Best Anser style putter for the $$

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I am looking for a new putter and wanted something simple like an Anser style putter. I am currently using a scotty Red X which I really dislike but really cant afford to get anything to expensive. Looking for some suggestions for a new LH Putter



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    I second the suggestion above for the Cleveland Huntington Beach, great putters. Maybe look for a deal on a Taylormade TP Juno, I've seen a few floating around on that big auction site in the sky for $100 new. Dig deeper perhaps and look for a NOS Kevin Burns, great all milled putters that can usually be found for around $110.
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    Instead of an Anser "style" why not actually get a proper Ping Anser?

    There's so many models over the years im sure you will find one within budget

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    Cleceland Huntington beach!

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    for the money the original Cleveland classic... $40 now?

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    Not sure if they have lefty version but the ping anser Milled line is a great value
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    Wow that Cleveland Huntington Beach 1 looks like a great deal
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    You can still buy a brand new ping Anser for under $100. These are the old style, cast with sound slot and no sight-line with a ping man grip and no head cover. (You don't really need one) Some will find these too light by today's standards.
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    Ping redwood Anser

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    Ping Anser milled
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    Love my Juno, taylormade got silver version on discount now..

    edit - nevermind, they only got right handed left
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    Just picked up a Scotty Studio Design 1.5 for $80
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    The OG White Hot #1. Also there are some White Hot Pro #1’s on the bay for around $60 that are in good shape. Best inserts ever made.
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    You might want to consider the material of the head if feel is important. Carbon vs Stainless Steel or even inserts all give a different feedback.
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    to further expand on drjacob's post, it would also help to know what kind of feel you're looking for. if you want really soft, then there are several odyssey iterations available second hand. but for a non-insert, it's hard to beat the cleveland huntington beach or the previous model classic line.
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    The Cleveland Classic can be purchased new for nothing these days. I used one for about 4 years. It is as good as any Scotty that I have rolled.
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    "for the money" is a very relative suggestion, but I offer this:

    In the milled arena it's hard to beat the Bettinardi BB or Ping Vault 2.0 for $300. Pay anything more and you're just buying a premium/custom boutique name because you can.

    And for a regular putter (which these days means something at $200), O-Works 1 and Sigma G/2 Anser would be good options.

    All of the above except the BB series have had some use on the Tour which says enough to me.
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    Budget golf still has their TM putters on sale for under $100:
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    Ping Redwood Anser (the matt black finish is especially nice);

    Ping Anser Milled (choice of 6 hosels);

    or, if you can find one, Ping Anser JAS WTi (a thing of beauty).

    All of these slightly older models have modern headweights and a nice, solid feel off the face. For me, the recent Vault and Sigma G lines feel too soft and somehow dulled.
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    The HB are a great value, but if you like a firm putter, they’re not for you. The deep milling make them very soft. I’m a big fan of the Redwood line. Aesthetically pleasing and offers great feel.
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    Another vote for Ping Anser Milled and Redwood. I have them both and they are great. The only downside is they're a little light.
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    Anyone pulled the head on a newer PING putter?

    I just pulled an old Dalehead and they put a ball bearing down in the hosel. It's a mother to pull.

    OP, I've been checking real Daleheads on eBay and the prices are all over the place. The only reasons not to buy the real deal: if you can't deal with the sound slot, if you want heavier than 330 grams, if you like a different sight aid (could be modified). If you're still looking in a few weeks send me a PM. I'm selling a few from my collection.
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    The TP Juno in the silver finish are on in New shape for $70. Great putter at a great price. Finish is outstanding. I actually like this over the black/copper of the new look Juno. The copper/black finish tends to show every rub or slight scratch.
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    On -, @WidespreadPanic said:

    The OG White Hot #1. Also there are some White Hot Pro #1’s on the bay for around $60 that are in good shape. Best inserts ever made.

    Just found a brand new OG White Hot #1 on eBay for $65 including shipping. I'm hoping it's as amazing as you say it is!

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    Morton golf. Ping mag bronze anser or the anser 2 for $109 the TR 1966 either version for $149

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    Been using the Cleveland Huntington Beach 1 past few years and wouldn’t trade it for any of the big $$$ putters.

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    I found a Rife Aruba on clearance for less than $100 and it's absolutely great. It rolls the ball very nice and feels/looks like an expensive putter


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