Followed up a round of 78 ...with a 91 !?



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    Pros do the same thing. Taylor Vaughn had a 12 stroke differential in his two rounds last week. Cink had a 10 shot difference. They have swings just as wild as us and just at a lower level.
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    I played the Old Course back to back days a couple weeks ago. Went 91-73.
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    That's golf. The minute you think you've got it licked, the golf gods jump up and bite you in the butt.
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    I followed up my 78 this summer with a 92! Beat ya!
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    My last 6 rounds, Easy course (68.9/118) where I usually shoot right around 80: 97 and 95. I walked off the day of the 97 after putting 2 in the water on 15.

    Sandwiched between those was an 83 (71.3/134).

    After that I had two 86's at my folks course, albeit the greens were hideously bumpy.

    Last Sunday an 87 on another easy course where my average score through 8 rounds is 80.

    Just having a bad run, and my back has been acting up.

    Golf is funny....and torturous.
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    I hate it even worse when I shoot a 37, make the turn, pop a Diet Coke, eat some Nabs, tee off on #10 and post a 47. This game will make you crazy, if you are weak of mind.
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    Not sure if it is my biggest difference between rounds, I am thinking probably not but the one that sticks in my head is shooting 68-80 in a big Open competition. I still qualified but I went from topping the leaderboard to making it way down in the pack.
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    I went 75-92 on Labor Day weekend. Nothing felt different except my pride after the 92. As has been mentioned, golf is a funny game.
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    13 shots isn't a huge difference for an amateur, especially if you're in the 5-15 index range. I'd imagine most say, 10 indexes, have that type of range in their top 20 scores
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    I had a period back in the spring where I shot high 70s / low 80s over the course of 8 rounds...never lower than 79 nor worse than 82. I only lost 1 ball the entire 7 rounds. I thought I had finally figured golf out (I know that 80 isn’t terribly good but I had gotten so consistent and the swing felt so good that it was only a matter of time before I really busted some low ones out).

    Anyway, I started working 500 miles from my house (flying in every week) and needless to say didn’t play any golf during that time (2 months).

    Started playing again in the summer, but I probably only got a total of 5 rounds in. I was so bad that I stopped counting score during most of my rounds. In one round, if I had kept score all the way through, I probably would have shot 110.

    I took about a month off, came back and shot a 79 the 1st round back.

    The funny thing is that every one of the rounds was legit. Meaning, the 110 was every bit of a 110 and I hit the ball as poorly as that sounds, and the 79 was legit too and could have been lower. I’ve been struggling with a too inside out move that is either a shank, or a beautiful baby draw.

    Golf is a weird game.
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    fredstar wrote:

    I played the Old Course back to back days a couple weeks ago. Went 91-73.
    Funny thing about the Old Course, you can hit it good and shoot in the 90's......LOL
  • PulledabillPulledabill Members Posts: 332 ✭✭
    So frustrating....this summer I carded about 8 mid 70s in a row, then a couple rounds in the upper 80s days later....seriously!
  • N8dogg2669N8dogg2669 ClubWRX Posts: 99 ✭✭
    In 2018 I shot a 69 (tied my lowest ever) and I also shot a 95 at one of the Pinehurst courses when the wheels absolutely fell off. It's a crazy game and that's why I pay to play and don't get paid to play
  • rawdograwdog Cleveland, OHMembers Posts: 3,015 ✭✭
    Ever see a Cy Young caliber pitcher get shelled? Or a great QB throw 4 picks in a game?

    It happens. It's called variance. That's sports. Ups and downs bouncing around on a trend line.
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    I could play 36 on the same course the same day and do worse. I shot between 73-100 this season. that was brutal.

    The one I remember was club championship some years ago now. shot 75 Friday and tied my personal best on the course. Saturday comes and I am feeling great. I birdie the opening hole and grind for 86. follow that up Sunday with fighting a horrible case of the snaphooks. I don't ever miss left. It was a long weekend, but great learning experience.
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  • platgofplatgof platgof ClubWRX Posts: 1,432 ClubWRX
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    Shot 81, and two weeks later, a 96. I could do no wrong the first time, then nothing right the second time, so I took a break for awhile. Shot an 82 yesterday, different course, so it comes and goes.
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    Remember the good ones, forget the bad ones.
  • SavageCySavageCy Members Posts: 134 ✭✭

    It happens

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  • Grizz06Grizz06 Members Posts: 266 ✭✭

    @SavageCy said:
    It happens

    It happens to me all the time... My last trip is just who I am... 82-86-96-80-75-80

  • b.mattayb.mattay New WRX'er Members Posts: 486 ✭✭

    Some of these variances are nuts! 😳Especially the 60’s to 90’s. Those fellas must be a head case and a half barring injury or illness.

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    Some ugly, beat up putter
  • farmerfarmer Members Posts: 7,844 ✭✭

    I did 76 Thursday to 88 today. Seniors will understand, woke up stiff and sore, never got comfortable all day.

  • whiteout73whiteout73 Members Posts: 1,021 ✭✭

    Oh yes, it happens. This Saturday, I shot 72, and then Sunday an 85. At least I can point to injury. After the first shot, I knew I should just pack it in, but I thought I could play through the pain (elbow). I was wrong, and now I'm going to have to take at least a week off.

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  • Swisstrader98Swisstrader98 Members Posts: 3,519 ✭✭

    Misery loves company. Just this weekend...Sat shot 82, Sun 97. Big bets on Sun so just about killed me.

  • bazinkybazinky Members Posts: 1,654 ✭✭

    As I approach 50, I'm unfortunately finding these kinds of wild swings in scoring a lot more common. Work and family limits the time for practice, and some days it feels like I woke up in a different body that has zero muscle memory of a golf swing. Not to mention the days when I suddenly lose all feel for putting and chipping ...

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    Shot 70 on a par 69 course. It was a municipal tournament. The following day I shot 85 on the same course. I was paired with two people I was very familiar with on day 1 and total strangers on day 2.

    My buddies were joking that I cheated my way to the 1 over par score and on day 2 I could not do the same shenanigans. Haha!

    Shot 50 on the front 9 once. -1 on the back 9.
    That's golf for us suckers. lol

  • naval2006naval2006 ArgentinaMembers Posts: 966 ✭✭

    A month ago 38 - 47.

    36 hole tourney couple of weeks ago I shot 71 - 81. Putter sucked big time on Sunday

  • oiler45oiler45 Members Posts: 255 ✭✭

    The Company I worked for had just merged with another firm. I meet the new President - we talk golf and agree to a game next week. He mentions he's a scratch so I'm nervous and anxious to impress him - even though I was a 12 at the time. We were scheduled to play on the Monday. The weekend before I play a tough course and shoot 78 ! - second time ever breaking 80 and I'm brimming with confidence ready to impress my new boss. He takes me out to his course - I've played it numerous times - it's not too difficult. Gorgeous day - warm, no wind. He shoots 74 and I shoot 95 ! I wasn't even that nervous - I just couldn't hit a shot to save my life - I drove home in complete frustration and despair.
    We ended up working together for 3 years and I played many rounds with him - some real good rounds too - we laughed about it many times.

  • Edward_MajorwinEdward_Majorwin British ColumbiaMembers Posts: 54 ✭✭

    Got a bit of winter golf in last January. First round out shot a 96, no surprise and no big deal. Went out a couple weeks later (day before my birthday) and broke 80 for the first time with a solid 39-40...couldn't believe it happened in the 'off season'. The next round a week later was a shabby 93

    In a similar vein I have just discovered that if I hit the range the day after a great session, the second session will be utterly ****. I practiced this last Monday and then said "no, no, don't go two days in a row" - went out yesterday and had a great session. Back out tomorrow to keep the confidence alive!

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    That’s Awesome! Hope the Champagne tasted good my friend!

  • Fried SliceFried Slice Golf Hack Extraordinaire Members Posts: 155 ✭✭

    Last summer I played form the tips with some long hitting golf buddies who usually slum it when they play with me on the blues. Shot my best 9 hole score of 34! Hit the back 9 and pooped the bed with a 52...LOL! Golf is stupid!

    More recently, my last 10 rounds have range from a low of 78 to a high of 97. Golf. Is. Stupid. I'm guess I'm lucky that I'm a moron so I don't know any better...hahahaha...derrrrr...Hahaha!

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