Does your bag brand match your club(s)?



  • Ed SettleEd Settle #InsideTMAG ClubWRX Posts: 6,046 ClubWRX
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    All TM with TM pure-lite bag. Stitch Matching head covers. If that makes me a poser, please get in the back of the line waiting to kiss my a$$...

    Twitter: @Ed_Settle

    Driver: Callaway Epic Flash SZ 10.5 Graphite Design VR-6X
    Fairway 3w: TaylorMade M5 Ti 3/15* GD GP-6X 
    Driving Iron: TM P-790 4/23* KBS Proto Hyb 85S
    Irons: New Level 4-PW Nippon Modus 105 S
    Wedges: New Level 50/52/Callaway Custom 60 WB Grind Modus 115 Wedge 
    Putter: Something new from Toulon Design
    Ball: Callaway ERC Soft/Callaway CSX Triple Track
    Bag: Vessel Black 14 way carry

    My WITB
  • ptjn1201ptjn1201 Members Posts: 1,181 ✭✭
    I push an Odyssey bag I got new off the 'Bay -- no Odyssey putter, though. Got a good price.
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    MacTec NV-NX 24* 9W
    Bridgestone Access VP-02, 6-AW
    Inazone EZ-PZ CNC wedge 52* & 60*
    Mizuno Pro GT-201 Mallet
  • ChillinChillin Members Posts: 3
    I use a Nike bag and pretty much Taylormade/Adams/Odyssey equipment. I liked the Nike bag for a number of reasons, one being that it didn't have huge logos all over it. Just the swoosh on the side, and realistically I wear enough Nike apparel for it to somewhat fit in.
    Taylormade R7 3-9
    Taylormade R7 PW, AW, SW
    Taylormade R11 Driver
    Adams Super S 3 Wood
    Odyssey Versa 2 Putter
  • Titleistman89Titleistman89 Members Posts: 12
    Titleist 910d3 driver, 910 f. Ap1 irons, vokey wedge, nickent 3 hybrid and a tm corza putter in a ping hoofer bag.. So no, I don't match any of them. But it's more about function and weight when it comes to my bag because I do walk a lot in spring and fall so I want light weight for sure
  • goliath23goliath23 Members Posts: 409
    I have some clubs. I just bought another ping bag today. I have a ping fairway and hybrid but that's it. I think there's a slight difference. I would prob not buy a titleist or tm bag without having their clubs in my bag. Ping is a well known bag maker in my eyes where as I see many other brands as a way to show your support for a club company you like and use.
  • RRFirebladeRRFireblade AKA Jay. Members Posts: 4,782
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    Usually matches my irons. Most of my bag usually match too but my irons are the most constant and the bag usually follows them.

    However, I game anything that anyone would care to offer up as a sponsorship.

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    XRP #3 XS
    Cally Apex MB 3i-9i PX 7.0
    Cally MD3 52*/56*/60*
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  • ShamblesShambles Members Posts: 3,548 ✭✭
    I found a good bag at a good price, bought it and am using it. I never gave thought to the brand on the bag. Frankly, I would have preferred a bag without a brand but these days the better bags are branded so my opportunities are limited accordingly.

  • 360_CS360_CS Members Posts: 4,256 ✭✭
    SunMountain bag here. Didn't give a thought about matching the clubs with the bag. Whatever bag best suits me I was going to get didn't matter about the brand.
  • DarbysonDarbyson Members Posts: 198
    My bag and everything in it is Titleist...except my Mizuno MP14 2 iron..... even have a tournament bag image/wink.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=';)' />
    4.1 index
    Laguna 1.5 Select Tour in Black Mist
  • IheartNYIheartNY Unregistered Posts: 732
    Ogio circa 2008. I might switch to a Sun Mountain next year.
  • pccasstpropccasstpro Members Posts: 1,169
    I, up until last year, had always had a Ping Bag. Then I found a Sun Mountain Three5 DLX , wow!
    Driver: TaylorMade M1 440 9.5* w/ Accra Tour Z 65 ST Proto M5
    3 wood : TM 200 Tour 15* w/ Fujikura Pro95 X
    Hybrid : Mizuno MP-5H 3 iron bent to 20* w/ UST Mamiya Recoil 110 F5 +3/4
    4-PW : Mizuno MP-62 w/ TT DG X100 +1/2
    GW: Mizuno MP-T5 51/08 w/ TT DG X100 +1/2
    SW: Mizuno MP-T5 55/11 w/ TT DG S400 +1/2
    LW: Mizuno MP-T5 59/09 w/ TT DG S400 +1/2
    Putter : Rife Mr. Beasley First Run Silver 34" w/ Super Stroke 1.0
    Ball: Bridgestone B330 Tour

    The Back up bag:
    Mizuno MP650 19* w/ Aerotech SteelFiber 110 X
    Mizuno MP-H5 2 iron w/ Grafalloy C-Note X
    Mizuno MP-T5 52/09 & 57/13 w/ TT DG X300
    Callaway 816 DBD 9* w/ Accra PCMC Tour 60 M5
    Callaway XR Pro 14* w/ Accra Tour Z LS 85 M5
    Tour Edge CB4 w/ Accra SE80 M5
    Odyssey ProType #5
    Odyssey White Hot #5
    Ping Scottsdale Anser BeNi
    Bobby Grace KBI BeCu
  • optimatoroptimator It's only an addiction if you're trying to quit Members Posts: 177 ClubWRX
    I bought a Nike M9 II on sale last weekend. What sold me was the angle of the top and the external putter well. I was playing a set of Wilson irons. On Thursday I had a set of Nike Machspeeds. It was coincidence, but what the ****, I like the matching look.
  • Desert GolfDesert Golf Members Posts: 1,573
    Sun Mountain Hybrid for me. Best bag I've ever owned. They don't make hybrid clubs though or any other clubs to my knowledge.
    Taylormade R9 Rombax 6X07
    Titleist 904f Aldila NV
    Nickent 3DX Hybrids
    Ping I25 Irons
    Odyssey Black Tour #5
  • KPH808KPH808 Participation Trophy ClubWRX Posts: 2,634 ClubWRX
    Been using Ping bags since junior golf but don't have anything Ping in the bag.
    [font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][font=times new roman,times,serif]Ping G400 LST 8.5* w/ Tensei Pro White 70 TX
    TM '17 M2 15* w/ Kurokage Dual Core 80 TX
    TM P790 UDI 2 w/ KBS Tour 130x
    Titleist 718 CB w/ KBS $ Taper 130x
    Fourteen Raw RM 22 50, 54, 58 w/ KBS 610 Tour Black Nickel
    Scotty Cameron Circle T Futura 6M
  • JohnnyJohnny Get Kwok'd Charter Members Posts: 8,706 ✭✭
    Mizuno Aerolite Space Invaders bag for me.. it was cheap and its light.

    Woods : Callaway Razr TA, Titleist F3-05
    Hybrid : Adams LSP XTD
    Irons : Fourteen TC910 3&4I, Nike VRProCombo 5-PW
    Wedges : Fourteen RM-11 54/60
    Putter : Nike Method 003 Oven

  • Regul8rRegul8r RG Members Posts: 102
    Adams 9064ls, BUL3-5,a-12 20&23, Mizuno MP60 5-9,Cleveland CG16 48&52, Ping Eye 2 LW, Adidas bag& shoes... Perfect Harmony! But seriously if you are concerned about matching your bag with your equipment you may be overthinking it. As long as the bag serves you set of needs, and is durable who cares....
  • Birdies&EaglesBirdies&Eagles Members Posts: 349
    Sun Mountain bag for this guy and they dont make any clubs! I like having a hodge podge of brands the best of each club
  • 1quik701quik70 Members Posts: 10
    My bag has NEVER matched my sticks. I have had the same Ping Hoofer 2 since 2003, and really no reason to change. At the moment I'm playing ALL Titleist clubs, and still rocking my Ping bag in a color I hate, but it was my high school bag.
    Titleist 910 D3 Aldila RIP Alpha 60
    Titleist 910 F-D 15* Aldila VooDoo SnV7
    Titleist 906 F2 18* Aldila NV
    Titleist Z-B Forged 4-PW Project X
    Vokey Spin Milled 52*, 56*, 60*
    Scotty Cameron GoLo 34
  • FozcycleFozcycle Members Posts: 263
    My bag is by Team represents my school! Go Kentucky!

    My clubs are now all Nike.
    Cobra King LTD driver @12* w/Paderson Kinetix Green IMRT shaft
    Cobra Bio Cell 3-4W - 16*
    Cobra Bio Cell 2-3 Hybrid - 19*
    Cobra King F6 4-GW w/Matrix Red Tie graphite
    Bellum Winmore 707 Putter 33"
    Snell MTB & Bridgestone B330RX
  • OldnavycdrOldnavycdr Members Posts: 907 ✭✭
    Recently bought Titleist Lightweight cart bag to hold my Pings, TM putter, and Callaway 60*. I figure I've offended all the majors now.
  • bevansbevans Members Posts: 129
    My bag use to match but I have switched to an ogio bag now.
  • gin and tonicgin and tonic Members Posts: 90 ✭✭
    I have a Callaway bag for carts and a Ping J bag to carry.

    Not a single Callaway or Ping club in the bag. Although I do occasionally wear a Callaway glove. Does that count?
  • IsleOfManIsleOfMan Members Posts: 2,309 ClubWRX
    When I got my first ever set of BRAND NEW irons (after playing good but used equipment through high-school and most of college), I splurged and bought a matching staff bag. Both were still realitvely low-priced items, even brand new... Tommy Armour 845cm Silverback mixed set was around $400 and matching black/blue/silver staff bag was only $125 (in summer 2005). Then the next summer I got married, started a career, built a house, and all the other things that keep people from playing golf frequently enough.

    For the next 4-5 years I only played 2-3 times a year. At some point over one of the off-seasons the bag was damaged severly by a small but energetic dog that spend nights in the garage... it could possibly be saved by replacement of a few zippers, but the two seamstresses I've taken it to couldn't handle the size with their large sewing machines or the thickness of the leather with their handheld machines.

    The clubs have also since moved along as my infrequent play necessitated GI irons... but I'll never forget the look of those beautiful brushed forged irons in thier beautiful matching staff bag.
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    Cobra King F8 5/6w 17.5* |
    Aldila NV Blue 2KXV S
    [font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]Cobra [/font][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]King F8[/font] 4h 22* | Aldila Rogue Pro 75 S
    Cobra Bio Cell + 5i - Gw | TT Dynalite Gold XP S300
    Cobra King WideLow 56* & 60* | TT Dynamic Gold S200
    Cleveland TFi 2135 Satin Elevado CB Putter | 35" Counterbalance
    Ogio OZone Cart | Ogio Shredder Stand
    | Orlimar Pitch & Putt Stand
  • BluePrints2BluePrints2 Get in tune with that ISLAND TIME Members Posts: 630
    Titleist driver, mizuno woods, adams hybrid, titleist vokeys, and a scotty cameron, in a titleist 14-way premium standbag. I will get ap2s to replace my i15 irons and a odyssey putter soon. Its hard to get a non titleist putter though, so i may have to keep my scotty.
    Titleist 913 d2 Oban Devotion 04
    TEE XCG6 15* Speeder vc6.0 Stiff
    Titleist 909f2 18.5, Mizuno Fli-Hi 21*
    Titleist AP2 712 4-PW Project X 5.5
    Titleist Vokey TVD 54M & 60M S400
    Scotty cameron TEi3 Newpot custom
  • Kadin 25Kadin 25 BIG K Members, Featured Writer Posts: 6,652
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    TMAG driver

    Callaway 3 wood

    Ping hybrids

    Yonex irons

    Vokey & Callaway wedges

    Scotty Putter

    Ogio bag so no it doesn't match, actually nothing in my bag matches image/wink.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=';)' />

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  • mlfmlf Members Posts: 128 ✭✭
    I like my irons to match the bag. Outside of that it

    Does not matter. No real logic in it, just like it that way.
  • Hot Rod 71Hot Rod 71 #TheWRX ClubWRX, BST Volunteer Mods Posts: 8,847 ClubWRX
    My bag matches the ball I play....Srixon.
    PING G400 LS 9* - Graphite Design Tour AD TP 6X
    Callaway Epic 15* - Diamana S+ 70X
    Callaway Apex 20* - Diamana S+ 80X
    PXG Gen1 0311T - DGTI AMT S400
    Cleveland RTX4 50, 54, 58 - DGTI S400
    Yes! Jenny Tour
    Titleist Pro V1 Yellow
  • Hayden_The_GolferHayden_The_Golfer Members Posts: 20
    I play a mixed bag (taylormade woods, yonex irons, dunlop wedges and a NC putter) and a cheap bag.

    I want to get a dunlop bag so that it matches my wedges (and my 3 iron which is dunlop also)

    I'm a huge dunlop fan as you can see, and I'm a 12 handicap
  • Hayden_The_GolferHayden_The_Golfer Members Posts: 20
    I play a mixed bag (taylormade woods, yonex irons, dunlop wedges and a NC putter) and a cheap bag.

    I want to get a dunlop bag so that it matches my wedges (and my 3 iron which is dunlop also)

    I'm a huge dunlop fan as you can see, and I'm a 12 handicap
  • Hayden_The_GolferHayden_The_Golfer Members Posts: 20
    I play a mixed bag (taylormade woods, yonex irons, dunlop wedges and a NC putter) and a cheap bag.

    I want to get a dunlop bag so that it matches my wedges (and my 3 iron which is dunlop also)

    I'm a huge dunlop fan as you can see, and I'm a 12 handicap
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