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MEMBER REVIEWS: Cleveland RTX ZipCore Wedges! See What Members Are Saying!

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[img]https://s3.amazonaws.com/golfwrxforums/uploads/LTIGE6YINMSR/artx-zc-feature.jpg[/img]We have 10 members testing out the new Cleveland Golf RTX ZipCore wedges! Each tester is reviewing 2 different sole grinds so they can report back on how each plays. Please feel free to ask any questions you might have on these new RTX ZipCore wedges! The testers are...@golfinbrad @RobDMB @bigmoneyp @jbrunk @floycota @DE-ILLINI @jasonTeI3 @JustinG76 @blev2 @jgallant415

We also want to give a big THANK YOU to Cleveland Golf for putting on this testing event!


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RTX Zipcore:

Thank you to Cleveland Golf and GolfWRX for the opportunity to be a tester.  About Me:

I’m currently a 13 handicap and try to get out once a week.  The conditions I play in vary as West Michigan can change quickly from dry to wet (even snow!) in a matter of hours.  I generally hit pitches and chips with low trajectory and aim for the fat parts of greens.  I don’t hit flops unless absolutely required.  I feel my wedge game is good for my handicap.  I currently play with Taylormade Milled Grind wedges. Clubs:

I chose the 56/6 (Low) and 56/10 (Mid).  I chose these wedges because I usually take a very small divot and my swing is pretty shallow.  I’ll save you all the marketing speak about technology and get right to the review.


The Zipcore Wedges have a very classic look and shape.  I know many have complained about the Zipcore badge on the back but I like it as it adds a little flair.  The milling on the face looks clean and I enjoy the satin color.  I usually prefer a darker wedge to reduce glare but I didn’t notice any glare out on the course with the satin finish.  I put both wedges in the address position and I could not tell which was the low or mid.  I thought it would be easy to tell the low bounce apart but both sat in a good position to my eye.  There is a different shape to these two wedges.  The mid has a larger more rounded toe section but both inspire confidence.  


Compared to my Milled Grind wedges the Zipcore is softer and quieter.  When struck well the wedges felt soft and muted which is my preference as compared to my wedges which are a little clicky. On Course Performance:

So far I have tested these clubs on the practice green head to head.  Also played the 56 Mid for 18 holes and the 56 Low for 9 holes.  I still need to do some head to head bunker work.  I’ll say this right out that the 56 Mid outperformed the Low in all areas except the hardpan lie (which was basically a burned out dirt area that I had to search for).  I did not have any tight lies due to conditions being soft as we have had a lot of rain just before my rounds.  I haven’t hit the Low out of the bunker yet (will do that this week) but during my round I did hit the Mid a few times out of the sand.  The balls came out high and landed soft, no issues getting out and I’m generally just a mediocre bunker player.  Both clubs performed well on full shots (a full wedge for me is really just a ¾ as I never swing 100% with a wedge).  The mid started to separate itself out of the rough.  I hit too many fat chips and pitches out of the rough with the Low.  The club was getting stuck and I ended up flubbing too many for my liking. The mid cut through the rough and popped the ball right out and on the green. Final Thoughts:

I really like the 56/10 Mid and it will be finding its way into my bag.  The shots are a little higher than I expected but it stops quickly so I’ll take the slightly less distance.  Wedges are about scoring anyway so I feel I can get it a little closer due to the stopping power.  I’m not sure if they spin/stop quick due to being brand new or new tech but definitely are much more efficient than my Milled Grind.  I’m looking forward to continuing using Zipcore and getting them dialed in.Next Up:

Stay tuned for more.  I forgot to take pictures comparing the shape to my current wedges so I’ll do that this week.  Also I’ll be comparing divots (shape/size) between the Low/Mid and also put them through a head to head bunker test.  More chips/pitches to come with numbers comparing distance to the hole. Stay tuned...



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Congrats to testers! I can’t wait to hear what y’all think!

Driver: TaylorMade SIM MAX (10.5 degrees - set to 9.75 and 1.5 degrees open)

Shaft: Aldila Rogue 130 White 70 TX (at 45" and tipped 1")

3-wood: TaylorMade SIM (15 degrees)

Shaft: Aldila Rogue 130 Black 70 TX (at 43" and tipped 1")

UDI: *** Under Construction ***

Irons: TaylorMade P-7MC 4-PW (1 degree upright)

Shaft: Nippon Pro Modus3 Tour 120 X

Wedges: Cleveland RTX Zipcore Tour Rack (Raw) 52.10, 56.12 & 60.12

Shaft: Nippon Pro Modus3 Wedge 125

Putter: Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Mid-Slant (at 34")

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Congrats, now let’s hear how the are.

Smoke 9* GD IZ 5s
Smoke 🔹🔹🔹15* GD IZ 6s
Smoke 19*GD IZ 7s
T150's 5-PW KBS Tour
SM10 Nickel 50/12F KBS Tour
SM10 Nickel 54/10S KBS Tour
SM10 Nickel 58/08M KBS Tour
TM Spider Tour X

Nike 006 Paul Casey Proto 
Nike 006 Rory Proto 

PRO V1 #36 or #70

[url="http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/973333-mnnikeguy-nike-oven-witb/"]WITB Link[/url]

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I got a chance to spend about two full hours on the range with the wedges today.....will write up the full details later tonight!

Hit a ton of chips/pitches around the green....55 yard shots, and full shots with not only these wedges, but my current gamers, Callaway Jaws M5 with DG Spinner. I also have a Vokey SM8 with a DG Spinner. All wedges 54 degrees...my Jaws is a 54/10 and the SM8 is a 54/12 D Grind.

What’s cool is that these Cleveland wedges come with a new version of the DG Spinner shaft and all my other wedges have the old version of the DG Spinner









fa71cb30-17f1-4e0d-b135-6746f02ac072.jpegCurrent Gamer


a7f3873c-673b-46fb-8ca4-976a2cd1a875.jpegMore details to come!

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I'm excited to see what you guys think of these things!

Callaway Rogue ST Max - Tensei AV White - 8*
Taylormade M3 HL - MFS5 White Tie 60S -0.75" (42.5")

Mizuno JPX 923 HMP - 4-G - Recoil 95 S - 2* upright

Callaway X-JAWS - 52/58*

Odyssey OWorks 2ball  -  34" - 1* loft - 71* lie
Slighter Proto 1 #9/Del Mar design - High Toe - Long neck - Deep Milled face - 33", 370gr, lie 71*, loft 4*


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First of all, thank you to Cleveland and GolfWRX for the opportunity to review these wedges. I've been a Cleveland wedge player for years going back to the classic 588 RTG and, more recently, I've been playing RTX 3 54* and 60* raw wedges both in mid bounce and have been happy with them. Given that I consider myself a Cleveland wedge player, I was looking forward to seeing how Cleveland wedges have evolved since the RTX3 - specifically since I skipped the RTX4's. As background, I am currently an 11 handicap and located in Eastern, Pennsylvania. I consider my short one of the strengths of my game (although certainly plenty of room to improve). I tend to use my 60* for almost all my chipping around the green. Therefore, I chose the 60* Zipcore in Low and Mid bounce to test.Looks:

Initially, the Zipcore is a good looking club. I prefer raw wedges but the satin is a nice finish - not too shiny. I'm seen some people comment that back of the wedge may be a bit "busy" but to me it looks sharp in person.


img-0494.jpegAt address, the club looks good - a classic wedge shape. I don't perceive any difference between the Low and Mid Bounce at address looking down at the club. Here is a photo:

img-0496.jpegClearly, looking at the grinds been, the Low and Mid, you can see that the low has a bit more relief whereas the Mid is a bit more subtle and retains more of that v-sole. My current RTX 3 60* is in Mid and the sole definitely looks a bit more refined.


img-0499.jpegI also tried to take a shot comparing the ZipCore to the RTX 3. At address, they look similar but I think the ZipCore (to me) has a bit slimmer top line. Also, the RTX 3 had a more flared hosel shape. The Zipcore hosel looks more traditional.


img-0502.jpegOverall, I like the look of the new club. Great traditional shape that inspires confidence. While I could easily play either, I think I prefer the Zipcore in terms of looks to the RTX3.Playability:

First, the Tour Velvet 360 was a classic and solid grip choice for the wedges. Unfortunately for me, I play midsized so I will have to change them at some point. I'm also interested to see how the Spinner shaft fares. So far, I can't say I've noticed a huge difference versus my prior wedge shafts - which have been PX 6.5 and Modus 125 Wedge. Probably a bit more kick than the PX 6.5.

So the big question is how have the wedges fared and do I prefer the Low or Mid Grind. Well, testing is ongoing and I plan to continue to update my thoughts. However, initial impressions are very positive. I've tried to mix up shots between Low and Mid.

First, bunker shots. The course I tested on just revamped their bunkers so there is plenty of sand. I found that I was able to easily hit both the Mid and Low out of the bunker. I was concerned the "Low" may have a tendency to dig but thus far I have not experienced that. Maybe I just put good strikes on the shots but so far a non issue. I will continue to monitor. The Mid likewise performed well out of the bunker. If I was betting, I'd say the Mid is probably a bit more forgiving out of a bunker due to the extra bounce but I was pleased to see I could play either. Spin out of the bunker was good on both models.

Second, greenside chips. Again, the 60* is my go to club for chipping. I transitioned to the Zipcore without issue. I typically hit little pitch and runs, etc. but also will open the face and hit flop shots. I would say the Low is definitely a bit easier to open the face but the Mid also fared well - and was similar to my RTX 3. The conditions around here have been relatively firm lately which definitely benefits the Low. I was concerned the Low may have a tendency to dig on some chips but thus far that hasn't been an issue - maybe due to the firm conditions or because I am generally more of a sweeper. Again, could easily play either but so far am leaning toward the Low on chips.

Third, pitches. A benefit of the Zipcore is supposed to be shifted center of gravity that leads to more stability on shots. I never really had an issue with my RTX3 but the Zipcore has felt solid so far. No issues and its performed as expected. Again, I was concerned the Low may dig but being a sweeper that has not been an issue. Both the Low and Mid have felt stabled and performed as expected on pitches/full shots. Spin has been good - consistent with a new wedge. I always thought my RTX3 spun well too (especially when new) so spin has never been an issue.Overall:

Overall, I am impressed with the club. I am leaning (at the moment) toward keeping the Low bounce versus the Mid. I would then probably get a higher bounce version as the sand wedge to complete the set. My challenge will be avoiding the temptation to get the raw version when released. I'm also interested to see how I like the spinner shaft long term or if I'll go back to PX 6.5 in the wedge.

I plan to continue to update this post as I get some more rounds in the books and some driving range visit. However, I think Cleveland has a winner - should be a great release. Appears to continue to refine an already classic lineage of wedges.

Thanks again to Cleveland and GolfWRX!

Taylormade M3 8.5* Driver
Callaway Apex 20* Hybrid
Taylormade UDI 2-Iron
Taylormade P760 4-AW w/ PX 6.5
Cleveland RTX-3 55*/60*
Scotty Cameron Pro Platinum Newport Mil-Spec

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A little bit about me.

I live in Fort Worth TX and get to play golf about once a week. I am currently a +1.1 handicap. Almost all of the golf courses I play are bermuda grass fairways and chipping areas. The ground can fluctuate from soft to firm depending on time of year, rain and watering. I would say that I am an above average wedge player, especially around the green.

My favorite wedge of all time is the Nike Engage 60 Dual Sole. I am currently playing this wedge, but have been fit for some Artisan wedges, shout out to Mike and Jamie, and they should be in within the next week or two. I have also played an SM6 60M quite a bit over the last 4-5 years.


I received the wedges Monday and right out of the box they looked real sharp. I don't love the ZIPCORE on the back but ultimately I am a pretty plain guy. I don't love the black triangle on the Nike Engages either, so I can get over what I'm not looking at when addressing a ball.

I ran out to the short game area during lunch on Tuesday and upon looking more closely at the wedges there was a noticable different looking shape between the 60 low and the 60 mid. The low looks a little more rounded and the mid has a little more triangle shape to it. It also seemed like the leading edge on the low was a little more rounded and agressive. I like the shape of the mid better.

The ground yesterday was a little moist from morning water but mostly pretty nuetral. I started out with the low bounce hitting some pitch shots from around 30-35 yards with premium balls. Right away it was obvious that the leading edge on the low bouce was made for some pretty firm ground. I've always played low bounce lob wedges and this was as sharp and agressive of a leading edge as I have played before. I really enjoyed the low bounce around the greens and being able to open the face up as much as possible. There is a ton of room for creativity and shot making with how agressive of a grind it has.

The mid bounce has a more appealing look to me and I really enjoyed the way it played. I would compare this to an M grind vokey. Maybe a tiny bit more bounce but there were a lot of similarities. I still felt like I had the ability to open the face up and it definitely did not dig like the low bounce did. There was still plenty of relief to hit creative shots but there was more forgiveness there as well. couldn't lay the face open off of a tight lie like the low bounce, but no duh.

I then moved back to about 60-70 yards and hit some 3/4 shots with both wedges. There was definitely a tendancy to dig with the low bounce but it still played really well. The mid bounce was defintely more effective for me on these shots. I felt like it was easier to control trajectory and spin with the turf interaction it provided.

more to come...










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First off, I want to say THANK YOU to Cleveland and GolfWRX for selecting me to do a review of the new Cleveland RTX ZipCore wedges!!!!!

Here is a little about me. I am 45 years old and been playing the game since age 10. My focus was baseball until after college then it turned to gold. My handicap index is currently a 2.4. Unfortunately with everything going on this year, I have not logged many rounds, but things are turning around. I live in south central PA, so conditions change throughout the year. It is usually softer in the spring and fall. The Kentucky Bluegrass will get very thick and lush. Right now, things are firm and dry with very dry rough. I would say firm, not hard. We rarely experience hard pan conditions like other parts of the country.  Short game has always been the weaker part of my game. My full swing takes a shallow to moderate divot. However, my go to on partial shots is to play it back in my stance, come in a little steeper to create a lower spinning shot. I enjoy playing various shots into and around the greens (flop, one hope & check, bump & run, traditional pitch and chips, etc.). I switched wedges in late 2018, which was a mistake. Combination of the bounce, sole grind and width as take some of my shot options and my confidence away. The timing for this was perfect. I was actually shopping for wedges, but difficult to find any place open to look or try them. Getting to try the different grinds and bounces is such a huge bonus.

I will be reviewing the 60* Mid and Low wedges. Cleveland does offer a Full grind in the 60* as well. My current lob is a 58* Full grind, which is not a good fit. My plan is to focus on the new Zip Cores as well as the how different grinds seem to fit/impact my game. I’m sure some GolfWRX’s will use our reviews to make a purchase decision. I think it is import to understand the expectations, swing type, etc. of the person doing the testing, which I will try to convey. Here is my plan:

1.       Practice Hole – Our course has a small practice are where I will hit a variety of pitches and chips from the fairway, fringe and rough. I will assess the spin, feel, consistency and shot options of the 2 grinds. 

2.      Sand - The sand trap on our practice hole is horrible. Luckily I am within walking distance of the course. I will head over in the evening to get a more accurate assessment. Will hit short to medium bunker shots both up hill and down. The hole I plan on using has a 2 tiered green with bunkers all around. The one bunker is always firmer than the others, so will test with different sand conditions as well.

3.      Launch Monitor – A neighboring course has a FlightScope LM that I can use. I am not sure how relative that information will be for testing a lob wedge, but can provide the data. Unfortunately, it will be off of a matt with range balls. I rarely use a full swing with a lob wedge. 

4.      Course – I will take one wedge on the course for a few rounds of actual play and the switch to the other for a few. I believe playing with the same wedge for multiple rounds will give me a better opinion and switch back and forth or using 2 at once.

Hopefully after this I will not only be able to give you accurate evaluation of the RTX ZIP COREs, but also decide if I will be gaming them.


Initial Thoughts: They look AWESOME!!!!! The RTX line has always been understated. More reminiscent of the wedges in the 90s. Very plain and traditional, despite keeping up with technology. These have an updated more modern look, which I love. The ZIP CORE print on the back sets it off and the tour satin finish is perfect. They do have a small scoop in the back. This does serve a purpose. This allows Cleveland to adjust the height of the sweet spot. I also like they moved the sweet spot to the middle of the face, compared to the heel like on most wedge (this was done on the RTX 4 as well). The ZIP CORES were also heat treated to extend the life of the grooves and appearance. I have always thought Cleveland’s milling was the best of anyone. This is no exception. It looks great and has purpose. The sole is traditional with the loft, bounce and sole grind on the toe. The difference between the Mid and Low grinds is very noticeable. The head shape is classic Cleveland, along with the heavier feeling swing weight. They did come with the stock DG Spinner shaft. I have read about this shaft, but have never tried one. Another bonus!!!!!! Overall, Cleveland has made several noticeable changes to the RTX ZIP CORE without making it look cheap or gimmicky.  












I plan on getting to the practice hole tomorrow and Sunday. I will update shortly.

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How is the ball flight compared to other wedges? Did the removal of material move CG up?

Titleist TSr4 10.0*  Mitsubishi WB 63 tx  
TaylorMade BRNR Mini 13.5* Kai'li white- tx
Srixon ZX5 (4-6) ZX7 (7-pw) KBS tour 130-x
Mizuno T20 51* TT x-100

Callaway Full Toe 54*, 60* TT x-100
Callaway PM Grind 64*
Toulon First Run Las Vegas DB

Pro V1



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My package arrived yesterday and I finally got a chance to unpack everything and take a few photos.

A little background on myself. I played all my golf in the mid-Atlantic. Mainly Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. I would say the turf conditions are average. I am a 14 handicap and have not got out as much this year as I had hoped early this season, but except to get to play more in the coming weeks. I currently game a 58 Cleveland CBX wedge with 10 degrees of bounce. Prior to that I played a 58 Vokey SM5 with a S grind and 7 degrees of bounce. I usually only use the 58 inside 50 yards, especially for chipping around the green where I am near the pin and out of the sand. I like practicing flops shots in the yard, but rarely try them at the course. After reading the descriptions on the Cleveland website I selected a 58 degree wedge with the mid and full bounce options.

I like the satin finish of the clubs. The appear to be smaller than my Cleveland CBX and maybe a little larger than my older Vokey, but nothing extreme. On the back of the club there is a raise ridge under the zip core logo. It does not bother me, but some might object to it. I assume this is also part of the attempt to shift the CG. It comes with a Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360. Overall a positive initial impression.

I chipped a few in the yard and they felt good. I plan to take them out for a little practice over the weekend and have two rounds lined up over the next week, so I will have a chance to try them out at the course. I am especially interested to compare the bounce of the two clubs. I choose the mid bounce because that very similar to what I am playing with now The full bounce indicated it would be better out of the rough and sand. This is where I plan to use this club the majority of the time. It will be interesting to see how it plays our.

Below are a few initial photos.








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Driver: Cobra Aerojet
5W: Ping G430
3H & 4H: Ping G410
5H:  Ping G
6 - GW: Ping G25

54*: Ping Glide 4.0
58*: Cleveland RTX Zipcore Full Bounce
Putter: Odyssey Tri Hot Double Wide CH Putter

Grips:  Golf Pride MCC Plus 4

Ball:  Titleist ProV1, Maxfli Tour, Taylormade TP5, PXG

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Will start with a little background....44 years old, been playing for close to 20 years. Current index is 4.1, play between 65-80 rounds a year.

I received a 54/10 and a 54/12. I spent about two hours hitting lots of chip/pitches, lots of 55 yard 3/4 shots, and about two dozen full shots for each bounce.  I also hit my current wedge in between each of the Cleveland wedges. Current gamer is 54/10 Callaway Jaws with DG Spinner. I’ve played every Vokey SM since the originals and even got an SM8 this year as well. I bought the Jaws on a whim because it looked awesome...so far, I like the Jaws better than the Vokey and I’ve played various Vokey wedges for 12+ years consecutively. 

Chips/Pitches:  I felt better overall with the 54/12. What I like the most is at address, you can’t really tell which one is the full bounce and which one is mid bounce. Used a Pro V1 for all of these shots. The ball felt great coming off the club and the carry yardage was what I would expect. Compared to the Jaws, the ball rolled out about 3-5 feet further. The spin was good, but not as good as the Jaws. Overall 3 out of 5 stars. 

55 Yard 3/4 Shots:  Hit about 40 balls with all 3 wedges, the two test wedges and my Jaws. Cleveland wedges performed awesome. Dispersion and spin/control was awesome. I holed out 1 of the first 3 balls I hit and got a few flagstick hits as well. The feel was great but the sound was WAY different...not different bad, but different...I assume this is due to the core insert. It reminded me of how a fungo bat sounds versus a regular wood bat...sounds a little hollow, but muted...I don’t know how to describe it, but you notice it immediately. Again....doesn’t sound bad...just different. Trajectory and carry was great and the spin was great...two short hops and the ball rolled out about 4 yards....this is with a Pro V1. Overall for these types of shots, I would give it 5 out of 5 stars. 

Full Shots:  Used range balls....hit about 30 with each wedge. First, these are by far the most forgiving wedges I’ve ever hit....it’s not even close. The core insert is not hype...you can tell instantly these are way more forgiving from the first few full shots. The 54/10 dug in for me more than I would have expected, but the 54/12 was perfect. First you notice on the full shots is again the sound...not much louder than 3/4 shot, but it’s definitely different than the click/thud you get from a solid wedge strike. Again, not a bad sound, just different. Total distance was “ok” but distance control was great. I hit everything the same distance in general, but about 5-8 yards short of my Jaws. I’m sure with my normal grips, MCC+4, a good ball, and some time, I’d be closer to my standard yardage with the 54. Overall I would give it 4 out of 5 stars. 

My overall impression is that these are very good wedges....4 out of 5 stars. The full bounce was better overall for me and performed the most consistently. If anything it proves that a 2 degree variance in bounce makes a huge difference.

They look awesome, the new DG Spinner shaft feels good...I like the old version better, but I’m sure it’s just what I’m used to, and they look awesome at address. Not sure I would have purchased these over the Jaws or the SM8, but if I had, I would be happy with the purchase based on what I experienced today. Like my boy Blue, these are legit. 

My next thing to do is put them in play during a normal round. Going to swap the grips tomorrow and put the 54/12 in the bag on Saturday. Will share more details Sunday night. Thanks again WRX for the opportunity to test these out!!

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Thanks @knudson81 and Cleveland Golf for this opportunity to review these Zipcore wedges! I got the wedges in this afternoon, and just had time for unboxing pics and a "get to know you" session tonight. First impressions are stellar. Really classic look at address, with modern touches like the blocky fonts and the zipcore band across the back. Long ferrule with the 2 white rings (don't ever change that, Cleveland), DG Tour Issue Spinner shaft, Tour Velvet 360 grips, all finish off a very attractive total package.

Of course, you'll get a little marketing speak on the sole packaging. I'd like to think both sole grinds will have a bit of "all around performance" and "shot making versatility". I chose the Mid and Low soles thinking that I've played a lot of Full sole sand wedges in Vokey & Mizuno; and no other manufacturer I can think of offers a 56° wedge with only 6° bounce. I mean, will it dig on every shot? Can I get out of a bunker with it at all? And I've played V-sole wedges and irons in Srixon, Ben Hogan, and SCOR; so Zipcore Mid should be pretty intuitive...and it was.
The testing I did tonight was pretty light, nothing outside 30 yards. 2019 TP5 Pix, rain last night so a bit soft but the Best Sand was nice and fluffy. Both Mid and Low soles seem more than capable of a variety of shots around the green. Worked the Mid first. Square pitches seemed to flight a little lower than expected, still about a 1:1 carry to roll. Flighting up pitches out of the rough or fairway stop on a dime, easy to get out of bunkers. (again, working on bent grass & tour grade best sand doesn't hurt) Zipcore Low fared well in similar situations at first, seeming to launch a bit higher and easier to leave out to the right. But flop shots, man, this thing can lie completely flat on a tight lie, glide underneath and launch straight up. I didn't try Phil's backwards shot, maybe next time. Let's say you're looking to game a high bounce full sole lob wedge, the Zipcore Low sand wedge would be a good companion. But then again, the Mid did pretty well on flops too.
So head to head; I did six shots each for 1) 15y light rough, 2) 25y uphill from fairway, 3) 20y greenside bunker, 4) 10y flop below the green. I walked off proximity from the pin, but the winners were pretty clear.
1) 15y light rough: Low did alright, nothing outside 10 ft, again showed a tendency to fly higher and a bit to the right; Mid was much more consistent distance control-wise, and had tighter L to R dispersion. Winner: Mid.
2) 25y fairway pitch: started with Mid this time, very intuitive again on distance control, just one fluffy shot, avg prox 6'; as for Low, well, it didn't match up, distance control was all over the place, didn't handle the toe down pitches as well, gave it a second change trying to fly it to the pin more, still only got one inside 3 ft, avg prox 12'. Winner: Mid
3) 20y bunker, 3x each: Low was a BIG surprise on this one, very consistent out of the sand knocking 2 of 3 within 6 ft; Mid did have the best shot to 1 foot, but also skulled one out to 41'. Winner: Low
4) 10y flop: Mid actually had 4 of 6 within a 3 ft circle, but the other two were long gone; Low was a little too easy to flight up, leaving several short without a much more aggressive backswing. Winner: push
I plan to do some full swing and on-course testing over the weekend. Since so many of you are asking about trajectory, I can head to the local shop with top tracer and compare to my Mizuno wedges, Vokey & Callaway demos...anything else? My Glide 2.0 are 54 58, unfortunately. Oh yeah, I took some pics of face wear after session 1, not bad!









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Restored images
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Spring 2024

Callaway Mavrik Max 1W 10.5° HZRDUS Smoke 60

Callaway Epic Flash SZ 3W 15° HZRDUS Smoke 70

Cobra LTDx LS 5W 17.5° HZRDUS Smoke 70

Cobra LTDx 4Hy 21° HZRDUS Smoke 80

Srixon ZU85 4U 23° / Z585 6i-7i / Z785 8i-AW

Cleveland RTX Zipcore 56° 60°
SeeMore Mini Giant DF / Piretti Teramo / MannKrafted MA99 Proto


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Just got mine this afternoon. Won’t get out this weekend. Might be next weekend before I have my review up but at first glance they have a great shape. More tear drop than some wedges which look too round to me. Not sure what this new Spinner shaft is like but it sure doesn’t have the weird shape of my old Spinners. The grind on the Mid 58* looks like it’s going to be a winner for me. Enough bounce to not dig and a good amount of trailing edge relief, which I tried to show in the pic, compared to the Full version. I’ll report back once I actually get to the course. Thanks again for the opportunity.


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Hi again, I got out for some time on Top Tracer yesterday, comparing Zipcore Mid 56.10 with SM8, Jaws, S18 (all 56.10 models), I threw in my SCOR 56 to match up against the Zipcore Low 56.06. I have no idea how TT measures or calculates which data, so take these numbers with a grain of salt. The test was six shots each wedge, 80y and 50y targets. (I forgot to separate data for S18 at 50y, but I'll say this, it wasn't good) Another caveat, this test was off mats with Srixon range balls; but still a lot of fun!


image.pngMy takeaway is that Zipcore did average out with a fraction lower height and launch angle, perhaps correlated with lower carry & ball speed (showing how TT calculates ball speed, I think). Zipcore puts less curve on the ball flight compared to Jaws & SM8, and I struggled a bit more with consistency with Zipcore (especially compared to SCOR & Jaws). Zipcore Low seems to edge out Mid for consistency & offline accuracy; but I honestly developed much more confidence in Mid to hit my distances. Misses with the Mid were toey pulls, Low were short.

The shop also had RTX-4 in stock, but no demos. Holding up next to Zipcore, I saw no discernible difference between the two clubs except for the CG bump. Sole grind, face milling, head size & shape, hosel length, etc. are all the same, and that's a good thing if you like the look at address and performance of RTX-4. Everyone commented, though, about how much cooler the Zipcore design is on the back, and that the CG bump is smoother than SM6/SM7.

With a heat advisory today, I'll be able to start on course testing tomorrow. Planning to carry both Zipcore wedges this week, play Mid on the front, Low on the back, miss a lot of greens, and track strokes gained.

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Spring 2024

Callaway Mavrik Max 1W 10.5° HZRDUS Smoke 60

Callaway Epic Flash SZ 3W 15° HZRDUS Smoke 70

Cobra LTDx LS 5W 17.5° HZRDUS Smoke 70

Cobra LTDx 4Hy 21° HZRDUS Smoke 80

Srixon ZU85 4U 23° / Z585 6i-7i / Z785 8i-AW

Cleveland RTX Zipcore 56° 60°
SeeMore Mini Giant DF / Piretti Teramo / MannKrafted MA99 Proto


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Interesting that your data matched what I was seeing when I tested against my Jaws....about 5-7 yards short from a carry standpoint.

I played 18 today and only had 3 chances to hit a full shot with the Zipcore 54/12.....all 3 times the distance was a little short of what I expected.

I still got the same extra rollout on chips as well....they feel great overall but I’m hitting the Jaws really well these days.

I still think these are excellent wedges and Cleveland has hit a home run with these wedges.

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I went to the practice hole for 1 1/2 to 2 hours the past 2 days. Each day was from 5-6 different locations, fairway pitches, green side chips, pitches over bunker, up hill, down hill, rough, 40 yard and 50 yard shots into the green. First thing that stood out was the feedback. Well struck shots had a soft feel with very little sound. Mishits could be felt, but also has a more noticeable click. The second was forgiveness. Solid shots flew a nice distance with enough spin it was very controllable. I did not notice excessive spin. Mishits flew a little shorter with less spin, but ended up at pretty much the same distance. Very forgiving. Moving the sweet spot more to the center of the wedge is awesome. I cleaned the wedges after each day and saw very little usage on the face of sole.



60 Mid - This grind is very versatile. You can lay it open, play square, put it back in stance and pitch it. Pretty much what you would expect. Laying open the face was a little more difficult on hard pan or bare lies. You can open it slightly, but on full flop shots. Even on very thin lies you can hit quality shots without the bounce becoming a factor.

60 Low - I didn't find this grind a versatile, but still a solid option. Square shots and opening the face were not problem from any lie. Playing the ball back in the stance required a little more percision as the leading edge will dig.

So far I do like the performance over my current wedge. Fairly certain the 60* will be in my bag soon and a sand wedge to match. However, I am still trying to figure out which one suits my game better. I did notice the longer the shots became the better the Mid work for me.

I will be do some sand work this week and will add the 60 Mid to the bag for a couple of rounds. Hope to get on the launch monitor next week and then trying the 60* Low for a few rounds.


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Did some initial testing this afternoon at my club’s short game area. Hoping to get them out on the course next week. I went with 58* in Mid and Full sole and am testing them against my current SM7 D Grind (60* bent 1* strong). I’m a 12 index with a neutral to steep angle of attack, though in general I’d consider short game to be one of my strengths. My home course usually plays medium to firm, though with some heavy thunderstorms the past couple days conditions were on the softer side today...

Initial impressions were positive and I could easily see the Mid replacing the SM7 in my bag. Trade off is a little bit of extra versatility with the SM7 for a lot of added consistency with the Zipcore which is a trade I’ll make any day.

Aesthetically, I’ll echo some other comments that I think the back of the wedge is a bit busy, but at address it’s a clean, classic look, and you’ll get no complaints from me. I do really like the satin finish... very bright day and absolutely no glare, unlike the Vokey. Left to right are the SM7, Zipcore Mid sole, and Zipcore Full sole.

e6e5f929-8e33-49c9-96c9-815e8bc6de43.jpegWorked through a bunch of different shot types with each wedge, hitting 4-6 balls with each:

10-15 yard chips off fairway - no clear standout here. Both Zipcore wedges launched a shade higher and rolled out a bit less than the SM7 (but we’re talking maybe a couple feet). Advantage: Push.

10-15 yard chips out of rough - Zipcore Full really shines here. Stepped on a few balls to create some really gnarly lies and every ball came out more or less the same, even from thick rough. Can definitely see some merit to having at least one full sole wedge in a set just for how easy it is to hit out of the rough. Mid sole didn’t have any trouble with the thick rough, but SM7 with a little more bounce had a slightly easier time. Also, small nit pick, but I do sometimes like to hit chips off the toe if I’m short sided, and the toe on the Zipcore just doesn’t deaden the chip the way it does with the SM7. Advantage: Full > SM7 > Mid.

30 yard pitch shots - Consistency of the Zipcore really stood out these. Even mishits basically ended up the same distance with a touch more carry and a bit less roll. Both launched higher than the SM7 with a little more spin. Preferred the Mid to the Full, particularly on uneven lies - just looked/felt a little better if I wanted to open or close the club face a little. Advantage: Mid>Full>SM7.

50-60 yard pitch shots - basically same story as the 30 yarders. Actually holed out 2 of 6 with the Mid bounce Zipcore. Even with the softer than average conditions, zero digging with the Mid so unless you’re really steep I think this grind plays in any conditions without trouble. Advantage: Mid>Full>SM7.

Greenside bunker - Mid sole Zipcore the surprise winner here for me. Most consistent of the three wedges by far... grind is versatile enough to open the face up a good bit up against a steeper faced bunker and get the ball out nice and high. Full bounce really only seems to play well if you keep it square, in which case it’s solid, but if you like to open the face up even a little it probably won’t be the bunker club for you. Advantage: Mid>SM7>Full.

Still a lot more shots I want to walk through with each of them, but the heat index is up near 100 right now so only have so much time I can spend outside. Will add more thoughts as I get more time with the wedges and happy to answer any questions in the interim.

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Thank-you Cleveland and Golfwrx for this really great opportunity to test the Cleveland RTX Zipcore wedges.

The Cleveland RTX Zipcore Sand Wedges arrived while I was away on a business trip. The two bounce options that I chose were the Full 56* with 12* of bounce and the Mid 56* with 10*. Background: I'm a golfer that used to be a lot better until life got in the way. I have been a long time Cleveland wedge player who strays to try other companies here and there. The Cleveland Tour Action 588 RTG 60* wedge was the first Cleveland wedge that I ever owned and it's still probably my favorite club of all-time. I wore the grooves down to nothing on the original 588. I've tried some other wedges recently but nothing that has kept my interested. I purchased some of the Nike Engage wedges when Nike was leaving the market and I got them cheap. I started using them in the last year or so but was never really happy with them. I actually went back to my tour issue raw Cleveland CG14 recently, they are probably my second favorite wedges of all-time behind the 588 RTGs. My current 56* wedges have True Temper X100 shafts.

Specs: I'm a little bit of a club geek like most people on this site. I usually take the clubs and measure the specs right out of the box when I get them. It's amazing how off some companies can be. I once ordered a driver from a different manufacturer that was supposed to be D3 and the club I got was just under E1.


The chart above shows the listed specs and that I got. If you factor in the human error I would say that are pretty much on spec. The one wedge was a little too flat and I bent them both to 64* anyway.






img-0783-jpg.jpgAppearance: The clubs are exactly what you expect from Cleveland, a really nice classic looking wedge. I know that someone is going to say something about the way the Low, Mid, or Full is listed on the club. I'm not looking at the sole of the wedge when I'm getting ready to hit a shot so it doesn't bother me at all. The satin finish is nice, it is a little bright for me considering that I basically have played some form of raw wedge since the 588. Cleveland if you are listening, feel free to send me a RTG version and I will gladly do another review. If not, please let me know when the RTG version of the RTX Zipcore is going to come out and I'll start saving my money.

img-0718-jpg.jpgRTX Mid 10* on the left with trailing edge relief and the right is the RTX Full 12* with a traditional full sole.



img-0810-jpg.jpgInitial Testing: When COVID-19 hit a few of my first purchases were some flags and a decent mat. I made floycota's practice facility in my backyard. I made a level platform and have flags that are lasered and adjusted for slope to distances of 35, 45, and 55-yards. I'm still working to get the wife to allow me to put in a practice bunker. Eventually, I would love to have a synthetic green - I can dream. I also got in a brief session at the local driving range to test some full shots.


img-0757-jpg.jpgComparison: I wanted to take some comparison pictures of the clubs that I have been using recently and the RTX Zipcore wedges.

img-0724-jpg.jpgRTX Mid vs RTG CG14 - CG14 and Nike Engage both have a slightly more pre-worn leading edge which I do like. The RTX Mid is pretty good too. I don't think there would be any issues putting it in play as is.

img-0726-jpg.jpgNike Engage Square 56* with added heel relieve and RTX Mid



img-0729-jpg.jpgRTG CG14, RTX Full, Nike Engage Square

img-0730-jpg.jpgRTX Full, Nike Engage Square

img-0731-jpg.jpgRTG CG14, RTX Full

img-0746-jpg.jpgNike Engage Square and RTX Full

img-0750-jpg.jpgRTG CG14 and RTX Full


These next pictures are a little difficult to see. The Full sole RTX definitely sits slightly higher than the Mid sole, I generally play in soft conditions so this might actually come in handy when the course conditions go back to normal. It might be a little difficult to play this sole configuration in the burnt out conditions in the middle of the summer or in places with firm turf and a lot of tight lies.

img-0732-jpg.jpgFull Sole

img-0735-jpg.jpgMid Sole - sits slightly lower than the full sole and is a little more pronounced in person compared to the pictures.

img-0741-jpg.jpgFull sole front, Mid sole back

img-0824-jpg.jpgFull sole

img-0826-jpg.jpgMid sole

First Impressions: The grooves of the RTX Zipcore clubs are pretty aggressive. I don't think they are top aggressive like some other wedges that I've toyed with in the past but they are definitely a huge improvement over the old clubs I've been using. If you use the old run your fingernail over the groove test, it will definitely catch on each groove.

I got the Mid and Full as my two options and I was under the assumption that I would like the Mid more. I've always like a bounce angle of 10-14* in my sandwedges and a grind that had some trailing edge and heel relief. I've never been a fan of super low bounce in a 56* wedge as the course conditions in the northeast generally are favorable to that low a bounce, I tend to be a little steep at times, and this is my primary bunker wedge too. Because of all these reason, I skipped the low bounce version (6*) and went with the full as my second option. I figure the full bounce maybe a really good option in the spring or fall when conditions get really wet and a little more bounce might be needed.

I really like the head shape of the Mid, the trailing edge relief and overall shape are exactly what I'm accustom to. I find this to be just the right amount of relief not like the Dynamic Sole Grind on the CG15 which I just did not get along with. I think this sole design was a little aggressive for my swing style and I never played well with these and ended up getting rid of them pretty quickly, they just weren't for me.


I was pleasantly surprised with the Dynamic Gold Tour Issued Spinner shafts. I played the previous version of the spinner shafts in a few different heads (56*-60*) and it was always okay. I always found myself going back to S400 or X100 shafts. The new Spinner shafts come in at about 128g instead of about 132g for S400 shafts. I found them to be a little more stable on full shots and I didn't get the ballooning that I sometimes saw with previous version of the Spinner. I also had problems flighting shots down with the previous Spinner shafts. Without trying the Zipcore wedges with different shafts it's hard to say if the never Spinner shaft of the RTX Zipcore heads are responsible for the flightability I was seeing with the club. I'm a highball hitter and I usually have an issue flighting wedges down, I definitely had an easier time flighting down the Zipcore wedges.


On my backyard range, I found the Zipcore to be right where I would expect them. I have some stock swings (gripped down 3/4 wedges) and expected yardages. The Zipcore wedges performed right where I expected them to, they weren't jumping or floating short of my anticipated yardages. I was within a couple of yards of my anticipated carry distances. I can definitely tell that they are coming out with much more spin than my current wedges. I will need to do some on course testing to get an idea as to how much they are spinning when they hit a green.

The biggest surprise to me for these wedges was the feel on full wedges - absolutely outstanding. I've played forged wedges along with wedges that have different vibration dampening technology, these surpass all of them on full shots. It's hard to describe but the Zipcore wedges have that fantastic soft feel when you flush them on a full wedge shot. It has that soft, did I really hit a ball feel. I'm going to leaves this for now and come back after more chipping and pitching testing and also some on course use.

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I had a chance yesterday to take the clubs down to my locate course and practice on the range and the short game area. I tested out my two Cleveland Zip Core wedges against my current Cleveland CBX wedge. All three clubs are 58* loft. The CBX has 10* bounce. I chose the Mid and Full bounce on the Zip Core.

For me I start using my 58* wedge when I get inside 50 yards. This includes shots from the fairway, pitches, and chips. I typically will only use the 58* for chips when I want to minimize the roll. I have found taking a low lofted club and playing for maximum roll helps me.50 yard shots: I used all three clubs. We have mats at our range, so I could not get a good feel for turf interaction. In general my experience was similar to @jgallant415. I found the Zip Cores to be surprisingly consistent. One of the reasons I switched to the CBX was I thought a cavity back club would be helpful for me on this type of shot. All three clubs flew about the same. I did notice more feedback with the Zip Cores on mishits, but the shots seemed to travel similar distance to the well hit shots. Overall, I would feel comfortable with these wedges in the bag. I really could not tell much difference between the mid and full bounce on these shots.Green Side Chips: I tried out wedges around the green playing to pins between 5 and 15 yards away. I was looking to get the ball on the green and running. Again all clubs performed well for me. I honestly could not tell a huge difference between the clubs. Again the I did not notice much with the bounce.Green Side Pitches: Here I played to pins 15 to 20 yards away. I am looking to fly the ball to the flag and with maybe a couple of yards or roll out. I tried to choose some more juicy lies since this is a typical shot I will face during a typical round (usually missing the green far enough away to hit the heavy rough). For these shots I did notice a slight benefit of the full bounce. There were at least two or three shots where the extra bounce really seemed to help out of the heavy rough. This would be the first time I noticed any difference.Flops: I normally do not even attempt a flop shot at the course, except when desperate. These are reserved for fooling around in the back yard. When I do a shot in the backyard the lies are not tight, so I did not have any issues with either club opening the face up and getting nice high shots. Both clubs performed well.Appearance: As @golfinbrad mentioned I also could see the difference between the Full and Mid clubs are address. The Mid bounce seemed to have a more rounded leading edge. I only noticed this on the mats. Out of the rough it would have never stood out. Behind the ball the clubs look like traditional wedges. The head is noticeably smaller than my CBX, but nothing that made me lose confidence. I did compare it with an older Cleveland Tour Action wedge and the head is a little larger (I will add some photos later today). The satin finish does not bother me as it is the same finish as my CBX.

Over the next week I will be playing at least two maybe three rounds. I will take each club out with me and see how it performs on the course. I will provide some additional feedback after my rounds.

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Driver: Cobra Aerojet
5W: Ping G430
3H & 4H: Ping G410
5H:  Ping G
6 - GW: Ping G25

54*: Ping Glide 4.0
58*: Cleveland RTX Zipcore Full Bounce
Putter: Odyssey Tri Hot Double Wide CH Putter

Grips:  Golf Pride MCC Plus 4

Ball:  Titleist ProV1, Maxfli Tour, Taylormade TP5, PXG

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Got in some on course testing with an early morning 9 today... Played the Zipcore 58* Mid Sole and SM7 D Grind head-to-head on a number of shots. Results broadly similar to what I saw in practice, but one observation: the Zipcore seemed to hold spin better in wet morning conditions. Had two ~80 yard shots into greens and in both cases the SM7 actually landed a bit short of the Zipcore and still rolled out 5-6 feet farther.

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Had a chance to look a little more closely at the size and shape of the Zip Core wedges compared to my older Tour Action wedge. I really do not think there is much difference in the size of the face. I think the 58* Zip Core looked a little bigger because of the loft and the fact it lays open more. The Zip Core does have a little wider flange as shown in the image below. I will getting out to play this weekend and excited to try the wedges on the course.


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Driver: Cobra Aerojet
5W: Ping G430
3H & 4H: Ping G410
5H:  Ping G
6 - GW: Ping G25

54*: Ping Glide 4.0
58*: Cleveland RTX Zipcore Full Bounce
Putter: Odyssey Tri Hot Double Wide CH Putter

Grips:  Golf Pride MCC Plus 4

Ball:  Titleist ProV1, Maxfli Tour, Taylormade TP5, PXG

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Alright so finally got a chance to test these out,58* Mid and Full, and here’s what I have to say. I am a pretty good wedge player. I don’t have a 122mph SS like so many on here say they do but I move the ball out there pretty good for being 160lbs. I play a couple shorter tracks including a 6,200 yard public course and a 6,300 yard old Donald Ross course so I get a ton of wedge shot approaches on par 4’s during a round.

Looks....Wedges look good at address. I’m really adverse to a round looking wedge. I like a more teardrop shape and these fit the bill there. The backs are not my favorite by any means but you obviously don’t see that at address.

Feel....These wedges feel great. I regularly put into play Vokey TVD’s, Mizuno T7’s and a Yururi. These feel similar to the Mizuno’s on shorter shots. When you get out to 40+ yards they start to feel a little more like the Vokeys.

Around the green....I like the sole bring of the Mid a lot better here. I really felt like the low spinner off my back foot was much easier to play compared to the Full. Also I play a lot of slightly open face shots off of tighter lies and again the Mid seemed to work better for me there as well. Out of the rough I didn’t notice a difference. I also didn’t notice much of a difference between the two out of the sand. FYI the practice bunker is a mess right now with no rakes.

Full shots....This is where I noticed quite a difference between the two soles. The Mid is perfect for me. Provides enough leading edge relief but refuses to dig. The Full felt like it was bouncing off the firm turf we have in VA right now. I do not like that feeling at all since I like to brush a lot of wedges off of the turf taking little to no divot when I need to take spin off of a shot. I put a ton of spin on the ball so when there’s a back pin I like to take one extra club and use less hands at the bottom of my swing resulting in a shallower pass at the ball with less spin. The Mid was perfect for this.

The new Spinner shaft...The shaft feels good and doesn’t give me any crazy trajectories like the old Spinner has the tendency to do at times. The shaft feels a little soft in flex to me but I do have a quicker transition.

Overall....I like these enough to game a 54 and a 58 moving forward for a while. I might change out the shaft and strip them raw if I really want to keep them in the bag. Kudos to Cleveland for coming out with another solid wedge and of course for letting us do some testing.


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I was able to test the wedges in the sand tonight. Our practice bunker is not well maintained, so I wanted to use one on the course to get an more accurate assessment. It worked out, because a storm rolled through clearing out play. This gave me about hour and a half before sunset to have the course to myself. The sand was wet, but nothing crazy. Just enough to allow me to adjust conditions (fluffy, packed, bare, etc.). Just like on the practice hole, I set up various stations (up hill, down hill, short, longer, etc.). I hit approximately 75 balls with each wedge. Here is my take.

60 Mid - I find this grind similar to what I currently have. Overall very solid, traditional. I was able to open the face on fluffy conditions, but not on packed sand. Playing the club more square worked best for that. Harder sand was easy to catch on the thin side. I felt this grind required a more aggressive swing or the club would dig or get stuck. This grind seemed to suit more of a chunk and run style player. Someone who comes in more steep and hits well behind the ball. The results were still very good. No issues getting the ball out with consistent results.

60 Low - This is my first experience this this low of a bounce and I was shocked! The Low cut through the sand like like a super sharp knife. I could lay the club wide open as well as keeping is square. The ball sitting up on really fluffy sand was the only potential issue. It easy to cut right underneath and leave it in the bunker, but a simple adjust was able to fix that. The more I hit with Low, the I more I became confident and was able to actually hit shots as opposed to just hitting it out. This grind seems to fit a player with a more shallow approach and hits closer to the ball.

Between the practice hole and the bunker, I have hit a couple hundred balls with each wedge and they are still in awesome condition. Sand can quickly dull the finish, not these. They are starting to get a few marks on the sole, but nothing like I have seen with other wedges. Cleveland used a new heating process that is supposed to extend the life and finish. Time will tell, but it looks like it is working so far. After my practice hole session, I was thinking the Mid suited my game best. However, after tonight I am back on the fence. I am going to try one more practice session and possible get on the launch monitor later this week. After that I will put each of these into play for a few rounds. Without questions I will get gaming one of these and more than likely adding a 54* or 56*.

Be back soon. Thanks again GolfWRX and Cleveland!!!!!!

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We finally got some much need rain, so figure I would take advantage. I went back to the hole I did my bunker testing and did more pitching and chipping. I did uphill from the fringe, flat about 20 yards in the fairway, downhill from light rough, 30+ yards off hard pan and 30+ pitch out of really wet, soft fairway. Both wedges were equal from the short shots around the green. Obviously, the Low was great off the hard pan. I was able to create more shots from this lie with the low. However, the 60 Mid did well from the hard pan as long as I used a square face. A square face allowed the sole to slide or skid underneath. There was no bounce into the ball. From the we area in the fairway, the 60 Low was a little more pron to digging, but nothing significant.

I was also able to get on the launch monitor. Launch Monitors have their purpose, but this is not a factor in making a decision on wedge. I said I would post them so here they are. I used real golf balls, but they were well used and was also pitching off of a mat. I wanted to get 3 solid shots from 20 yards, 40 yards and 60 yards. I was able to hit my yardages much more quickly with the Low than the Mid.

60 Mid


image.png60 Low


This will likely be my last update for a couple of weeks. I now want to game each wedge for a few rounds. I will keep you posted.

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Finally got some initial thoughts up in Post #9. I'll continue to update as I test more. Initially impressions are great. Thanks to Cleveland and GolfWRX!

Taylormade M3 8.5* Driver
Callaway Apex 20* Hybrid
Taylormade UDI 2-Iron
Taylormade P760 4-AW w/ PX 6.5
Cleveland RTX-3 55*/60*
Scotty Cameron Pro Platinum Newport Mil-Spec

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      Kevin Tway - WITB - 2024 Wells Fargo Championship
      Pullout Albums
      Rory McIlroy - 2024 Wells Fargo Championship
      New Cobra equipment truck - 2024 Wells Fargo Championship
      Eric Cole's custom Cameron putter - 2024 Wells Fargo Championship
      Custom Cameron putter - 2024 Wells Fargo Championship
      Matt Kuchar's custom Bettinardi - 2024 Wells Fargo Championship
      Justin Thomas - driver change - 2024 Wells Fargo Championship
      Rickie Fowler - putter change - 2024 Wells Fargo Championship
      Rickie Fowler's new custom Odyssey Jailbird 380 putter – 2024 Wells Fargo Championship
      Tommy Fleetwood testing a TaylorMade Spider Tour X (with custom neck) – 2024 Wells Fargo Championship
      Cobra Darkspeed Volition driver – 2024 Wells Fargo Championship
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    • 2024 CJ Cup Byron Nelson - Discussion and Links to Photos
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      General Albums
      2024 CJ Cup Byron Nelson - Monday #1
      2024 CJ Cup Byron Nelson - Monday #2
      2024 CJ Cup Byron Nelson - Tuesday #1
      2024 CJ Cup Byron Nelson - Tuesday #2
      2024 CJ Cup Byron Nelson - Tuesday #3
      WITB Albums
      Pierceson Coody - WITB - 2024 CJ Cup Byron Nelson
      Kris Kim - WITB - 2024 CJ Cup Byron Nelson
      David Nyfjall - WITB - 2024 CJ Cup Byron Nelson
      Adrien Dumont de Chassart - WITB - 2024 CJ Cup Byron Nelson
      Jarred Jetter - North Texas PGA Section Champ - WITB - 2024 CJ Cup Byron Nelson
      Richy Werenski - WITB - 2024 CJ Cup Byron Nelson
      Wesley Bryan - WITB - 2024 CJ Cup Byron Nelson
      Parker Coody - WITB - 2024 CJ Cup Byron Nelson
      Peter Kuest - WITB - 2024 CJ Cup Byron Nelson
      Blaine Hale, Jr. - WITB - 2024 CJ Cup Byron Nelson
      Kelly Kraft - WITB - 2024 CJ Cup Byron Nelson
      Rico Hoey - WITB - 2024 CJ Cup Byron Nelson
      Pullout Albums
      Adam Scott's 2 new custom L.A.B. Golf putters - 2024 CJ Cup Byron Nelson
      Scotty Cameron putters - 2024 CJ Cup Byron Nelson
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    • 2024 Zurich Classic - Discussion and Links to Photos
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      General Albums
      2024 Zurich Classic - Monday #1
      2024 Zurich Classic - Monday #2
      WITB Albums
      Alex Fitzpatrick - WITB - 2024 Zurich Classic
      Austin Cook - WITB - 2024 Zurich Classic
      Alejandro Tosti - WITB - 2024 Zurich Classic
      Davis Riley - WITB - 2024 Zurich Classic
      MJ Daffue - WITB - 2024 Zurich Classic
      Nate Lashley - WITB - 2024 Zurich Classic
      Pullout Albums
      MJ Daffue's custom Cameron putter - 2024 Zurich Classic
      Cameron putters - 2024 Zurich Classic
      Swag covers ( a few custom for Nick Hardy) - 2024 Zurich Classic
      Custom Bettinardi covers for Matt and Alex Fitzpatrick - 2024 Zurich Classic
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