Playing Riviera.



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    Schley wrote:

    manku wrote:

    Can't charge to a CC or cash at Brentwood either...and I don't recall Bel Air having that option either.

    In fact, almost no high end private clubs that I've played allow guests to pay...everything must be charged to the member.

    And LACC definitely won't let you...

    Why would a club allow CC...costs them 2-3% of sales, they have to create a different payment system etc...anyone who is good friends with a member should be able to buy a couple shirts and hats.

    I used a credit card at Bel Air a couple years ago to buy a couple shirts and logo ball.

    It's been about a decade since I've was little too snooty for me (long pants!). For example, per their website "Cell phones are prohibited in the clubhouse, parking lot and on the golf course"...where could a member use it...the caddyshack?
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