 I can't avenge my partner's death with this pea shooter Members Posts: 901 ✭✭
    My Ping Ansers don't have a lot of offset. Solid too. Would recommend.
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  • TollBrosTollBros Overseer of the Test Range Sponsors Posts: 4,873 ✭✭
    M1 or M3 would be where I would start.

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  • getitdailygetitdaily Members Posts: 2,440 ✭✭

    Wondering about hybrids with least amount of offset or one that's not draw-biased. Any help is appreciated.

    Mizuno jpx900. Very little (if any) offset and definitely not draw biased.
  • bradskibradski Members Posts: 2,328 ✭✭
    I would try and get anything that is adjustable, as you lower loft it should open the face a bit.
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  • mikpgamikpga www.mikedeitersgolf.com Members Posts: 7,368 ✭✭
  • BearQBearQ Break 2 Rebuild Members Posts: 3,391 ✭✭
    816 H1 is what you need
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  • newbsaucenewbsauce Members Posts: 143 ✭✭
    My understanding is that most hybrids are draw-biased because they’re weighted toward the heel instead of the toe.

    I have read that Cally Apex, XR pro, X2 Hot pro, and X Hot pro are slightly toe weighted.

    Titleist 818 hybrids have adjustable weights to shift more heel or toe.

    The effect is demonstrated in this Crossfield video:

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  • Tommy56Tommy56 Members Posts: 461 ✭✭
    BearQ wrote:

    816 H1 is what you need

    ^^^ This ^^^
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  • RH82RH82 Members Posts: 1,999 ✭✭
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  • YuckYuck Fore! Members Posts: 2,455 ✭✭
    Most hybrids I have used don't have any offset. The leading edge is ahead of the shaft. (Titleist 913, Cally 816). What hybrids are offset?
  • KgglonghornKgglonghorn ClubWRX Posts: 53 ✭✭
    I have fought a draw my whole life and am constantly looking for clubs with no offset. After trying several hybrids this past winter and spring, I settled on the M3 with a low spin shaft. It is the only hybrid that I do not lose right (I am left handed). love it. I play the M3 3 wood for the same reason.
  • jbandalojbandalo Members Posts: 107 ✭✭
    Callaway Apex.
  • jg379jg379 Members Posts: 59
    Adams red. Move 25gram weight to toe and they are cheap
  • benclabbenclab golfn702 Members Posts: 1,625 ✭✭
    Callaway Apex.
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  • zeke66zeke66 Members Posts: 188
    PXG... look great in this regard. I can’t look at other hybrids.
  • jimbob74jimbob74 Members Posts: 1
    @zeke66 +1 on the PXG. Great looking hybrid and really performs. Cally apex second
  • ME27ME27 Members Posts: 99 ✭✭
    New srixon h85 has been working well for me
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  • bladehunterbladehunter Today was a good day.... Members Posts: 25,892 ✭✭
    Bridgestone tour B XD-H.

    If you hook it it’s you.
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  • KgglonghornKgglonghorn ClubWRX Posts: 53 ✭✭
    stuck a KBS tour prototype shaft in my M3 hybrid today and holy ****!!!! immediately picked up 10 yards without giving up any accuracy. Feels great too. No offset and no hooks. Lovin it.
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