Who is completely content with their bag?



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    Perfectly content:

    Nike Covert 2 TiNi S

    Covert 3W KK S

    Callaway Big Bertha Warbird 5W steel uniflex

    Titleist 21 913H 92HY whiteboard S+

    Titleist 24 913H 102HY whiteboard S+

    Mizuno MP-60 R300 5-PW

    Cleveland 588 52.06

    Mizuno MP-R12 58.14

    Putters: SC Fastback, SC Circa 62 #2, TP Mills Spaulding #10
  • MtlJeffMtlJeff MontrealMembers Posts: 28,187 ✭✭
    i suppose i am.....but if a good deal comes along, i probably won't say no
    Ping G400 Max 9 w/ Matrix Black Tie 80
    Callaway Epic Subzero 14* w//Matrix Black Tie 80
    Callaway Apex Hybrid 20 w/Diamana D+ 95
    Callaway 2016 Apex Pro 4-PW w/S300
    Callaway MD Forged 52,56,60 w/S300
    Odyssey O-works #7 Red Tank
  • Callaway_Golf_FreakCallaway_Golf_Freak " Go Play " Members Posts: 1,043
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    pkshooter wrote:

    Who is completely content with all 14 clubs in their bag? If you are, reply to the thread and paste in your current clubs.

    I was reflecting on this today. I have been playing some pretty good golf lately and I am confident with each one of my clubs. I've changed all the clubs in my bag over the past two seasons (except my 3 wood and 20* hybrid). Like several others here, I tend to get cabin fever toward the end of winter which results in spending time researching and purchasing new equipment. I think it will be interesting to bump this thread next spring to see how many changes are made.

    Here is mine:

    9* Ping Anser w/ Ahina

    15* V Steel w/ DG Lite

    17*, 20*, 23* G25 Hybrids

    5-PW Ping S55 w/ ZZ-65

    Ping Glide Wedges - 50* SS, 54* WS, 58* ES

    Ping Ketsch Counterbalance

    I'm Happy with my Bag 13 Clubs in All:

    Callaway TC BBA 814 10.5* w/Tour AD DI 6

    Callaway TC Bertha mini 1.5 12* set @ +2*=14* w/Tour AD MT 6

    X2 Hot Pro 5 Deep w/Tour Green

    X2 Hot Pro 23* w/Tour Green

    Mizuno MP-14's(5i-9i)

    Callaway X Series Jaws MD 50*,54*,58*

    SC Select Squareback
    Callaway TC Big Bertha Alpha 10.5* Tour AD DI6
    Callaway TC Bertha mini 12*AD MT6,5 Deep 18.5*TourGreen
    X2Hot Hybrid 23* TourGreen w/Lamkin
    Mizuno MP-14's 5i~9i True Temper DG X100 Lamkin 3GEN Grn/Wht Grips
    Callaway Jaws Raw 50*,56*,60*/ True Temper DG X100 Lamkin 3GEN Grn/Wht Grips
    Scotty Cameron Select SquareBack w/Super Stroke 2014Ryder Cup 3.0 slim
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  • redheadredhead Posts: 718
    Two years ago I made a promise somewhere here to not buy a new equipment and be content with what I already have. I broke that promise in 5 weeks.

    About six months ago I made similar promise due to marriage and work commitments. Two weeks later I bought a club secretly behind my wife's back.

    Thanks to GolfWRX.
  • clintwilli23clintwilli23 Members Posts: 205
    I just bought a new driver, which my mindset when I was buying it was that I was finally happy with my bag...buuuut for some reason I now find myself looking at 3 woods. I'm such a sucker!!!
  • Callaway_Golf_FreakCallaway_Golf_Freak " Go Play " Members Posts: 1,043
    redhead wrote:

    Two years ago I made a promise somewhere here to not buy a new equipment and be content with what I already have. I broke that promise in 5 weeks.

    About six months ago I made similar promise due to marriage and work commitments. Two weeks later I bought a club secretly behind my wife's back.

    Thanks to GolfWRX.

    It's all Fun and Games until your Wifey sees that Post.........Ha,ha,Lol,lol.

    Callaway TC Big Bertha Alpha 10.5* Tour AD DI6
    Callaway TC Bertha mini 12*AD MT6,5 Deep 18.5*TourGreen
    X2Hot Hybrid 23* TourGreen w/Lamkin
    Mizuno MP-14's 5i~9i True Temper DG X100 Lamkin 3GEN Grn/Wht Grips
    Callaway Jaws Raw 50*,56*,60*/ True Temper DG X100 Lamkin 3GEN Grn/Wht Grips
    Scotty Cameron Select SquareBack w/Super Stroke 2014Ryder Cup 3.0 slim
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    I'm content.

    Current setup, as cut and pasted from my sig is:

    G25 10.5* TFC189D

    G25 16.5* TFC 189F

    G25 20* 23* 27* TFC189H

    Miura Regular PP9003 6-PW Steelfiber i70

    Vokey SM5 50.08 SM4 55.10 SM4 60.07 Steelfiber i70 & i80

    Odyssey 2ball CS (Spry Evo custom with aluminum insert)
    Ping G400 SFT Driver 12° Kuro Kage Silver Dual Core TiNi 60
    Ping G400 SFT 3 wood 16° Kuro Kage Silver Dual Core TiNi 60
    Ping Ping G 7 wood 20.5° Alta 65
    Ping G hybrids 22° & 26° Alta 70
    Miura PP9003 6-PW Steelfiber i70
    Vokey SM06: 50.08F, 54.08M, 58.08M Steelfiber i80
    Scotty Cameron Futura 5 CB 34”

  • SadTromboneSadTrombone . Members Posts: 6,781 ✭✭
    Sign me up.

    975D w/ S300

    PT (Bore thru) w/ S300

    2-PW 962 S300 (for now, but they are likely getting NSP Blues, as are the wedges)

    SM5 56º and 60º

    Edel putter

    All in a Hoofer, though I'm looking for a white Titleist 9.5" staff bag.
  • tdelamtdelam Club Junkie Members Posts: 3,500 ✭✭
    LOL... no, I only currently have 3 in my bag but 11 in the mail, I'll report back and let y'kno image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />
    [font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]Cobra Pro Driver | Ping ie [/font][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]| Titleist SM5 Wedges | [/font]TM Spider[font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif] | Srixon Z Star[/font]

    [font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]http://www.gamegolf.com/player/tdelam/[/font]
    [font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]https://www.flickr.c...otos/evelocity/[/font]
  • michaelskivinismichaelskivinis 1 iron fanatic Posts: 278

    Content????? This is golfwrx we don't know what the word content is.
    agree...I was content until I joined this site!!!! **** you all!!!
    Callaway x14 - 1 iron
    Callaway x14 3 - LW
    TaylorMade Spider
  • nilopolnilopol Posts: 676
    Great thread.

    2 seasons

    Titleist 913 d2 diamana d+ 62 9.5*

    TEE CB5 Aldila rip sigma 70 16.5*

    Nike covert 2.0 tour 3 hyb set 20*

    1 season

    Ping iE 4-uw project 6.0

    Ping Glide 54ws 58ss cfs wedge

    Since 1998

    Titleist Santa Fe
  • adizeroadizero Members Posts: 577
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    I gotta say, I am pretty satisfied. Same irons and wedges for 15 years. Only updated the driver a year ago. See my Sig for club make-up.

    (yeah , I only play 12 clubs), I plan to try some FW or Hybrid after the first of the year.
    Nike Covert 2.0 10.5*
    Callaway Fusion 13.5*
    KZG Forged II M CB 3-PW Rifle 5.5 +1"
    Cleveland T/A 900 Forged 52*, 56*, 60*
    Ping Anser 35" (2001)
    OGIO Sport "Stinger SKV" bag
    TaylorMade TPx, Callaway Chrome+, Srixon Q-Star Tour
  • dan360dan360 Paisano Members Posts: 5,278 ✭✭
    in rehab for back surgery #3.....
  • RogerinNewZealandRogerinNewZealand Members Posts: 2,311 ✭✭
    Monday 8.30am dropped of Ping G10 21 hybrid to have shaft pulled.

    Monday 6pm offered to buy TM T5 club head, a Rare Classic, i'm Keen!!

    Have a spare Cally X Tour 50/11 for sale, want a used SM5 K or M 58.

    Always looking! This is the Sign of a Happy WRX'r as we head to Ho Ho Ho XmasTime !!
    2019 April

    Ping G5 @ 10.5
    Callaway bb mini 12
    Callaway xr16 @ 15
    Tm V Steel @ 18
    Mizuno MP 63 DGR300 at D4

    Vokey SM5 50 08 F Old SM at 54 and SM6 58S 10

    Titleist Scotty Mid Slant Pro Platinum at 34 and a Half!

  • matty1802matty1802 matty1802 Posts: 285
    Completley content with my bag, tried all sorts of new gear latley, just can't justify the layout for no real gain in distance or accuracy.
    Callaway XR16 9* Aldila Rouge Silver 60X
    Callaway X Hot 2 15* Aldila Tour Green 75 X
    Titleist 913H 19* Aldila Phenom 80 X
    Callaway Apex Pro 4-PW KBS C Taper 120 S
    Titleist SM6 52* & 58* KBS C Taper 120 S
    Odyssey #7 33.5" Superstroke Flatso 1.0
    Callaway Chrome Soft
  • ph00nyph00ny Members Posts: 1,679
    I will let you guys know when i get a chance to play a round or two with the M1 driver when it arrives. Otherwise, i'm pretty set
    Taylormade M1 460 8.5* (2016) Tensei Pro Orange 70TX
    TEE E8 Beta 13* 3 Wood Aldila Rogue Silver 70X
    Callaway Razr X MB H Stamp 3-PW DGX100
    Titleist Vokey SM6 50* | SM5 54* | 58*
    Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 34" Super Stroke Slim 3.0 CounterCore

    Callaway FT-9 Tour 8.5* iMix Fubuki Tour 63X
    Titleist 681T 2-PW DGS400
    Odyssey Protype ix #1 34" Super Stroke Slim 3.0
  • No_Catchy_NicknameNo_Catchy_Nickname Kyushu,_JapanMembers Posts: 5,085 ✭✭
    Main set up, yes. I'm waiting on a long iron that may replace my hybrid, but is likely to be interchangeable depending on the course and conditions. Irons, well my go-to set is fixed, but I do have a couple of others to play around with. Wedges are pretty much set. I am looking for a 60*, but it's not part of my regular lineup (50*, 54* and 58*). I bought a Fourteen 60* RM-11 recently, but the jury's still out on it (it's heavy).

    The Putter is fixed. I mean, I'm a WRXer so of course I like to try lots of other putters out, but I don't see myself changing the one I have.
    Driver: Ping G400 Tour 65S
    4w: TaylorMade R9 stock Fujikura Motore X flex
    7w TaylorMade V-steel, Quadra Fire Express RB 6SX
    Hybrid: RomaRo iBrid 23* Attas EZ 85S
    Irons (4i-PW): Wilson fg-62 S300 4/5-PW or MP4 Yoro Modus 125X 5-PW
    Wedges: Callaway MD2 T-grind combination of 52*, 56*, 58*, 60*
    Putter: Mac Jack Nicklaus Muirfield

    Old stuff: Tons of persimmon and older irons. 
  • johnstitchjohnstitch Members Posts: 1,202 ✭✭
    Unfortunately never.....which is bad for my bank balance but good the Golf trade.

    Like my G25 driver but think there could a longer hitting head out there.

    Not keen on my G25 3 wood. Short and hook biased. Gone by Feb.

    Love my 5 old Octane Tour 5 wood and my AP2 irons, and my Anser4 BeCu, and 54 and 60 588RTX2s....

    20 deg G25 hybrid still on trial. Great off the floor and out of poor lies. No so off the tee.

    New / used Driver, 3 wood and a 50 degree gap of some style will be here before new season.......
  • MJisGOATMJisGOAT Members Posts: 4,586 ✭✭
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    Content is a figment of the imagination.

    “We’re flawed because we want so much more. We’re ruined because we get these things and wish for what we had.” — Don Draper

    "inefficient and dead rear cavity design"
  • Joepa324Joepa324 Posts: 367
    I am happy where I am

    G30 ls tech

    Cally XR 3 wood

    Cally XR 5 wood

    Cally XR 4 hybrid

    Ping i E1 5-U wedge

    Vokey 54 and 58

    SC Newport 2
    Titleist 917 D2 Rogue 65 S 10.5*
    Titleist 915F 3 Wood 16.5*
    Titleist 915F 5 Wood 18*
    Titleist 816 H1 23*
    Ping i E1 5-U CFS with Cushin Inserts
    Titleist Vokey SM5 54-10* M and 58-11* K
    Studio Select Newport 2 Custom Shop "Cypress Point" OS Matador
    Sun Mountain K2 Superlight
  • KMizz1701KMizz1701 Gamer Members Posts: 213
    For the first time in years i can say there isn't a club in my bag that i would change. I recently switched to the D4 driver and the 716 AP2 with a 54,58 vokey and just ordered a 62 degree mizzuno wedge to try it out.
  • SPHSPH Members Posts: 612
    I am totally happy with my bag! Ideally I will keep this set up for at least another week with out a change! The only difference from my signature is I have a titleist 910 hybrid with a graphite design tour AD DI 105 X shaft. That, the driving iron, and 5 wood can all get switched in or out depending on conditions and where I am at.
    Driver- Nike vapor pro. Graphite design tour ADDI 82 X flex tipped 1 inch.
    Fairway woods- Nike vapor speed 15 degree and 19 degree, Graphite design tour ADDI 82 X flex
    Driving iron- Mizuno MP4H, graphite design Nano reloaded, 72g X flex
    Hybrid - (not always in the bag) Titleist 910 - Graphite design tour addi 105 X flex.
    Irons- Nike vapor pro combo- 4-6. Nike MM proto - 7-P. All project X 7.0
    Wedges- Nike engage square sole 52 degree, Nike engage toe sweep 56,61 degree. Project X 6.0
    Putter- Rors Method 006 prototype.
  • deadsolid...shankdeadsolid...shank ClubWRX Posts: 14,615 ClubWRX
    I think the only club left from my signature is the 3 wood.

    That's a big part of the reason I don't store my clubs at the club, I'm always bringing something new to try.
    Titleist 910 8.5
    Titleist 910 15*
    Titleist 910H 17*
    2-6 Mizuno MP-60, 7-PW MP-67
    SC GoLo
    Vokey SM5 52,58,62
  • Boricua GolfBoricua Golf Members Posts: 3,380 ClubWRX
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    Yes, I finally got everythingn the way I like it and they perform as intended, proper fitting was the single best thing I have done for my game, please see my signature for the bag...
    Ping G LS Tec 10.5*, Ping Tour 65X, tipped 1", 44.25"
    Ping G 14.5*, Diamana Whiteboard D+ 82X, tipped .5", 42.5"
    Ping G 19*, Tour AD-DI 105X
    Ping iBlade 4-P, Project X 6.5 Flighted
    Ping Glide 50*, 54*, 58* with Project X 6.5 Flighted
    Ping Karsten TR Zing Tour 32.75", built up Pingman Grip (Ping Oslo and Ping Nome TR as backup 33.25" with SS Pistol GT Tour 1.0)
    2017 Pro V1, K-Sigs and Chrome Soft X
  • Franks113Franks113 Posts: 325 ✭✭
    I am content with my sticks but I change putters like I change underwear...twice a day
  • johnnylongballz72johnnylongballz72 Members Posts: 545 ✭✭
    The first 13 clubs are set in stone for next season. I hadn't changed equipment since 2009, and finally after two full seasons of tinkering I have it right again.

    I have a putter fitting scheduled for next week. Once I get fit I am gonna stick with whatever flatstick I order for next season.
    Callaway Epic Flash 10.5* with GD AD IZ 7X
    Callaway Epic Flash 15* with Tensei Blue 7X
    Callaway Epic Flash 18* with Tensei Blue 7X
    Callaway X-Forged UT 24*
    Callaway Apex Pro 5-AW with Project X LZ 6.5 SS 1X
    Callaway PM Grind 2.0 54* and 60* with Project X LZ 6.0
    Toulon Las Vegas with Stroke Lab
  • jlukesjlukes Members Posts: 165 ✭✭
    Me - and I have waited a long time to say that.
    Ping G410 Plus 9* Ping Tour 65X
    Titleist TS2 15* Fujikura ATMOS Blue TS 7X
    Titleist 818 H2 19* Fujikura ATMOS HB TS 8X
    Srixon U65 23* Paderson Kinetixx IMRT X
    Srixon z765 5-PW Nippon Modus3 120X
    Titleist Vokey SM7 50.08 F - 54.10 S - 60.12 D
    Evnroll ER2 - customized at The Golf Garage
    Srixon Z-STAR XV
  • jmckjmck Members Posts: 4,277 ✭✭
    [Tentatively raises hand]

    [Looks around furtively]

    [Lowers hand to mouse; clicks on BST]
  • PuppetmasterPuppetmaster Members Posts: 14,933
    I am totally content with my bag...

    ... I just have trouble deciding which 14 of my 50+ clubs to use before each round...
    WITB Link

    Cobra King Ltd 8.5*, Speeder TS 6.2
    Callaway BBA 16*, Speeder TS 8.2
    Adams A12 19*, Diamana Thump
    Maxfli Revolution 4-PW, DG
    Vokey 254.10, V-Grind 60*
    Odyssey Tank Cruiser 330M
  • gioguy21gioguy21 NJMembers Posts: 7,108 ✭✭
    i need to swap my 3w and get a hybrid...otherwise my bag is as good as i've had it...ever
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