The 20 most important changes to the rules of golf in 2019 via USGA and R&A



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    My club is hosting a new rules night in a couple of weeks with a PGA referee. Should be interesting.
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    Item #18, is interesting in a couple of ways. There are a number of TV watching golfers who, in the past have taken offense at the practice of caddies positioning themselves behind their player prior to play. Secondly, in junior golf (especially junior-junior golf) parental caddies are seen by some as taking over the alignment process from their children. It may be that the 2019 Rule change is in response to those objections.

    What's this change got to do with us, the average golfer? Caddies . . . wish I had that problem. image/wink.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=';)' />

    Where it matters to us is when we play in forms of play involving a partner, such as Four-Ball. So, are there limitations on our partner's assistance? The answer is yes.

    Tucked away in R23.5, Player’s Actions Affecting Partner’s Play, is the caution that a partner may not do anything that the player’s caddie is prohibited from doing, such as helping line up or standing behind the player.

    If you're interested in the list of what a caddie (or partner) may and may not do look at R10.3.
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    2 stroke penalty for a drop outside a bunker? Well, there are days where this would save me some stokes, Woot!
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    Are drops all still 2 clubs or NPR and 1 cl?

    This doesn't come up in summaries
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    cardoustie wrote:

    Are drops all still 2 clubs or NPR and 1 cl?

    This doesn't come up in summaries

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