Best golf shot you ever made

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I thought it might cool to hear stories about your very best shot ever .Everybody must have one. I'll start:

My son and I are out for a quick 9 one late afternoon so it wasnt about score, it was just my son and I hangin out together. I found myself on a par 4 behind this huge pine tree with the green just on the other side. I was probably 10 feet behind the tree so it was spend a stroke and pitch out and then onto the green or over the top. My son's laughin at my perdicament since he was already on the green. So I said to him, you think this is funny? See if your still laughin after this shot. I took out 65 degree wedge and opened it up flat. He says....NO WAY!!! I told him, see where this goes. He stood out far enough to see the shot and the green. I took my swing and the ball went straight up and softly looped over the top of the tree(this tree was old and very high). The shot as my son described it came straight down about 3 feet from the hole, bounced and backed up about 2 feet and left an easy par tap in.

To qualify this I probably could have hit a large bucket of balls and not reproduced that shot and to do it at that monent and see the look on my sons face was priceless and the best shot I ever hit.
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  • italianstallionitalianstallion Bethpage Black - 8th hole Junior Mod Squad Posts: 3,016 ✭✭
    haha, nothing like "the look"

    As for me, 5th hole at Bethpage Black. I was in the left edge of the fairway, 221 yards to the hole with a breeze in my face. Anybody who has ever played there will tell you that's absolutely dead. I felt like such an idiot waiting for the green to clear, because here I am sitting 221 yards away to an elevated green after hitting a drive that went at most 250 downhill. Absolutely pured the shot, hit a perfect high draw around the trees which landed on the green and stopped pinhigh 10 feet from the hole. Missed the birdie putt but I'll remember that shot for a long time.
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    Mine was a D'Andrea golf club in Reno Nevada (nice course, sad it just shut down) par 3 14th or 15th. 215 yards split level green. It was a very windy day probably 20-25 MPH in to my face and off my back (right handed) I took a 4 iron. Played it off my back foot and hit a shoot that never got more than 15 feet of the ground with a slight draw.

    It hit the green and ran past the hole but then came back down the slope to about 4-5 feet from the hole. I know it does not some like much but I feel it was the best execution of a golf shot that I have have been able to pull off.
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    about a year ago, on a 225~230 yards par 3 at a county course, i hit my 4 iron because i did not carry any woods at the time (newb).

    fyi, i hit my 4 iron 195~200 yards, "IF i hit it well.

    the ball went up high in the air, a slight draw, landed on the green only a few feet away from the hole.

    no helping wind & no downhill.

    my father and i both talk about those few seconds the kind golf spirit was with me.
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    My best, was about 8 years ago.

    A par 4 430yd . In the fairway bunker, had 220yd to the pin. Hit a 5 wood, the best I ever hit the club, so clean I didn't even take a morsal of sand out.

    Uphill elevated green. Couldn't see the hole, just the tip of the flag.

    Drive up to it, and I'm 8 inches from the hole. I made the birdie putt to confirm the shot.

    Never had a hole in one though, or that would be my best shot.
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    Great stories, I think everyone who's played for a while has one of these stories.You always see posts about players having problems. I thought it would be fun to see the other side of the game for a change.
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    I would have to say my hole-in-one. Even though I kinda bladed it I still have to pick that one. I still remember all of the details: 13 years old, 164 yards, pretty strong headwind. I hit a 6 iron to a white flag in the middle of the green. Hit and released right into the hole.
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    Last year i was on a dog leg right par 4, I topped my drive but still made it just onto the fairway. There were woods on the right and a large creek in front of an elevated green. The pin was in the middle/front of the green. I pulled out my 5 wood and smashed a big cut around the trees. I couldn't see the green and i thought it would be short. As i pulled around the corner I saw something on the green. My ball ended up about 6 feet from the hole, and I made birdie. It was awesome!
  • portergolfportergolf @Portergolf #MakeEveryThing Marietta,GA Members Posts: 43
    In 2001 in the final round of our club championship I was 2 strokes up on the guys chasing me and on the 16th hole a 153 yard par 3 and I hit a dead hossel dead into the woods OB. We both felt the tide turn as he hit his shot to about 6 feet. Now I have to retee hitting 3 from the tee with my nerves are going carzy thinking I just blew the tounament. I step up on the tee take a breath calm myself down and hit my 3rd shot to 10 inches and salavge a bogey (the tide turned again) and went on to win the tournament by 1 stroke.

    Who would have though your best shot ever would get you a bogey. I consider it my best shot ever becuase of the moment and pressure of the shot and stepping up pulling it off.
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    50 yards with a lob wedge, over some big trees that I was sure that I wouldn't get over and a sand trap, short-sided, into the hole.
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    Played a few weeks ago in a 4-man scramble tournament at Lewis River Golf Course in Woodland, WA. It was pouring down rain, the course was super wet and they ran out of carts with bag covers on them.

    I was playing with 3 guys that were 15-20 hcps, easily. I was the 'anchor' and went last, many times to 'save us'. Well, my partners made up for it with their putting, they made everything on the first 8 holes, -6 through 6 holes and -7 through 8 holes. It's amazing how much you don't notice the rain when your -7 after 8 holes. We missed the green on the par-3 7th and chipped up and saved par. I didn't putt until the 9th hole, missed a 35 ft birdie by an inch. But, no complaints, -7 through 9 holes in the pouring rain, I knew we had a chance to win. We got second 2 years ago with a -8, losing by 1 shot. I know lots of times you need to get to at least -12 in these scrambles to have a chance, but the field is smaller for this one (12 teams, instead of a full 18) and with the weather, we really just needed to get a couple more and we'd be set.

    The 10th hole started with rushed drives after 2 of the guys went to get more dry towels and gloves/jackets. So, after a not so great drive, we were lucky to save par. The 12th is a 620 yd par-5, where after almost some less than stellar drives, we managed to save par when I made a 10 ft downhill left-right putt, that broke about 5 ft and did a 360* trip around the hole and dropped. That would have been the shot of the day, until the 16th hole.

    The rain finally subsided on the 13th hole. We had missed a makable birdie on the 13th, so the team was a little down, thinking we needed to get a couple more under to have a chance. I was just trying to get my team in the clubhouse without a bogey and thought that might be enough.

    The shot

    The 16th is a fairly short par-4 that measures 306 yds on the scorecard, dogleg left to right. If you put a 200 yd drive out to the top of the hill at the end of the dogleg then you're left with a shot of about 100 yds across a pond to a mid-sized green severely sloped from back to front. We had 2 drives to the left, barely off the fairway, but in play just fine. I decided to take a shot at the green, hoping to get close so we could chip close for birdie. I aimed down the tree line and purposely hit a push-fade drive, which (for me) gets a bit more height (which was needed) to clear the pine trees all the way down the right. I hit it good, but wasn't sure if I got it all. We drive up looking for it, hoping we might find it.

    Well, there it is, a ball sitting in the middle of the green! golfing.gif Right in the middle, about 20 ft above the hole. According to Google Maps, it was about a 265 yd shot, all carry. We made the downhill putt for an eagle and made par on the nex two holes. We ended up winning by 2 shots witha -9, 63.

    I couldn't get the pic to embed... go here to see a picture of the hole.
  • bigtazz53bigtazz53 Bogey Golfer Members Posts: 71
    Mine was at Cordova Country Club #9 520 yd par 5, had a great drive that left me with 230 to pin

    that needed a 20 yd draw around trees. Pictured it an hit it, putted 10 footer for eagle.

    Made my day and made up for the 6 I made on a par 3 earlier lol.
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    There's always going to be that one shot that brings you back next

    I still couldnt see the picture after following the link....but great story anyway!!!
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    Couple of weeks ago. My hole in one. Posted it HERE ...but here is the story anyway.

    So at the age of 48, I finally got my first hole in one.The stage was at the New York Country Club on the 12th hole. It was 137 yards to the middle, but the flag was placed up front on a severe sloping part of the green.It palyed 106 to the pin.

    It was a suckers pin because if you miss short, you will roll 20 yards off of the green and if you go too long, there are 2 tiers to putt downhill into the down hill cup placement.

    So I went for I grabbed my sandwedge.

    The swing was great and it sailed high landing just left of the cup. It spun back and to the right and rolled right into the cup. The kicker is that when I looked up I was momentarily blinded by the sun.It wasn't until my partners started yelling "it went in" that I realized my luck.

    So, after buying lunch and beverages at the clubhouse (my tab, of course) I kept riding high until I got to work. We finished at 10 am...come to think of it, I'm still flying high. Cheers !
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    i've hit a few shots that mattered (like in competition) that were pretty good. But in terms of a pure golf shot regardless of what it meant, i have 2, both in fun rounds

    1) a 130yd shot that was right next to a tree. I had to curl my body around it like spiderman and swipe at it. Because of the angle i had to start it 30yds right of the green. I hit a thin slice to 10 feet that never got more then 15 feet off the ground. I made the birdie

    2) a 215yd 4 iron out of a fairway bunker that i had to draw around a tree. I hit it as perfect as i've ever hit a ball. To about 10 feet
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    A few years ago we played one of the local courses here that has a long par 5 15th. The second shot is important, as you have to negotiate a very narrow bottleneck about 150 yards away. As I often did , I pushed my second shot behind the tall trees on the right, too tall to go over. It was around the time that white/blonde haired guy Kelly was on Big Break and he was talking about " carving the ball, hitting a little 'sachet' shot". We constantly joked about that.

    Shouted at my buddy that I was gonna carve a 6 iron around the tree about 140 yards to the pin, hit a little "sachet" shot. He turned to watch and I set up and hit a Bubba-esque cut around the tree to about 10 feet. We laughed all the way to the 16th tee, a 190 yard par 3.

    I stepped up and announced that I was going to carve a 4 iron right to left to the pin. He turned to watch and I proceeded to duck hook the ball into the woods. i thought he was gonna die laughing.

    That planned cut is probably the best shot I ever hit.
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    portergolf wrote:

    In 2001 in the final round of our club championship I was 2 strokes up on the guys chasing me and on the 16th hole a 153 yard par 3 and I hit a dead hossel dead into the woods OB. We both felt the tide turn as he hit his shot to about 6 feet. Now I have to retee hitting 3 from the tee with my nerves are going carzy thinking I just blew the tounament. I step up on the tee take a breath calm myself down and hit my 3rd shot to 10 inches and salavge a bogey (the tide turned again) and went on to win the tournament by 1 stroke.

    Who would have though your best shot ever would get you a bogey. I consider it my best shot ever becuase of the moment and pressure of the shot and stepping up pulling it off.

    Good stuff man that really is something, there is nothing quite as jarring to a good golfer as a random hosel rocket mid-round especially when its going well and is competitve.. trust me I know!
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    I was playing at a putt-putt course in Ocean City, Md when I was 8. I was being a real brat and my parents had enough of it and told me that we weren't getting ice cream afterwards.

    I hit my putt up this slope and it gets stopped by this swinging polar bear's paw. I got so pissed that I took a full swing and sent that red plastic ball flying right into this fat lady's a$$ bent over in her truck. She jumped up and screamed and hit her head on the on the trunk door.

    Best shot over.
  • SurfDufferSurfDuffer Members Posts: 3,009 ✭✭
    30 yard hook out of left trees with a 3-iron to 2 feet. Made birdie.

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  • tbarlow11tbarlow11 Boom Shaka Laka Members Posts: 451
    This was at my former home course, Bey Lea (muni in NJ). The 18th is a Par 5, it's only about 490 or so, but it plays longer because there's a lake that comes into play about 220 (downhill slope to the hazard), and forced carry is like 270. I've tried many times to crank one over the water and never am succesful.

    So I'm coming into the 18th hole, 1 over par. My best round ever at the time was 74 (+2). So obviously, I'm starting to get a little nervous. We get to the tee, and the tees are up and we have a fairly decent breeze at our backs. My gut feeling is, "I can get there today" So I talk myself into doing it, realizing that if I poke one in the drink, I'm basically setting myself up for a bogey (drop is about 230 or so from hole) and ruining my almost best round ever. I tell myself I can get there with a normal swing, and if I'm going to miss, miss right (forced carry is a little shorter on right side, but dead if you go left of center. But for some reason my mind just told my body to unload into this swing. Probably the nerves, I don't really know.

    So I unloaded into the ball, and absolutely demolished it. But, it started to draw on me. It was going to the left-center of the hazard and I figured I was dead. I walk over to my bag upset, sure that I just smoked one and it was dead in the water, best round was over. Then one of my partners goes, I never saw a splash. A bit of relief, but they were all old guys who had trouble seeing as it was.

    So I walk across the lake, praying that my ball is up there. Low and behold my ball is right in the left-center portion of the fairway with about 170 left to the green. I was so pumped. Knocked the next one on the green, and 2-putted for birdie for my lowest round ever 72.
  • emfish11emfish11 Members Posts: 225
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    I remember a shot that maybe not my best, but was one of the best executed shots I have imagined. It had been raining for about a week straight and on this day a light drizzle started on the 4th hole. The hole bends to the left a little, but the biggest obstacle is the huge tree that hangs over the left side of the fairway forcing you to hit it right side fairway where there is a reachable bunker. Anyways I hit my drive to left side of the fairway and a long way. Usually you can have a chance at going up and over the big tree if the angle is right, but I had no shot. I was 190 out and had to hit a 30-40 yard hook to the pin. Mind you the green is about 7 yards wide and bunkers surrounding every side. It was probably scarier for the people on the next tee box watching me as I was aiming directly for them haha. I envisioned my shot and executed it perfectly putting myself 5 feet from the whole and drained the putt. The best part is this was during a practice round with high school golfers (I am a golf coach) and they were blown away that I pulled that off. I was able to use my shot as an example of what to do and what not to do, asking each golfer what they would have done and why?
  • DevilDogDevilDog Members Posts: 1,816 ✭✭
    175 yard 7 iron hole in one with a fierce right to left wind. Hit my line exactly, dead center contact on the clubface and the wind blew it as I imagined. All came together. Ball literally took out part of the hole because it almost landed directly in it.
  • mallratmallrat Members Posts: 2,913 ✭✭
    3 shots come to mind but known were miracle shots or anything...Just good swings where things worked out perfect.

    1st was on #9 at Spyglass. Hit my second into the front greenside bunker and made the bunker shot during a buddies bachelor party.

    2nd was at Old macdonald, 130 yards up about a 100 ft hill. Caddy said he liked my 6 and gave me my target line. Completely blind shot that I would have chosen a 9 iron on I put 6" from the cup for a birdie.

    3rd was a pulled drive that left me 210 to the hole behind a row of trees and it was punch out to about 190, go full at it and put it in a bunker or try a low kind of trap hook at the bunker and see what happens. Hit the low trap hook (bent it about 35-40 yards) and ended up 10 feet in front of the green. Exactly what I tried to do and where I wanted to place it just not enough
  • 2bGood2bGood Members Posts: 4,974 ✭✭
    380 yard par 4. Hit driver, must of landed on the 100 yard marker plate, bounced up to green. 2' putt = eagle
  • TLUBulldogGolfTLUBulldogGolf Sasquatch Houston, TXMembers Posts: 2,419 ✭✭
    There are a few shots I really remember but one that I think definitely stands out. It was at Callaway Gardens in Georgia on the 11th hole which is a par 5 and I was going for the green. It was winter so the fairways were dormant making the lie pretty tight and it was on a slight downslope with the green uphill from the fairway. I took out a 3 iron and tried to hit a high fade as hard as I could. The contact is probably the best I have ever made with a long iron and I ended up 20 ft behind the flag. Unfortunately I missed the eagle putt but that has to be one of the best shots I have ever hit given the situation.
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  • swbypsswbyps Members Posts: 3,280
    Hit 3w second shot on a par 5 from about 260. Landed short of the green, bounced forward, and rolled all the way to a back pin to about 3ft. Made eagle. Holed out once for eagle from a deep bunker about 20yds in front of the green on a short par 4.
  • longshot300longshot300 Another good golfer with Autism. Members Posts: 374
    I have a couple great shots, but my best shot was actually on a short par 4 on one of the courses by Lake Winnipasaukee, N.H. a couples years back. it was the 6th hole and about 320 yds. At the time I was ahead of my older cousin by 8 strokes, he wasn't doing so hot. On this hole there was a hazard about 50 yds in front of the green. So I was like "You know what, I'm gonna mess around on this hole to see how my driver's doing" So I tee'd off, and even though I can hit it long ways, I usually hit a fade. This drive, not only it went dead straight, but it stopped 5 feet from the pin. We were both freaking out when we were putting. I sunk the putt for an eagle

    I swear this will never happen again, especially on my shot with a driver
  • mnplayermnplayer Members Posts: 1,719
    Best shot in competition:

    Conference 9. Already 5 over through 4 holes. 5th hole is about 290 dead straight. Pullout a 3 wood thinking I'll just put it up near the bunkers in front of the green. Thin it about 180 yards. From the rough I had 112 yards, pull out a 56* wedge, takes one hop and drops in the cup.

    Best casual shot:

    Hooked my drive behind a tree. Have 220 to the hole. Pull out my hybrid, aim 30 yards right of the green and hit a huge hook to 10 feet, and then proceed to miss the birdie.
  • jnradioactivejnradioactive JNRadio Banned Posts: 2,676
    Walk off eagle on 18th from about 130 out. Wyboo golf course SC...

  • elay95elay95 Members Posts: 206
    At Oklahoma state golf camp, we're playing Karsten Creek, best course I've ever played. On hole 4 I hit a drive in the right rough next to a fairway bunker. had about 110 in, took a little off a gap wedge and it flew straight in the hole for eagle. Took out a chunk of the front of the cup from where my ball landed. First time I ever holed out from more than just a chip or pitch, on the best course I've ever played. It was pretty awesome, and the OK state coach gave me a sleeve of ProV1's for it!
  • oaixoaix Members Posts: 99
    Duffed an iron off the tee at a short par four into the heather, probably 240 left. I took out the 3 wood, hoping to land it over the water, I end up puring it over everything, it lands on the front edge of the green, and rolls to about 20 feet. Still missed the birdie haha
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