Most 3-Putts In a round



  • Snowm4nSnowm4n Members Posts: 30 ✭✭
    This is a game I can play...

    Just finished a round that included 6 3 putts and a 4 putt on a hole which I hit GIR...

    42 putts for the day and finished with 32 points. Played well, putted horribly.
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  • YuckYuck Fore! Members Posts: 2,455 ✭✭
    I have had long stretches where I averaged 5 or 6 three puts a round. I went from a scratch player to a shaky 5 or 6 index entirely driven by putting. My issue is yipping from the 15 inch to 3 foot range. I missed a 14 incher last weekend nearly a foot right. I wish I could putt as well as the OP.
  • lookylookitzadamlookylookitzadam Members Posts: 439 ✭✭
    I had 3 rounds this weekend with 4 3-putts. If anyone here has played The Crossings at Carlsbad you will know why. These greens all have multiple tiers and some pin locations where you cannot putt to if you are on a different tier. Gimmicky greens for sure but for some reason I keep playing.
  • extrastiffextrastiff Members Posts: 863 ✭✭
    Duffner wrote:

    Had one of my better ball striking days of the season so far today. Hit 10 fwys and 6 greens, but missed 4 fairways by a combined total of about 20 feet, and 4 greens by about 10 yds combined. That said......I had 5.....FIVE.....F-I-V-E 3-PUTTS!!

    The crazy thing is, I wasn't hitting bad putts, but I've been playing Honey Bee, a local course I really enjoy, and their greens are REEEEEALLY slow compared to the greens I played at VB National this morning, which were as fast as I've ever seen them. They just had the club's 2-man championship over the weekend, and it must have been tough, bc they were slick!

    I was hitting putts right on the edge, and instead of dying near the cup they were rolling out to 6-8 feet and the comebackers were tough too. Shot 89, but it shoulda been 82 at least. Frustrating morning!

    So what's the most 3-jacks you've ever had in one round? Someone make me feel better about myself, please!

    all time? has to be 18 lol. i was pretty bad when I started, not gonna lie.
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  • Sonja HenieSonja Henie Members Posts: 108 ✭✭
    I don't know what my max is but I've definitely had rounds where I didn't stop any first putts within 6 feet of the hole.
  • kp6622kp6622 Members Posts: 31
    Not sure what my max is for one round, although I know I've had plenty of rounds of 78-82 with 39-40 putts. Other days that stand out are when I went +4 on the front 9 hitting 8/9 greens, and on a separate occasion been +3 thru 3 having hit each green. It's all mental for me, if I 3 putt the first hole it's most likely going to be a long day on the greens, however if I make a couple good putts on the first few holes it's probably going to be a decent day.
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  • Santiago GolfSantiago Golf I Strive to make you Better Members Posts: 4,997 ✭✭
    I had 5 three putts and 1 four putt when i passed my PAT. Ive had some rounds where i hit 14 greens, had 40 plus putts. Just absolute insanity!
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